The National Debt

The National Debt : Opinion Brief
Sen. Kyl: Don't tax -- and still spend?

Are Republicans serious about reducing the deficit?

The GOP is pushing for lower deficits — while insisting the Bush tax cuts remain in place. Does that make sense?

The National Debt : Opinion Brief
The deficit isn't as huge as anticipated. Should Americans be happy?

Obama's $1.3 trillion deficit: Good news?

The Obama administration says the massive federal deficit is significantly lower than forecast. Is that anything to get excited about?

The National Debt : Opinion Brief
How can we trim the deficit?

Do Americans really want to trim the budget deficit?

A new poll finds that most people want to cut spending to reduce the deficit — without giving up any expensive programs

The National Debt : Flashback
Increased interest rates could dramatically increase the cost of a home.

The end of 'cheap credit': What it means for you

With interest rates set to rise, inexpensive consumer credit lines could vanish. What does that mean for average Americans?

The National Debt : In-depth briefing
National debt is at an all-time high.

Deficits as far as the eye can see

The federal deficit has swollen to record levels, with no end in sight. Is there a solution?

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