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Future of the Democrats

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
In her interview with Diane Sawyer, Nancy Pelosi says Tuesday's election was a "tough loss."

Nancy Pelosi: 'Fire Pelosi' was a compliment

The outgoing House Speaker talks about her party's big losses, and why she didn't take the campaign against her personally

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Velma Hart put President Obama on the spot during a televised town-hall meeting.

Town hall Dem 'exhausted of defending' Obama

An Obama supporter asks the president to explain when things will finally improve

Future of the Democrats : Wit
The insignia change arrives just in time for the November election push.

Democrats' new logo: Change you can sell?

DNC head Tim Kaine unveiled a new logo and tag line for the party, to refresh the Democratic brand — and the bloggerati isn't buying it

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
A shift in the House may be the change President Obama needs.

Could a GOP majority be good for Obama?

The Republicans are expected to win big in November. Could it offer a counter-intuitive boost to the President's chances of winning in 2012?

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
The new aggressive Obama may be just what the Democrats need.

Can 'fired up' Obama turn the tide against the GOP?

President Obama is hitting the campaign trail with an aggressive new stance toward the resurgent Republicans. Will it help the Democrats?

Future of the Democrats : Best Column
Should Democrats accuse Republicans of pandering to the rich with the Bush tax cuts?

Could a 'people's tax cut' save the Democrats?

Republicans are winning a losing debate over ending the Bush tax cuts for the rich, says Robert Reich at Salon. Democrats need to strike back with a "people's tax cut"

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has emerged as an early favorite to take over for Gates when he leaves.

Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary?

Some say the secretary of State could move over to the Pentagon if Robert Gates steps down next year. Could that really happen?

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
The Left has criticized Obama for opposing gay marriage, failing to close Guantanamo Bay, and abandoning a public option in the health-care bill.

Obama vs. the 'professional Left'

Press Secretary Robert Gibbs lashes out at the Left for criticizing President Obama. Are liberals making unrealistic demands, or do they have a point?

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Independent support of Obama is flagging.

Why are independents abandoning Obama?

Independent voters' support for the Obama administration has slumped to below 40 percent, according to a new poll. What has he done to lose the backing of this key demographic? 

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Wall Street.

Will Wall Street 'payback' hurt the Democrats?

With a big financial regulation bill nearing the president's desk, Wall Street is turning its back on Democrats and directing its largesse to the GOP

Future of the Democrats : Instant Guide
Sen. Robert Byrd passed away this morning at the age of 92.

What Robert Byrd's death means

America's longest-serving legislator, Sen. Robert Byrd, died Monday morning. Here's a look at his life and how his death affects the nation

Future of the Democrats : Forecast
Barack Obama.

Poll Watch: 5 key Obama matchups

With the 2012 election still far off, pollsters are already gauging how President Obama matches up against various GOP hopefuls

Future of the Democrats : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest Tweets about 'The future of the Democrats'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief
Sen. Evan Bayh (right) is retiring. Is he also sabotaging President Obama?

The dwindling Democrats

Does the retirement of Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh spell doom for Obama's agenda, and the Democrats' Senate majority?

Future of the Democrats : Opinion Brief

Democrats vs. Rasmussen polls

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