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Obama's Private Life : Best Column
The president in Chicago in the early 1980s: In a lengthy New York Times Magazine profile, Janny Scott delves into the lives of Obama and his mother in Indonesia in the late 1960s.

The New York Times profile of Obama's mom: 6 takeaways

The Times' Sunday magazine runs a long excerpt from Janny Scott's upcoming book on the First Mother

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
Obama was briefly locked out of the Oval Office after returning to the White House earlier than staffers expected.

Obama locked out of the White House

All the GOP's dreams have come true, as the president finds himself denied entry to the Oval Office

Obama's Private Life : Slideshow
Though Bo is a purebred Portuguese Water Dog, a breed that historically helped Portuguese fishermen herd fish into nets, the First Dog reportedly does not know how to swim.  His football skills are, at least, adequate.

Obama and Bo: A photo retrospective of the First Dog

No matter how tough the debates in Washington, Barack Obama has at least one unquestionably loyal ally

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
"I didn't depict the first lady as fat - just a hearty eater!" says cartoonist Batton Lash.

The 'vile' first lady cartoon

Did a political cartoon mocking Michelle Obama as a two-faced burger-scarfer go too far?

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
Michelle Obama wore a British-designed Alexander McQueen dress to a state dinner last month, to the dismay of American designers.

The fashion industry vs. Michelle Obama

Some in the American fashionistas think the First Lady should wear more homegrown designers, but she says she wants to focus more on her causes and less on her clothes

Obama's Private Life : Petty Controversy
Michelle Obama may be exposing Americans to "risk" by encouraging them to be more active and walk to work.

Petty controversy: Is Michelle Obama killing pedestrians?

A safety organization implied that the first lady's anti-obesity message could be responsible for an uptick in traffic deaths. Just how tenuous is this connection?

Obama's Private Life : By the numbers
Saudi King Abdullah presents Obama with a medal in 2009, but the real Saudi treasures - a ruby and diamond jewelry set - were given to the First Lady.

The Obamas' gift windfall: By the numbers

Diamonds, pearls, gold watches, silk ties... and one $1,480 orange Dutch bike: Here's what foreign leaders gave the First Family in 2009

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
Should the President's footwear be front-page news?

Petty controversy: Presidential flip-flops!

Is it really outrageous for the leader of the free world to wear flip-flops in public? The New York Post reports, you decide

Obama's Private Life : Slideshow
Michelle Obama's fashion choices have been called glamorous, modern and controversial. A look at the First Lady's most contentious wardrobe picks.

Fashion-plate First Lady

It's been a long time since Seventh Ave. buzzed about a White House wardrobe. Michelle Obama has caught the industry's attention

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
Obama said he and his daughters enjoy "Mythbusters" because the hosts  "blow things up, which is always cool."

Obama's 'stilted' 'Mythbusters' appearance

The "entertainer-in-chief" visited the Discovery Channel's popular program in an effort to promote science education — and build a deathly heat ray

Obama's Private Life : Instant Guide
Michelle Obama wears a Barbara TFank dress in September. A First Lady appearance can be worth, on average, $14 million for a clothing company.

Michelle Obama's $3 billion fashion 'effect'

According to a new study, the first lady, and her chic choices, are moving markets

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
Malia and Sasha Obama attend a $31,000-a-year D.C. private school

Should Obama send his kids to public school?

The president says he sends his girls to a pricey private school because they can't get a comparable education in a D.C. public school. The pundits weigh in...

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
Being a first lady may not be a walk in the park.

Michelle Obama: Being first lady is 'hell'?

A quote attributed to Michelle Obama has provoked a White House denial — and tantalized commmentators 

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
President Obama's first children's book is an illustrated guide to some of America's inspiring figures.

Obama's children's book: First reactions

Patronizing...exploitative...and likely to be regarded as "suspiciously socialist"? News of the president's latest literary effort has not gone over well in the blogosphere

Obama's Private Life : Best Column
Is the President's public sex appeal forever diminished?

Obama's loss of sex appeal

When Americans elected Obama, his admirers called him hot, cool, and sexy, says Tunku Varadarajan in The Daily Beast. But "no amount of political Viagra" could bring that back now

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
President Obama took several books with him on his vacation to Martha's Vineyard, including A Few Corrections by Brad Leithauser.

Obama's summer reading list: What it says about him

In an atypical move for vacationing presidents, Obama bought a stack of novels for his vacation on the seashore. Let the psychoanalyzing begin

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