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Obama's Private Life

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
President Barack Obama waves at a crowd as he departs on a vacation to Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. The First Family will return to Washington on August 29.

Obama: Vacationing too much?

With Republicans complaining that President Obama spends too much time on holiday, some pundits are pointing to George W. Bush's vacation record

Obama's Private Life : The List
A Vanity Fair journalist was allowed to spend 24 hours in the White House observing the president and his staff.

A day in the life of the president

Vanity Fair's Todd Purdum followed President Obama around for a day. The result is an insight into the stresses and trivialities that come with the modern presidency

Obama's Private Life : Reader Poll

What's your opinion on Michelle Obama's upscale vacation in Spain?

Take our reader poll: Does Michelle Obama deserve criticism for vacationing at an upscale resort in Spain?

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
The First Lady's luxurious vacation digs are raising eyebrows for some.

Michelle Obama's 'posh' vacation

Conservatives call the first lady "a modern-day Marie Antoinette" for vacationing in Spain during an economic crisis at home. Is that fair?

Obama's Private Life : Fact Sheet
Obama and his family return from a weekend vacation in Bar Harbor, Maine.

Obama: Master of the 'speed vacation'

During a 48-hour trip to Maine, the Obamas packed in a week's worth of activities. Why does the president insist on vacationing in overdrive?

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief

Was Obama in a 1993 hip-hop video?

The music video for vintage hip-hop hit "Whoomp! (There It Is)" features a quick cameo by Barack Obama — or someone who looks a lot like him

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
Obama honors fallen soldiers at Arlington Cemetery in 2009

Obama's Memorial Day vacation: Disrespectful?

Though the president traditionally honors America's fallen soldiers at Arlington National Cemetery on Memorial Day, Obama chose to stay in Chicago

Obama's Private Life : Instant Guide
What is "Little Obama"?

What is 'Little Obama'?

Everything you need to know about the Indonesian film being made about "Barry" Obama's childhood years in Jakarta

Obama's Private Life : The List
Barack Obama.

The Obama book glut: 9 more on the way

White House reporters are cashing in with Obama-related book deals. Here are 9 volumes in the works, and why the trend may be leading to biased coverage

Obama's Private Life : Fact Sheet
Pie: The president's greatest food weakness.

Obama's pie problem: What the president eats

Obama's penchant for pastry — and his borderline-high cholesterol levels — have some wondering if he's become a "stress eater"

Obama's Private Life : Best Column
Is he a typical straight-A student?

Barack Obama: The 'twerp' factor

Obama is a typical 'A' student, says P.J. O'Rourke in the Weekly Standard. And that's hardly meant as a compliment

Obama's Private Life : By the numbers
Barack Obama.

Obama's tax return: By the numbers

The Obamas earned $6 million last year and paid $2 million in income taxes. Those aren't the only interesting figures in their IRS forms

Obama's Private Life : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest Tweets on 'Barack Obama'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from around the world

Obama's Private Life : The List
"The Bridge," Remnick's hotly anticipated biography of our president.

'The Bridge': 6 revelations from the new Obama bio

The New Yorker's David Remnick uncovers new details about the famously opaque president in his account of Barack Obama's life

Obama's Private Life : Opinion Brief
Barack Obama.

Why is Obama still smoking?

The president's doctor gave him a clean bill of health — with one big exception. Here's what is known about Obama's nicotine habit

Obama's Private Life : Flashback
Without asking his permission, outerwear company Weatherproof used a news photo of Barack Obama wearing one of its jackets on a Times Square billboard.

The Obama billboard scandal

President Obama is featured on a new clothing-ad billboard—too bad the company didn't ask his permission

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