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Twitter Revolution

Twitter Revolution : The List
On Nov. 6, President Obama tweeted out this photo with the message "Four more years." It was retweeted more than 800,000 times.

Obama's victory tweet — and 9 more of history's most popular tweets

The president took to Twitter with a simple message — "Four more years" — that went on to become the most retweeted ever

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Twitter censored a neo-Nazi account in Germany, but other users all over the globe can still see the banned tweets.

Twitter censors its first account: Ominous precedent or no big deal?

The media company blocks the tweets of a neo-Nazi account at the behest of local German authorities — raising questions about the potential scope of its control

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
The new Connect section on the Twitter redesign allows users to see who has followed, mentioned, retweeted them. 

Twitter's Facebook-like redesign: Good for business?

Take heed, tweeters: Don't be surprised when the service suddenly switches over to more visually oriented profile pages that feature large "cover images"

Twitter Revolution : Burning Question
Twitter will soon let advertisers pay to insert targeted tweets into your stream — and there's no way to opt out.

Twitter's new targeted ads: Will they trigger a backlash?

The social messaging service unveils a plan to make more money from its 140 million monthly users — but don't expect tweeps to laud the new initiative

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
The test site for looks very similar to Twitter, but it's ad-free. Users purchase the handle of their choice for $50, generating's operating income. Could an ad-free Twitter replace the original?

Tweet stream looking extra noisy? Entrepreneur Dalton Caldwell is building a new pay-service that elevates the quality of conversation

Twitter Revolution : Controversy
Guy Adams' Twitter profile photo: After griping about NBC's Olympics coverage on Twitter, the Los Angeles-based British journalist was temporarily suspended from the social messaging site.

Twitter's censorship of Olympic critic Guy Adams: The fallout

The social-messaging site and NBC try to silence a vocal opponent of the network's delayed Olympics coverage — and incite the internet's rage instead

Twitter Revolution : Fact Sheet
Deirdre Anglin of Dublin, Ireland, holds her once-lost Jack Russell terrier Patch after being reunited thanks to Twitter.

7 heartwarming reunions made possible by Twitter

The social media site has helped Irish Rail reunite a lost dog with its owner, a husband find his wedding ring, and an NBA star locate his "lil bro"

Twitter Revolution : Instant Guide
After a stroke in 2005, Tony Nicklinson became paralyzed from the neck down rendering him speechless; now he's able to communicate with thousands of people on Twitter using a technology that tracks his eye movements. He'll use the social network to explain why he's fighting for the right to die.

The paralyzed man who tweets with his eyes, and wants to die

A British man will plead with a court to argue that he should be allowed to legally end his life — but he's taking to Twitter first, using his eyes to send messages

Twitter Revolution : Fact Sheet
After 46 seconds, President Obama deleted his retweet of campaign manager Jim Messina's boast that "we've gained more Twitter followers in the past three weeks than @mittromney has total."

The website that foils politicians who (try to) delete their tweets

Lawmakers, beware! A new journalistic outfit is cataloging your most regrettable 140-character dispatches

Twitter Revolution : Analysis
"A Visit from the Goon Squad" author Jennifer Egan doesn't even like Twitter, and has only tweeted four times on her personal account.

The New Yorker story that's being published one tweet a time

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan is using one of the magazine's Twitter feeds to tweet a short story in 140-character bursts. Is this (sigh) the future of publishing?

Twitter Revolution : Controversy
Right-wing blogger Michelle Malkin started the Twitter hashtag #FreeChrisLoesch after the conservative's account was suspended.

Is Twitter censoring conservatives?

The account of right-wing talking head Dana Loesch's husband is briefly suspended, spurring conservatives like Michelle Malkin to allege a left-wing conspiracy

Twitter Revolution : Burning Question
Two years ago, just 8 percent of teens were on Twitter. By July 2010, that figure had doubled to 16 percent.

Are teens ditching Facebook for Twitter?

More and more young people are tweeting, especially as their parents ease into Mark Zuckerberg's social network

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Twitter will begin censoring tweets in countries where controversial 140-character missives violate local laws.

Twitter's new censorship plan: A 'betrayal'?

The social-media giant will begin blocking controversial tweets in several countries. #SayItAintSo, the Twitterati laments

Twitter Revolution : Burning Question
Judging from the language they use in their 140-character dispatches, Twitter users aren't as happy today as they were in early 2009, researchers say.

Does Twitter prove we're getting sadder?

If our tweets are to be believed, happiness has become a dwindling commodity around the globe

Twitter Revolution : The List
The popular micro-blogging site is rolling out a new design, and in many ways, Twitter's new look is awfully similar to Facebook's, reviewers say.

Twitter's 'major' redesign: 4 talking points

The fiercely popular micro-blogging site rolls out a new look, hoping to woo users who were confused by the old interface

Twitter Revolution : By the numbers
Twitter may have 100 million active users, but 40 million haven't tweeted anything in the last month.

Twitter's 100-million-users milestone: By the numbers

Who is doing all the tweeting ... and how many people are really interested in what they have to say?

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