Parenting Controversies

Parenting Controversies : Best Video
"By their second kid, every mom is an expert," says a new Luvs commercial, "and more likely to choose Luvs."

Luvs' new 'public breastfeeding is awesome' ad

In a new diaper commercial, a young mom unabashedly breastfeeds her baby in public — a decision that ostensibly proves she's a Luvs-buying parenting expert

Parenting Controversies : By the numbers
Approximately 85 percent of the 900,000 trampolines sold come with a safety net, which are apparently not doing a very good job of keeping kids safe.

The dangers of owning a home trampoline: By the numbers

The American Academy of Pediatrics is now recommending that parents remove the bouncy — and hazardous — contraptions from their backyards

Parenting Controversies : Fact Sheet
Sure, pacifiers calm crying babies. But they also may inhibit youngsters from imitating their parents' facial expressions and learning about emotions.

Does heavy pacifier use emotionally stunt boys?

A new study suggests that popping a calming pacifier in a baby boy's mouth might dull his ability to empathize later in life

Parenting Controversies : Instant Guide
Many parents assume that introducing kids to the taste of alcohol at a young age will prevent them from acquiring binge-drinking habits when they get older.

Does offering kids sips of alcohol turn them into boozy teenagers?

Many parents think that an early taste of wine or beer will make their children less likely to binge as teens. Think again, warn health experts

Parenting Controversies : The List
A screen grab from Nancy Grace shows a 4-year-old Toddlers and Tiaras contestant mimicking Sandy from Grease with a fake cigarette.

Smoking on stage and 4 other Toddlers & Tiaras controversies

Over four eyebrow-raising seasons, the TLC reality show about tiny aspiring pageant queens has become the go-to source for heated debates about parenting

Parenting Controversies : Controversy
Sabrina Ann Howard, 40, was arrested this week on preliminary charges of neglect and causing the suicide of her 16-year-old son.

Is a drug-addicted mom to blame if her child commits suicide?

We may find out soon: Indiana prosecutors have charged a 40-year-old morphine abuser in the death of her teenage son, who overdosed on 56 pills

Parenting Controversies : Burning Question
Adrienne Pine, an Assistant Professor at American University, sparked a controversy when she breastfed her sick baby during a lecture.

The professor who breast-fed while teaching: Inappropriate?

A professor's decision to nurse her baby while lecturing her students has re-ignited the "lactivism" debate. Were her actions understandable or unprofessional?

Parenting Controversies : Burning Question
Suffering even mild symptoms of post-partum depression could have an adverse effect on your child's growth, according to a new study.

Do depressed moms have shorter kids?

Researchers find a link between the mental health of new mothers and the height of their children — though mystery still lingers around the cause of this association

Parenting Controversies : Analysis
A lab technician at the Mothers' Milk Bank of New England in Newtonville, Mass., pours donated breast milk as it's prepped for pasteurization: Last year, the nation's largest milk bank group distributed 2.18 million ounces of breast milk.

The increasing prevalence of new moms sharing breast milk: A guide

More and more, moms are turning to donors to make sure babies get enough breast milk. And if they can't find them at a milk bank, they're trying Facebook

Parenting Controversies : Fact Sheet
As men age, they are increasingly susceptible to environmental effects, such as radiation, which cause genetic mutations that can be passed onto their offspring.

Are older dads more likely to have autistic kids?

Children born from aging fathers are more likely to develop brain abnormalities due to increased mutations in dad's genetic code, says a new study in Nature

Parenting Controversies : Opinion Brief
Madisyn Verst, 4, tries on fake boobs as part of her Dolly Parton costume, which was actually her mom's from her own child pageant days.

Should a Toddlers & Tiaras mom lose custody of her child?

A stage mother who put a 4-year-old in fake Dolly Parton boobs is charged with being an unfit parent

Parenting Controversies : Instant Guide
Having a baby often involves hours of back-breaking labor, which one Orthodox Jewish woman reportedly got through without uttering a word to even the paramedics, per her vow of silence.

The woman who upheld her vow of silence... during childbirth

An Orthodox Jewish woman in Israel puts her faith to the ultimate test, keeping mum throughout the entire scream-inducing process

Parenting Controversies : Controversy
In The Atlantic, Anne-Marie Slaughter takes issue with feminism's promise that women can have it all, and now feminists are taking issue with Slaughter.

The Atlantic's 'Women can't have it all' manifesto: The backlash

A former aide to Hillary Clinton sparks a passionate debate over an age-old question: Can women fulfill their professional ambitions and raise a happy family?

Parenting Controversies : Burning Question
New studies reveal that even when pregnant mothers drank up to eight drinks in a week, their child's overall IQ, attention span, and self control were not negatively affected.

Drinking while pregnant: Finally, proof that it's okay?

Five new Danish studies suggest that it probably isn't so bad if a mommy-to-be has a glass of wine or beer from time to time, though it could be risky

Parenting Controversies : Analysis
Peaster Elementary School officials maintain that they did not violently scrub down a dirty third grader (not pictured), but merely washed behind his neck and ears.

The Texas school that allegedly scrubbed down an 8-year-old 'jail-style'

Texas parents sue their school district, claiming that officials told their third grader he was dirty, made him undress, and violently washed him

Parenting Controversies : By the numbers
Raising a child will cost the average middle class family $14,000 per year.

The astonishing costs of raising a child: By the numbers

When you add up all the Goldfish and Razor scooters, not to mention the cost of child care, the price tag for bringing a new life into the world is eye-popping

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