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Twitter Revolution

Twitter Revolution : Instant Guide
Twitter co-founders Evan Williams (left) and Biz Stone (right) may be on the brink of starting a new social media venture that has a motivational aspect to it.

Is Lift the next Twitter?

A mysterious new venture from the Twitter guys has piqued the tech world's interest

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
President Obama sits down with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey for a Twitter townhall in July: The social media site's projected value is now more than $8 billion.

Is Twitter really worth $8 billion?

After a new round of funding, the mega-popular — if not wildly profitable — micro-blogging site is valued at an astonishing sum

Twitter Revolution : Flashback
If Twitter had been named Jitter or Twitch (as once intended), would its icon be an overly caffeinated human instead of a bird?

Was Twitter almost called Twitch?

An interview with the company's co-founder reveals the surprising origins and evolution of the social networking site's name

Twitter Revolution : Controversy
Sexting and cyber-flirting should still count as infidelity, even if they don't involve physical contact, according to some commentators.

When is tweeting cheating?

Randy Rep. Anthony Weiner says his Twitter-fueled flirtations never got physical. Do cyber-only flings count as infidelity?

Twitter Revolution : Slideshow
Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.)

Anthony Weiner and other political Twitter scandals: A slideshow

The Dem says he's the victim of a hacker's prank, after a lewd photo is sent from his Twitter account. Here's a look at other troublemaking tweets

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Facebook and Twitter are dumbing us down, says New York Times executive editor Bill Keller.

Is Twitter really making us stupid?

That's what New York Times boss Bill Keller says in his latest column — and the backlash from techies has been brutal

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Daily Twitter users might want to cut back on their 140-character updates if they want long-term relationships, according to recent data analysis.

Twitter: A relationship killer?

Frequent Twitter users reportedly have shorter relationships than non-tweeters. Perhaps that character limit extends to relationships, too?

Twitter Revolution : Fact Sheet
China's Sina Weibo shares a lot of traits with Twitter, including 140-character posting limits, but some say it's a more stable product.

Does China have a superior version of Twitter?

America's favorite microblogging site has a Chinese competitor — and it outstrips the original, according to some commentators

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Sticker shock? Twitter, founded by Evan Williams (pictured) and Biz Stone, is reportedly being valued at $10 billion.

Is Twitter really worth $10 billion?

Potential suitors Google and Facebook apparently value the micro-blogging powerhouse that high, but analysts are skeptical

Twitter Revolution : By the numbers
6 percent of the total U.S. population is on Twitter, but not everyone is tweeting.

Who really uses Twitter? By the numbers

According to a new survey, the micro-blogging service is most popular with minorities and city dwellers

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Twitter users are protesting the conviction of a British man whose Twitter bomb-threat joke got him a $1,500 fine.

The 'Twitter joke trial': Should idle threats be punished?

A British man who tweeted (in jest) his plans to bomb an airport has been convicted of "menacing" behavior — and civil-liberties advocates aren't laughing

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Twitter may offer a window into the minds of its users, but whether it is an accurate predictor of stock investments is still up for debate.

Can Twitter predict the stock market?

New research suggests that tweets offer a snapshot of the public's mood — and which way stocks are heading

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Evan Williams says he's more interested in tinkering with the Twitter product than turning tweets into cash.

Why Twitter's CEO stepped down: 4 theories

In an unexpected move, Evan Williams demoted himself, making way for COO Dick Costolo to take over at Twitter. Commentators weigh in on the change

Twitter Revolution : Best Column
Social ties on Twitter and Facebook tend to be weak, argues Gladwell.

Malcolm Gladwell tackles Twitter

The 'New Yorker' writer argues that — claims about Iran to the contrary — social media will never spark a social revolution. But it's ideal for armchair activists

Twitter Revolution : The List
Paris Hilton's tweet landed her in the courtroom.

8 ill-advised celebrity tweets

As Paris Hilton and Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-MI) can attest, it only takes 140 characters for public figures to embarrass themselves on Twitter

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
The new Twitter has the online world aflutter.

How great is the new Twitter?

The micro-blogging site's new features have evoked many raves — and some rants, too

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