Fast Food Nation

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
Healthier and now toy-less Happy Meals are a "harder sell" relative to other junk food options, says writer Joshua Gans.

Will banning Happy Meals make kids fatter?

San Francisco fast-food restaurants can't sell "toy included" kids' meals unless they up the nutritional value. Will McDonald's just skip the toys and offer more fries instead?

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
San Francisco is the first major U.S. city to pass a law requiring that kids' meals meet nutritional standards before they can be sold with toys.

San Francisco's Happy Meal ban

San Francisco legislators are outlawing kids' fast-food meals that come with free toys. Gutsy strike against childhood obesity or intrusive Nanny State move?

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
The McRib gained such a cult following it was parodied in 'The Simpsons' as a new Krusty Burger product named the "Ribwich."

Return of the McRib: First reactions

Processed pork enthusiasts are in hog heaven now that McDonald's has brought back a certain cult-favorite menu item

Fast Food, USA : Fact Sheet
Fans of the McRib will get six glorious weeks to consume the pork sandwich at 14,000 McDonald's restaurants across the country.

Return of the McRib

The McDonald's pork sandwich is making a comeback, to the delight of devoted fans. What is all the fuss about?

Fast Food, USA : Fact Sheet
Burger King's shares dropped 13 percent over the past year while McDonald's rose 17 percent.

Burger King buyout: Has BK lost its crown?

McDonald's has been eating Burger King's lunch in the stock market, and BK has just been bought by Brazilians. How did it come to this?

Fast Food, USA : The List
They just want their burger and they want it now.

The McNugget meltdown—and 6 more fast-food freakouts

An Ohio woman punched in a McDonald's drive-thru window when denied McNuggets. But she isn't the first fast-food lover with supersized rage

Fast Food, USA : Best Column
What dangers lurk in the grocery aisle?

Why is the Senate allowing U.S. kids to eat unsafe food?

Every year thousands of Americans — particularly children — are killed by something they ate, says Eric Schlosser in The New York Times. So why is the Senate balking at passing a food safety bill?

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
What will the French think of McDonald's new ad?

McDonalds' gay-friendly French ad

Is the fast food chain testing an all-inclusive message overseas before going gay in the U.S.A.? That's one theory

Fast Food, USA : By the numbers
The Double Down: Here to stay.

KFC's Double Down phenomenon: By the numbers

Americans have gobbled up 10 million of the breadless "sandwiches." A look at the numbers story behind the Double Down's heart-clogging run

Fast Food, USA : The List
Beef back ribs: Worth two days' worth of calories?

The 4,301-calorie entree: America's worst meal?

At 540 calories, KFC's controversial Double Down sandwich is chicken feed compared to these 7 shamelessly unhealthy dishes

Fast Food, USA : Instant Guide
Actor Topher Grace ("That '70s Show") simulates cheeseburger addiction

Junk food: More addictive than cocaine?

A new study suggests "kicking" narcotics may be easier than breaking a Big-Mac habit. Is it time for "fast food rehab"?

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
The Shamrock Shake.

The 2010 Shamrock Shake crisis

Consumers are bemoaning the "revamped" taste of McDonald's seasonal beverage — if, that is, they can even manage to find one

Fast Food, USA : Fact Sheet
Uncle O'Grimacy, mascot for the Shamrock Shake

The Shamrock Shake's (artificially) colorful history

A look at the covetted concoction's lore — from its disputed origins to the mysterious mid-70s disappearance of its cartoon spokes-blob, Uncle O’Grimacey

Fast Food, USA : Flashback
A sip of the green beverage and you'll feel more festive

The iconic McDonald's 'Shamrock Shake' commercial

The fast-food chain's 1983 ad that first introduced the St. Patrick's Day-themed beverage

Fast Food, USA : Instant Guide
Ireland's traditional shamrock is in short supply this year.

The great shamrock shortage of 2010

Habitat loss and a cold winter have taken a hard toll on Ireland's national plant. Is 'the wearing of the green' on St. Patrick's Day in jeopardy?

Fast Food, USA : Opinion Brief
The McItaly.

The McItaly burger uproar

McDonald's is invading Italy with a cunningly "local" burger — and food purists are biting back

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