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Afghanistan War

Afghanistan War : Opinion Brief
Afghan soldiers sit alongside U.S. soldiers during a pre-patrol briefing in Afghanistan on June 26, 2012.

Should Obama withdraw all U.S. troops from Afghanistan?

America was supposed to leave behind a force several thousand strong to help Afghans provide security after 2014. But now...

Afghanistan War : Essay
U.S. soldiers during a foot patrol on June 27 in Pech Valley, Afghanistan.

The U.S. soldiers babysitting Afghanistan

Months before withdrawal, says Greg Jaffe, the soldiers of 3rd Platoon struggled to make sense of their mission

Afghanistan War : Timeline
Malala Yousufzai, a 14-year-old Pakistani activist, is moved to a helicopter to be taken to Peshawar for treatment, after being shot and wounded by a member of the Taliban on Oct. 9.

A 14-year-old Pakistani girl's brave fight against the Taliban: A timeline

Young Malala Yousafzai began to rail against the Taliban's ban on girls' education when she was just 11. Just this week, she survived an assassination attempt

Afghanistan War : Best Video
U.S. soldier and YouTube user Funker530 gives viewers a first-hand perspective of a shootout in the hills of Afghanistan.

The harrowing first-person video of a U.S. soldier under fire in Afghanistan

A helmet camera captures an American squad's assault on Taliban insurgents

Afghanistan War : Fact Sheet
Afghan residents sit on the ground near a U.S. Army soldier securing the permitter of a government building in Laghman province on March 25.

4 signs that America's Afghan exit strategy is unraveling

Violence surges over an anti-Islam film. Afghan soldiers are attacking Western troops. And peace talks are at a standstill

Afghanistan War : The Bullpen
D.B. Grady

D.B. Grady: You've been designated a foreign terrorist organization. Now what?

The U.S. officially labels members of the Haqqani network terrorists. Don't expect that to turn the tide in Afghanistan

Afghanistan War : Instant Guide
Prince Harry gives the thumbs up while at Camp Bastion, Afghanistan, on Sept. 7: The British royal's second tour has been met by death threats from the Taliban.

The Taliban's hunt for Prince Harry: A guide

The British royal embarks on a four-month tour as a helicopter gunner, and insurgents waste little time before vowing to capture or kill him

Afghanistan War : Analysis
U.S. soldiers watch Afghan police recruits during a 2010 training session in Kabul: Some Afghan recruits will now need a village elder to vouch for them as part of tougher background checks.

Afghan police killing U.S. soldiers: What it means for the war effort

In the wake of several shootings, the U.S. suspends a key program meant to prepare Afghans to take over security duties, creating a new obstacle for America's withdrawal

Afghanistan War : The List
Afghan policemen inspect a vehicle hit by a bomb blast in Jalalabad province, Afghanistan, on Aug. 13, a day when 46 people, mostly civilians, were killed by suicide bombers.

3 reasons Obama and Romney aren't talking about Afghanistan

As insurgents step up attacks against Afghan civilians, why isn't anybody mentioning the war on the U.S. presidential campaign trail?

Afghanistan War : Controversy
Afghan men stand on a hill moments before a Taliban judge shoots a woman to death, reportedly her punishment for alleged adultery.

The Taliban's execution of an accused adulteress: The fallout

A gruesome video shows militants shooting a young woman accused of adultery. Will the uproar help Afghanistan bolster opposition to the Taliban?

Afghanistan War : The Bullpen
Dana Liebelson

Dana Liebelson: Are U.S. military leaders lying about Afghanistan?

A decorated Army vet levels some devastating accusations at the top brass. And it's time for lawmakers to listen up

Afghanistan War : Fact Sheet
Obama speaks at Bagram Air Base in Kabul: The president spoke about America's commitment to Afghanistan, but left specific questions about the next steps in the pullout from the country unanswered.

Obama's Bush-like Afghanistan speech: 5 takeaways

President Obama took a page from George W. Bush's playbook with his surprise visit to, and live speech from, Afghanistan. Here's what he said, and what it means

Afghanistan War : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest tweets on Obama's surprise visit to Afghanistan

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from around the world

Afghanistan War : Instant Guide
President Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai greet the press before signing a strategic partnership agreement at the presidential palace in Kabul on Wednesday.

Obama's surprise visit to Afghanistan: A guide

Obama secretly flies to Kabul to sign a partnership deal with Karzai and give a nationally televised speech. How did he keep the trip under wraps?

Afghanistan War : Burning Question
Recruits undergo training at the Afghan Police Academy: American troops are scheduled to leave Afghanistan in 2014, but the U.S. will continue to support Afghanistan for another decade.

The new Afghan security pact: What happens when U.S. troops leave?

Washington and Kabul agree to keep partnering for 10 years after Afghan forces take over security duties in 2014... but many kinks still need to be worked out

Afghanistan War : Opinion Brief
U.S. Army soldiers scan for Taliban fighters in Kunar Province, Afghanistan: If the L.A. Times' publishing of gory photos doesn't prompt a military cleanup, there are still 16 more images waiting to see the light.

The Afghan corpse-photo scandal: A blessing in disguise?

The anonymous solider who leaked the gruesome photos says he hopes the outrage will prompt the military to clean house

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