Apple's iPhone : Burning Question
The bigger the better? The oversized Samsung Galaxy Note II has been a massive success.

Should Apple make a bigger, bolder 'iPhone Plus'?

The iPhone 5 might be getting a big sibling, with new rumors swirling of a larger phone with a 4.8-inch screen

Apple's iPhone : Burning Question
If you like having extra cash, consider getting your new iPhone from Walmart or Sprint.

Is Walmart's no-contract, $45-a-month iPhone 5 really the best deal out there?

The retailer's dirt cheap monthly plan could save you hundreds, but there might be another great option for you, if you're flexible

Apple's iPhone : Instant Guide
Apple: Apparently, unwilling to skimp.

Apple: Cheap iPhone will 'never be in the future of Apple products'

The company's head of worldwide marketing shoots down rumors from The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg

Apple's iPhone : Best Video
Finally invented: A quick-draw iPhone holster

Finally! A quick-draw iPhone holster

An extraordinarily passionate Japanese man is the early frontrunner for Inventor of the Year

Apple's iPhone : Burning Question
Sources say the new iPhone will cost between $99 and $149.

Is Apple working on a cheap iPhone?

Sources tell The Wall Street Journal that a phone built with lower-quality parts is on the horizon

Apple's iPhone : Essay
Isn't deciding between the white and black iPhone enough?

Why colorful iPhones are a terrible idea

Pink smartphones might just signal the beginning of the end for Apple

Apple's iPhone : Burning Question
Got a new iPhone 5 for Christmas? Apple, it seems, is already moving on.

Is Apple already testing the iPhone 6?

Short answer: Probably. But something is fishy...

Apple's iPhone : First Reactions
Apple Maps failed. Google Maps to the rescue!

Google Maps returns to the iPhone: 'Free, fast, and fantastic'

It's finally here!

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Nokia's "Here" map app allows users to download portions of maps for offline viewing.

The Apple Maps disaster: Can Nokia's 'Here' app save the day?

The Finnish phonemaker's free mapping software makes its debut in the App Store today

Apple's iPhone : Fact Sheet
A customer inspects the new iPhone 5 at an Apple Store in San Francisco on Sept. 21: Rival Android phones now represent 75 percent of the market.

4 signs the iPhone is no longer the smartphone king

Android is gobbling up the market and Apple loyalty isn't what it used to be — at least according to recent analyses

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Apple CEO Tim Cook has written an open letter on the company's website, apologizing for all the frustration customers have been having with the enormously flawed Apple Maps app.

Tim Cook's apology for Apple Maps: Proof he's no Steve Jobs?

The CEO of the world's most valuable company concedes that Apple's maps app needs work, and recommends that users switch to a competitor in the meantime

Apple's iPhone : Analysis
Customers line up outside an Apple store in Sydney, Australia, on Sept. 21: Weekend sales figures of the iPhone 5, while technically record-breaking, don't reflect the fact that the phone was being sold in more countries than its predecessors were.

Why investors still aren't sold on the iPhone 5: 4 theories

Over the weekend, iFans lined up to purchase the taller, lighter handset, smashing the previous sales record by a million units. But Wall Street still isn't convinced...

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Apple's new iO6 operating system swaps Google maps for its own version, Apple Maps, that is reportedly riddled with glitches.

Apple's iOS 6: Is dropping Google Maps a deal-breaker?

The latest version of the iPhone's operating system has its own mapping program — but it's been roundly panned for giving inaccurate directions and locations

Apple's iPhone : The List
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters play with the new iPhone 5 on Sept. 12: Some analysts believe Apple will sell roughly 12 million new iPhones by month's end.

Why the disappointing iPhone 5 is smashing sales records: 4 theories

2 million customers went online last Friday to preorder Apple's bigger, faster handset — despite the protestations of underwhelmed tech critics

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
The new iPhone 5 — whose most remarkable new feature is a bigger, Android-like screen — is displayed on Sept. 12.

The disappointing iPhone 5: Is Apple falling behind the competition?

The latest addition to Apple's handset family was finally revealed Wednesday after months of hysterical second-guessing. The verdict so far? A collective "meh"

Apple's iPhone : The List
Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the iPhone 5, which is smaller, lighter, and faster than its predecessor.

7 things you need to know about Apple's iPhone 5 announcement

At last! After months of waiting (and waiting), the new version of the best-selling handset is here — with a slimmer profile and a larger 4-inch screen

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