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Obama's Private Life

Obama's Private Life : The List
President Obama arrives at Palm Beach International Airport on Feb. 15 to begin his "secret" vacation.

5 ways of looking at Obama's secret golf game with Tiger Woods

Members of the press are really angry that they didn't even get a photo of the outing. Is there any there there?

Obama's Private Life : Politics
President Obama: Loner-in-chief?

Is President Obama anti-social?

"I'm a pretty friendly guy," the president insists. "And I like a good party."

Obama's Private Life : Best Video
Bo Obama: Ready for the holidays

WATCH: Video of Bo Obama inspecting the White House for the holidays

The First Pooch gets a moment in the spotlight in this adorable video from the White House

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
This provocative cover of the latest issue of Magazine Fuera de Serie was created by the artist Karine Percheron-Daniels, who is no stranger to hijacking celebrity images.

The 'obviously offensive' image of Michelle Obama's face on a slave's body

A Spanish magazine's provocative cut-and-paste job enrages much of the internet — even as the artist insists that her intentions were innocent

Obama's Private Life : Burning Question
David Maraniss' new biography Barack Obama: The Story reveals exaggerations in the president's memoir — notably regarding his step-grandfather's cause of death.

Did Obama fabricate parts of his memoir?

Conservatives slam the president for discrepancies between Dreams From My Father and a new book by widely respected author David Maraniss

Obama's Private Life : The List
President Obama, a known laugher, was allegedly a bit of a pothead in his high school days.

'The Choom Gang': 9 juiciest details from Barack Obama's days as a pothead

Excerpts from an upcoming biography of the president make some interesting allegations about his innovative toking techniques, shady drug dealer, and more

Obama's Private Life : Analysis
President Obama poses with his grandparents around the time he was a student at Columbia University in the early 1980s.

A young Obama in love: 7 takeaways from a juicy biography

Vanity Fair publishes excerpts from a new book on the president, delving into an intense love affair that Obama had when he was a a young man in New York

Obama's Private Life : Fact Sheet
President Obama's appetite for pop culture ranges from Trekkie to hip-hop.

8 insights into Barack Obama's pop-culture tastes

The Commander-in-Chief loves Homeland, Jay-Z, and, as proven by a recently released photo, classic Star Trek — earning the giddy approval of the cultural elite

Obama's Private Life : Best Video
Jimmy Fallon and First Lady Michelle Obama play tug of war during a TV appearance in which Mrs. Obama promoted her "Let's Move" fitness initiative.

Michelle Obama's 'charming' media assault: A video roundup

Watch the normally restrained first lady hula hoop with Jimmy Fallon, do pushups with Ellen DeGeneres, and more...

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
The first lady dismisses a New York Times' reporter's account that she clashed with some of the president's closest confidants.

Michelle Obama's rebuttal: I'm not 'some angry black woman'

In a CBS News interview, the first lady denounces the bruising portrayal of her in Jodi Kantor's new book

Obama's Private Life : The List
From Obama's aged appearance to the absence of the First Dog, the Obamas' new family portrait is being thoroughly dissected online.

The new Obama family portrait: 5 talking points

The White House unveiled a new official First Family portrait on Thursday, and quite a few things have changed since 2009

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
'The Kardashians' reality show is, apparently, a mildly divisive issue in the White House TV room.

Should the Obama kids be allowed to watch the Kardashians?

The First Couple disagree over whether their daughters should "keep up with" the vapid reality TV beauties — prompting a parenting debate

Obama's Private Life : Petty Controversy
According to right-wing bloggers who can apparently read lips through obstructions, Michelle Obama has no patience for the American flag.

Petty controversy: Misreading Michelle Obama's lips

The hardline conservative blogosphere insists the first lady badmouthed the flag — even though no one heard what she said

Obama's Private Life : Slideshow
Obama's summer reading picks: A slideshow

Obama's summer reading picks: A slideshow

Let the annual literary dissection begin

Obama's Private Life : Slideshow
Presidents on vacation: A visual retrospective

Presidents on vacation: A visual retrospective

How chief executives (briefly) escape the White House pressure cooker — from Harry Truman's fishing trips to Obama's Martha's Vineyard retreats

Obama's Private Life : Slideshow
President Obama celebrates his 50th birthday in Chicago.

Obama's 50th and other presidential birthdays: A visual history

JFK had Marilyn and a huge cake, George W. had fried chicken, and Bush senior jumped out of a plane

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