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General Motors : Opinion Brief
Mary Barra began her career in 1980 as a student at General Motors Institute at Kettering University, graduating with a degree in electrical engineering.

Will GM benefit from a woman's touch?

GM's new product-development chief, Mary Barra, is the first female to hold that post for any American car company. Is her gender relevant?

General Motors : Opinion Brief
GM CEO Dan Akerson (left) rings the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange Thursday.

GM's IPO: A victory for Obama?

The automaker's public offering was a tremendous success. Does it also count as a big win for the White House?

General Motors : Opinion Brief
The Chevrolet Volt is not only a "symbol of New GM" but an industry "game-changer," says Angus MacKenzie in Motor Trend.

Has the Chevy Volt saved GM?

General Motors is, shockingly, the toast of Wall Street, and its plug-in hybrid the unlikely "Car of the Year." Is GM truly back on its feet?

General Motors : Opinion Brief
GM says the Chevrolet Volt is essentially an electric vehicle unlike Toyota's Prius, which is a gas-electric hybrid.

Did GM 'lie' about the Chevy Volt?

Critics are blasting GM after discovering the Volt is partially powered by a gas motor and that mileage claims may be overstated

General Motors : Opinion Brief
GM bounced back since 2009, with revenue up 44 percent from a year ago and $1.3 billion in second-quarter profits.

Is GM ready to go public again?

Just a year after it went bankrupt, the auto giant is set to make one of the largest IPOs in history. Too soon?

General Motors : Opinion Brief
Rush Limbaugh: Waging a war against the Chevy Volt?

Rush Limbaugh vs. the Chevy Volt

The conservative radio broadcaster says GM's electric car is a taxpayer-subsidized lemon. Why is Limbaugh so down on the Volt?

General Motors : Audio
Rush Limbaugh says that electric cars are proven failures.

Rush's Chevy Volt rant

Rush Limbaugh says that the electric car is a ripoff because it has a "history of failure"

General Motors : Opinion Brief
The Chevy Volt: Worth the price?

Is the Chevy Volt worth $41,000?

Some say the sticker price of General Motors' first mass-market electric car — significantly higher than its rivals — may doom it to failure

General Motors : Best Column
The Chevy Volt.

Will the Chevy Volt save GM?

With the imminent arrival of General Motors' first all-electric car, says Roy Ritchie in Time, the American auto market is about to change forever

General Motors : Opinion Brief
How did GM bounce back?

Why is GM profitable again? 5 Theories

GM's gone from an embarrassing U.S. bailout to its first profit in years — and commentators have no shortage of explanations

General Motors : Opinion Brief
Can GM make its way back from the brink?

Can General Motors rebound?

It repaid a bailout loan early, but GM has fallen off Fortune's Top 10 for the first time in a century — and some observers predict it may never get back in gear

General Motors : Twitter Take
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The latest Tweets on 'General Motors'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

General Motors : Opinion Brief
Hummers: Gone but not forgotten?

The Hummer: Good riddance?

GM is shuttering its Hummer division after failing to sell it to the Chinese. Is there hope for planet Earth after all?

General Motors : Opinion Brief
Ed Whitacre.

Shakeup at GM

The automaker has ousted it's CEO after only 8 months. What does the future hold?

General Motors : In-depth briefing
GM has seen better days.

The rise and fall of General Motors

GM, once the symbol of American industrial might, is now seeking bankruptcy protection. What went wrong?

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