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Fast Food, USA : Lifestyle
This McDonald's sandwich's ingredients reportedly include "restructured meat product" and a flour-bleaching agent used to make the soles of shoes. Delectable?

What's the McRib made of, anyway?

Find out what's inside — if you dare

Fast Food, USA : Best Video
Obese, diabetes-ridden bears dump their sugary drinks at the close of this darkly whimsical take on the dangers of consuming too much soda.

Video: What if Coca-Cola's polar bears actually drank Coke?

Anti-soda activists release an animated ad showing the grim health risks faced by anyone who consumes as much sugar as the company's furry icons

Fast Food, USA : Burning Question
Sbarro pizza at the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh, N.C.: The fast food chain is trying to refine its rather pedestrian food court fare.

Sbarro's new pizza recipe: Can the struggling chain make a comeback?

The rather low-rent restaurant synonymous with food courts and airports wants to become the next Panera

Fast Food, USA : Analysis
A sample menu from McDonald's Corporation shows how the calories will be listed for each menu item, from a Big Mac (550) to a chocolate shake (710).

McDonald's starts counting calories: Will it turn off customers?

Visitors to McDonald's restaurants across the country will soon notice a difference on the menu boards — gut-busting calorie counts. Welcome change or buzzkill?

Fast Food, USA : Fact Sheet
The McCurry Pan, an item from the menu of soon-to-open vegetarian-only restaurants in select Indian towns.

The world's first vegetarian McDonald's: A guide

To capture more of India's $12 billion fast-food market, the burger chain will jettison meat entirely in favor of the McAloo Tikki burger and the McSpicy Paneer

Fast Food, USA : Best Video
The bun of the photoshoot-ready Quarter Pounder with Cheese (right) has not suffered the loss of puffiness that comes from being wrapped and placed inside a steamy box.

Why McDonalds' burgers look so different in ads

After a customer complains that its burgers look better on TV, the fast-food giant spills its secrets in a surprisingly candid, behind-the-scenes video

Fast Food, USA : Instant Guide
Popeyes recently debuted its Rip'n Chick'n, a claw-shaped hunk you can tear into smaller pieces and dip in the accompanying sauce.

Dippable meat: The future of fast food?

With more Americans eating on the go, Popeyes is experimenting with new finger foods that can be dipped while you keep one hand on the steering wheel

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
One of Taco Bell's new gourmet menu items is the Cantina Bowl, which combines citrus-herb marinated chicken, black beans, guacamole, and cilantro rice.

Can Taco Bell pull off gourmet Mexican food?

The far-from-classy creator of the Dorito taco shell and notorious quasi-meat is going upscale, prompting not a few scoffs of disbelief

Fast Food, USA : Controversy
Even if Mayor Bloomberg bans the sale of 32-ounce Big Gulps in New York City, soda addicts can just purchase two 16-ounce drinks instead, say critics.

New York's proposed Big Gulp ban: Has Bloomberg gone too far?

New York's mayor attacks super-sized sodas in a bid to curb obesity. Smart plan or nanny-state excess?

Fast Food, USA : The List
Lettuce, onion, tomato, syringe: Whether it's a needle, a condom, or a fully fried chicken head, there are some things you never think you'll find in your food.

10 disgusting objects allegedly found in fast food

How would you like a side of used Band-Aid with your hamburger meal? A look at chain-restaurant orders gone terribly awry

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Burger King's shift to buying eggs that come from free-range chickens may win over more customers than create more cruelty-free conditions for the birds.

Burger King's shift to cage-free eggs: A game-changer?

The massive fast-food chain promises to offer more humanely produced food. Is this a tipping point in the movement toward better treatment of livestock?

Fast Food, USA : Slideshow

The cheeseburger pizza and 9 other Frankenstein fast foods: A slideshow

Cheeseburger or pizza? Why not both? These gut-busting creations are ideal for the indecisive junk-food addict

Fast Food, USA : Analysis
Some health facilities house as many as five different fast-food outlets, including McDonald's, the target of a watchdog group's campaign.

Should Big Macs be sold in hospitals?

A watchdog group wants health centers "to stop fostering a food environment that promotes harm" by banning on-site McDonald's outlets

Fast Food, USA : Controversy
In a Burger King commercial that's been pulled off the air, Mary J. Blige sings about a fried-chicken wrap and some commentators have perceived racist dimensions in the spot.

Mary J. Blige's Burger King ad: 'Racist' or just 'hilarious'?

The fast-food chain pulls an ad featuring the soulstress that triggered a wave of mockery and criticism

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Burger King is giving its menu a healthy makeover, adding salads, wraps, and fruit smoothies alongside its calorie-heavy Whopper.

Burger King's healthier menu: Can BK launch a comeback?

The house that Whopper built shakes things up by offering smoothies and salads alongside its artery-clogging burgers and fries

Fast Food, USA : Fact Sheet
Now available in Austria: A breaded, deep-fried, bacon-boasting version of the McRib, curiously dubbed the McRibster.

The McRibster: A new, improved, European McRib? 

Across the pond, McDonald's rolls out an evolved version of its cult-favorite pork sandwich — now deep fried and topped with bacon

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