The New Improved Conan

The New Improved Conan : By the numbers
Conan O'Brien may be earning big bucks as host of his late night TBS talker, but the show's viewership has taken a 60 percent dive since its 2010 debut.

Conan O'Brien's career flop: By the numbers

Despite a promising start last year, Conan O'Brien's TBS talk show has steadily lost viewers — and TBS is investing heavily to stop the slide

The New Improved Conan : Best Column
O'Brien needs to move on from self-deprecating NBC jokes or risk ruining his new TBS show.

It's time for Conan to get over NBC

The TBS host's obsession with his fall from network grace is hurting his new show, says Laura Bennett in The New Republic

The New Improved Conan : Opinion Brief
The premiere episode of "Conan" set a ratings record for cable-based talk-shows, beating a 2008-election episode of "The Daily Show."

Can Conan keep beating Leno in the ratings?

The late-night host scored a massive ratings victory with his new show's debut, handily beating Leno and his other rivals. Then came Night Two...

The New Improved Conan : Opinion Brief
Conan O'Brien's late night opening tells the story of how he leaves NBC, tries and fails at other jobs, and ultimately finds a home at TBS.

Conan's 'modest' debut

The talk show host stuck with a traditional formula for his highly anticipated return to late night. Good strategy or total snooze?

The New Improved Conan : Opinion Brief
Conan O'Brien and his staff will have to adjust to a smaller studio and budget at TBS.

Will Conan's new show flop?

After months of anticipation, the comedian is finally returning to late night with his new TBS show, "Conan" — and critics aren't sure he can pull it off

The New Improved Conan : Opinion Brief
Conan O'Brien has invited Tom Hanks to guest on each of his new TV shows, and the TBS show will be no different.

Conan's first week of guests: Enough star power?

With guests like Jon Hamm, Tom Hanks, and Michael Cera dropping by, can Conan O'Brien's new TBS talk show compete with the likes of Leno?

The New Improved Conan : Opinion Brief
Conan O'brien says the name of his new show is simple and pure.

Conan O'Brien unveils his new show's name: First reactions

The survivor of the late-night wars has revealed the new — and some say, underwhelming — title of his upcoming TBS series

The New Improved Conan : Opinion Brief
Is Conan a liar?

Did Conan 'lie' on '60 Minutes'?

An anonymous NBC source says Conan O'Brien "lied" about the network in his "60 Minutes" interview. The blogosphere reacts

The New Improved Conan : Opinion Brief
Does Conan need to quit his bellyachin'?

Conan on '60 Minutes': Big mistake?

Some are saying Conan O'Brien's sober airing of his grievances over his sacking by NBC on "60 Minutes" backfired badly. Are they right?

The New Improved Conan : Flashback
Conan O'Brien

Conan O'Brien's TBS deal: Good move?

The former host of "The Tonight Show" has just announced he's moving to... basic cable. Wait, really?

The New Improved Conan : Twitter Take
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