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Future of the Democrats

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Bob Kerrey could give Democrats their best shot at hanging onto the retiring Ben Nelson's Nebraska Senate seat, and could help the Left retain its Senate majority, too.

Can Bob Kerrey help Democrats hold the Senate?

The former Democratic senator reportedly wants his old job back, going after a seat the GOP desperately wants to win in its quest to reclaim the Senate

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) won't seek a third term in 2012, further endangering the Democrats' chances of holding onto their slim 53-47 Senate majority.

Ben Nelson's planned retirement: A big blow to Dems?

The Nebraska senator won't seek a third term, raising questions about the Left's chances of holding onto its slim Senate majority

Future of the Democrats : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: The Left's wrongheaded anti-Semitism debate

Rather unbelievably, liberal writers are bashing a former AIPAC spokesman for keeping a tally of their obnoxious anti-Israel comments 

Future of the Democrats : Burning Question
Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) isn't running for re-election in 2012, joining 16 other Democrats who want to put the House of Representatives in their rearview mirror.

Barney Frank's retirement: Proof Dems are scared of 2012?

The liberal congressman becomes the 17th Democratic incumbent to pass on a 2012 re-election bid — compared to just seven Republicans

Future of the Democrats : Best Video
After 30 years in office, liberal hero Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) will call it quits by declining to run for re-election in 2012.

Barney Frank's planned retirement: 'The end of an era'

Washington prepares to say good-bye to an openly gay congressman both beloved and loathed for his bitingly honest wit

Future of the Democrats : The Bullpen
Robert Shrum

Robert Shrum: In defense of Jon Corzine

MF Global may have gone down on the Democrat's watch. But first, Jon Corzine was a proud progressive who made New Jersey proud

Future of the Democrats : The List
During an off-year election Tuesday that may give Democrats momentum for 2012, Ohio Gov. John Kasich's (R) anti-union legislation was rejected by his state's voters.

Tuesday's 'surprising' elections: 3 lessons

Millions of Americans cast ballots this week. What do their votes tell us about the fate of politicians in 2012?

Future of the Democrats : The List
Union supporters rally against Gov. John Kasich's (R-Ohio) anti-public union bill, which will go before Buckeye State voters in a must-watched referendum on Tuesday.

Election Day 2011: 4 key questions

With excitement building toward next year's presidential election, it's easy to overlook Tuesday's off-year vote. But that would be a mistake

Future of the Democrats : Analysis
The once-reviled Hillary Clinton, comfortably removed from domestic squabbling in her position as Secretary of State, is enjoying a surge of popularity.

Hillary Clinton's popularity surge: 4 theories

A new poll names the Secretary of State the best liked politician in the U.S. What's behind the recent good will?

Future of the Democrats : The Bullpen
Robert Shrum

Robert Shrum: The Democrats' self-defeating crybaby chorus

After a special election loss in New York City, many on the Left are boneheadedly fleeing Obama — just when they should be rallying to his side

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Republican Bob Turner swept to victory Tuesday in New York 's 9th Congressional District, which Democrats have held since 1923: Some say the GOP's victory is a clear rebuke to President Obama.

What the Dems' 'humiliating' NY-09 loss means for 2012

Republican Bob Turner pulls off a shocking upset in a longtime Democratic stronghold in New York City. Does this spell trouble for President Obama?

Future of the Democrats : The List
The potential loss Tuesday of the NY-09 House seat, vacated by sexting ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner earlier this year, does not bode well for President Obama in 2012, commentators say.

The Democrats' looming 'electoral disaster' in NY-09: 4 lessons

Democrat David Weprin is expected to lose Anthony Weiner's old congressional seat Tuesday, in what would be a massive upset. What does it all mean?

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
President Obama's declining popularity may be pushing some New York Democrats to favor a potential Republican replacement for Anthony Weiner's seat.

Dems might lose Anthony Weiner's seat: Blame Obama?

A Republican political newbie is poised to pull off a major upset in a New York congressional district that's been in Democratic hands since 1923

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) greets colleagues on the House floor Monday:  The Democrat, like every member of the House, is up for re-election in 2012, and some say her D.C. appearance proves she'll run.

Gabrielle Giffords' surprise return: Proof that she's running in 2012?

The recovering congresswoman's emotional visit to the House floor Monday night warmed a cynical nation — and fueled speculation about her future

Future of the Democrats : Winners and Losers
Rep. David Wu's (D-Ore.) resignation may actually benefit Democrats, since they can try to replace the scandal-stained congressman with a candidate less vulnerable to Republicans.

Democrat David Wu's resignation: Winners and losers

The Oregon congressman announces that he'll step down in the face of a damaging sex scandal. A look at the potential fallout

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Rep. David Wu (D-Ore.) is resisting calls for his resignation, following reports that he had a sexual encounter with an 18-year-old girl.

Sex scandal: Should Democrat David Wu resign?

The Oregon congressman says he won't quit, despite allegations that he had an "unwanted sexual encounter" with a donor's teenage daughter

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