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Twitter Revolution

Twitter Revolution : Instant Guide
Kenyans celebrate the election in Nairobi.

How Twitter saved Kenya's election

Social media is playing an increasingly crucial role in letting citizens of developing nations cast their votes without fears of violence

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Twitter users are seeing more of the dreaded "fail whale" these days.

Why Twitter keeps crashing: 4 theories

Twitter can't keep its act together, leaving millions of the world's most concise communicators high and dry. Why is the "fail whale" back?

Twitter Revolution : Fact Sheet
Venezuela's loquacious Hugo Chávez: Confined to 140 characters or less

When world leaders tweet

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chávez took to Twitter to ask "how's it going?" Here's what 6 other supreme social networkers have to say ... in 140 characters or less

Twitter Revolution : The List
France's first couple, President Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni: Don't believe everything you read about them on Twitter.

When Twitter punks the world: 5 fake news stories

Is a new volcano in Iceland erupting?! No, it's just another Twitter rumor that went viral and ended up on a mainstream news site

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Are Tweets really worth saving?

Should the government save every Tweet?

The Library of Congress is archiving every 140-character post on social-networking site Twitter. A good idea?

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
6 percent of the total U.S. population is on Twitter, but not everyone is tweeting.

The great Twitter sell-out

What does Twitter's new advertising plan mean for the site's users?

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
Will Google Buzz's popularity heighten, or fall flat?

Will Google Buzz topple Twitter?

A much-ballyhooed new function allows Google users to post status updates similar to Tweets. Does it pose a competitive threat Twitter?

Twitter Revolution : Opinion Brief
The Pope.

The Pope's Twitter Crusade

A new edict from Pope Benedict XVI encourages priests to log onto social media. Can the church connect to Catholics via Twitter?

Twitter Revolution : Slangwatch
Do babies need their own technology to communicate?

Twoddler: A Twitter for toddlers?

A new 'tricked-out' Fisher Price device lets toddlers send 'tweets' to friends and family — for better or worse

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