Glenn Beck, Inc.

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Best Video
The incendiary media mogul is paving his own libertarian road.

Glenn Beck goes big: Will Blaze TV succeed as a global libertarian network?

The Tea Party icon takes a pot shot at former employer Fox News and announces a new direction and scope for his own growing media empire

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Best Video
1 Obama bobblehead + 1 jar of "urine" = Art, according to Glenn Beck

Obama in Pee Pee: Is Glenn Beck a brilliant satirist?

The mercurial media mogul pays homage to Andres Serrano's 1987 urine-submerged-crucifix work Piss Christ, subbing in a more contemporary "messiah"

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Best Video
Glenn Beck's 1791 jeans are named for the year the Bill of Rights was ratified.

Glenn Beck's new advertisement… for jeans?

The mercurial media titan is mad as hell at Levi's, and he's not going to take it anymore

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
This spring, Forbes named Glenn Beck the 23rd most powerful celebrity in America, claiming that he makes $80 million per year.

Glenn Beck's TV comeback: Can Dish recapture the Fox News magic?

A year after Beck and Fox News break up, the incendiary talk show host makes a triumphant return to TV

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Burning Question
Proving he doesn't need Fox to stay on top, Glenn Beck, who has continued to expand his media company, says he rakes in $80 million a year.

Glenn Beck after Fox: More powerful than ever?

For many people, the incendiary talk show host seems to have fallen off the planet. On the contrary: He's reaching his fans — and raking in a lot of money

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Best Video
After two and a half years on the air, Glenn Beck ended his controversial Fox News show on Thursday night.

Glenn Beck’s 'pathetic' farewell show

The controversial TV star said goodbye to Fox News on Thursday night. Where were the fireworks — or even the waterworks?

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck wraps a dead fish in newspaper in March 2009: The Fox News star bids adieu to the network Thursday night with his final show.

Glenn Beck's last show: A 'terrifying' look back

As the weepy Fox News star hosts his final Glenn Beck Show, an old adversary sends him off with a "mesmerizing" highlight reel

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck will shift from cable news to his own online network when he leaves Fox News this summer.

Glenn Beck's 'revolutionary' GBTV network: Will viewers pay?

The Fox News host is leaving his TV show at month's end, and betting that his fans will follow him to a subscription-based online network

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
A year after his popular "Restoring Honor" rally in Washington, D.C., Glenn Beck says he will stage a "Restoring Courage" rally in Jerusalem.

Glenn Beck's 'messianic' Jerusalem rally

The mercurial Fox News host promises to stand up for Israel by holding a "life-altering event" this summer. Will anyone be listening?

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Forecast
Now that Glenn Beck and Fox News are parting ways, commentators wonder where the mercurial newsman's career will go next.

What's next for Glenn Beck: 5 theories

The explosive Fox News star is leaving his show. What will he do now?

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck will still be involved with Fox News on a variety of projects, but the conservative will no longer have his daily program.

Why Glenn Beck lost his Fox News show: 4 theories

The rumors are true — Glenn Beck is leaving his controversial daily program on Fox. What caused the breakup?

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck's contract with Fox News expires at the end of 2011 and the conservative host is reportedly considering breaking out on his own... by creating a brand new cable network.

Should Glenn Beck start his own cable network?

The mercurial Fox News star may leave his cable home to start his own channel, reports The New York Times

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
"Google is bizarrely inserting Google into the story of the Egyptian revolution," says Glenn Beck.

Glenn Beck's war on Google

Google is really a revolution-sparking "shill" for Obama — at least, according to the Fox News star's latest conspiracy theory

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Best Column
Liberal members of the media may find Glenn Beck (pictured on a 2009 TIME cover) infuriating, but they should reserve their attacks for conservatives with actual power, says Michael Lind in Salon.

Bashing Glenn Beck is bad for liberals

The left can't resist mocking "nutty" conservatives like the Fox News host, says Michael Lind in Salon, but their "snickering" will only backfire

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Opinion Brief
Glenn Beck maps out the connections between the liberal watchdog group Media Matters, the billionaire George Soros and advertising boycotts against Fox News.

Is Glenn Beck's campaign against George Soros anti-Semitic?

Liberal critics say Beck used hateful stereotypes to tear down the Jewish-born financier. Did he... or is that just a cheap attempt to discredit the Fox News star?

Glenn Beck, Inc. : Instant Guide
Glenn Beck says his staff and family are equipped with these Food Insurance emergency kits "in case the world goes to heck in a hand basket."

Glenn Beck's apocalypse survival kits: An instant guide

First, it was gold. Now, the Fox News star is promoting another way to prep for disaster: Freeze-dried food. Is there a method to his endorsements?

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