NASA : Best Column
The space shuttle Atlantis crew arrives at NASA Kennedy Space facility in preparation for Friday's final liftoff, and the (temporary) end to the 30-year shuttle program.

The final space shuttle launch: An end to Nixon's big folly?

TIME's Jeffrey Kluger bids a not-so-fond farewell to Richard Nixon's half-baked plan for an expensive fleet of 'low-orbit space trucks'

NASA : Burning Question
Curiosity, NASA's in-development Mars rover, was supposed to launch this fall, but technical and financial projects may destine it for the scrap heap instead.

Is NASA's $2.5 billion Mars rover doomed?

Ten years of work by 1,000 people, and the thing might not even launch. Inside the technical and financial problems plaguing the nuclear-powered Curiosity rover

NASA : Opinion Brief
The International Space Station against a starry night sky: The Endeavour space shuttle has finished its final mission, landing back on Earth early Wednesday morning.

The 'stunning' photo of Endeavour in action

The space shuttle landed safely in Florida Wednesday morning, but not before astronauts captured some great shots of Endeavour's final flight

NASA : Flashback
Space Shuttle Endeavour sits on its launch pad Monday, moments before it's final flight and two decades of historic space missions.

The life and flights of space shuttle Endeavour: A slideshow

After nearly two decades of distant exploration, the shuttle took off on its final mission on Monday. Here's a look back at its many other endeavors

NASA : Opinion Brief
NASA's space shuttle Discovery will retire to the National Air and Space Museum in Virginia, while the three other retiring shuttles could end up in Florida, Texas, and even New York.

Where should the retiring space shuttles end up?

NASA's three retiring spacecraft will end up in museums across the nation. The winners find out Tuesday. Who makes the best case?

NASA : Opinion Brief
More than 2,000 NASA employees gathered in an empty parking to pay tribute to the 30-year-old space shuttle program by forming a "human space shuttle."

How many NASA scientists does it take to form a 'human space shuttle'?

Thousands of employees pose for a unique photo honoring the end of the space shuttle program

NASA : Opinion Brief
A NASA fan disappointed by the agency's social-media efforts took matters into his own hands.

The 'inspirational' fan-made video that shows NASA how to sell itself

A powerful video collage reminds viewers of the wonders of cosmic exploration. Can the space agency learn from its message?

NASA : Opinion Brief
The private commercial spaceflight company SpaceX launched an unmanned craft that successfully orbited Earth in just over three hours.

The SpaceX Dragon: The future of commercial flight?

The first private spacecraft to successfully circle the planet has landed back on Earth. How significant is this feat?

NASA : Fact Sheet
NASA research fellow Felisa Wolfe-Simon was part of the presentation team that announced the potential new life form discovered in California.

Was NASA's big announcement a big mistake?

Last week's much-heralded discovery of a new form of life is already being dismissed by independent scientists who call NASA's research "sloppy"

NASA : Opinion Brief
The microorganism found in California is able to reproduce using the toxic chemical arsenic.

NASA's new life form: Underwhelming?

Scientists have found an organism unlike anything else on earth — triggering great excitement in certain quarters. But was the discovery oversold?

NASA : Opinion Brief
A new frontier for NASA?

Is Obama killing NASA... or saving it?

The president just set the U.S. space agency on a new course, scrapping Bush's moonshot and boosting commercial space flight

NASA : Opinion Brief
A new frontier for NASA?

NASA's new Muslim mission

In light of recent cuts to NASA's budget, critics say a goodwill mission to the Muslim world is a waste of resources

NASA : In-depth briefing
An astronaut aboard the space shuttle Atlantis' last scheduled mission.

NASA's uncertain course

The Obama administration is charting a new direction for the space agency. Is it the right one?

NASA : Opinion Brief
Neil Armstrong

Neil Armstrong vs. Obama

President Obama squares off with some of the U.S. space program's biggest heroes over his plan to cancel America's return to the moon

NASA : Opinion Brief
Is Obama right to cancel moon missions?

Goodnight, moon: Obama vs. NASA

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