Tiger Woods' Return

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
Tiger Woods celebrates after his winning birdie putt on the 18th hole Sunday: The Chevron World Challenge victory was the golf star's first win in more than two years.

Tiger's first post-scandal win: Is he really back?

The fallen golf star claims victory at the Chevron World Challenge — but skeptics aren't quite ready to call Tiger a comeback kid just yet

Tiger Woods' Return : By the numbers
At the W.G.C.-Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, Ohio, Tiger Woods, playing in his first tournament in three months, is one under par after 18 holes of golf.

Tiger Woods' return: By the numbers

The fallen golfing great is back from a 12-week layoff, and playing in the W.G.C.-Bridgestone Invitational. Can he finally make a comeback?

Tiger Woods' Return : Wit
The fallen golf star has signed on to promote a Japanese heat rub. His commercials will begin airing in Japan later this month.

Tiger Woods' 'sad' Japanese heat rub endorsement

Golf's fallen golden boy inks his first deal since his many, many affairs were revealed, and armchair comics can't help but crack wise

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
Tiger who? 22-year-old Rory McIlroy wowed the crowd and sports writers with a record-breaking score and the U.S. Open championship title.

Is Rory McIlroy the next Tiger Woods?

Golf fans were upset that the injured Woods missed the U.S. Open. But in Tiger's absence, the sport's next superstar may have emerged

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
For the first time in 17 years, Tiger Woods sits out the U.S. Open. Will golf fans do the same?

A U.S. Open without Tiger Woods: Worth watching?

One of the year's biggest tournaments is getting underway without golf's biggest star, as we enter what may be the "post-Tiger Woods era"

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
At No. 7 in the golf world, Tiger Woods enters this week's Masters tee-off a long way from his former No. 1 spot.

The Masters: Will Tiger Woods ever recover?

On Thursday, golf's most prestigious event kicks off in Georgia, and the man who once dominated the game is still mired in a historic slump

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
Tiger Woods may not be the world's no. 1 golfer, but he did amass 143,000 Twitter followers in just a few hours.

Can Twitter save Tiger Woods' career?

The scandal-plagued golf star is tweeting as part of a media blitz to repair his image. Will it work?

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
Tiger Woods had been the No. 1 golfer in the world for a record 281 consecutive weeks until a sex scandal surfaced last year.

Is Tiger Woods' reign officially over?

After holding onto it for a record five years, Woods has lost the sport's No. 1 ranking. Is this the end of an era?

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
Tiger Woods: Finished?

Is Tiger Woods finished?

Sports commentators are debating whether it's time to 'write off' the man who until recently dominated golf

Tiger Woods' Return : The List
Has the Tiger Woods sex scandal ruined his 'post-racial' icon status?

Top 5 'Tiger Woods Nike ad' parodies

Tiger is scolded by his dead-father's voice in Nike's polarizing ad. Now, video jokesters are admonishing Tiger, too — in 5 different ways

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
Tiger Woods watches a shot on the fourth hole of the games.

Is Tiger back?

He didn't win the Masters — but did the golf legend hack his way out of the PR rough?

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
Some call Tiger Woods' new Nike commercial "offensive."

The 'offensive' new Tiger Woods Nike commerical

With Tiger Woods teeing off in the Masters today, Nike has released a controversial new ad featuring the voice of his deceased father, Earl Woods

Tiger Woods' Return : Flashback
Tiger Woods at his first day back on the course.

Tiger's Masters return: By the numbers

Woods is competing in his first golf tournament since his sex scandal broke and the stakes are high. Here's a numerical snapshot

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
Is America - and the golf world - ready for Woods's comeback?

Is Tiger Woods coming back too soon?

It's only been four months since the sex scandal that almost ended his career. So is Tiger Woods ready to pick up his club again?

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
Tiger Woods wins the Australian Master's in November 2009.

Tiger Woods' return: First reactions

The embattled golfer has confirmed the rumors: He'll be playing at the Masters tournament next month. What should we expect?

Tiger Woods' Return : Opinion Brief
Has the Tiger Woods sex scandal ruined his 'post-racial' icon status?

Can Tiger Woods mastermind a comeback?

The scandal-mired golfer has reportedly hired a former Bush spin doctor to assist his return to golf

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