Apple's iPhone : Forecast
The Apple iPhone 4S is displayed on Oct. 14, 2011: Apple is expected to debut its next generation iPhone on Sept. 12.

4 ways that Apple's iPhone 5 might disappoint customers

The most anticipated gadget of the year makes its long-awaited debut Wednesday morning. And it'll have to be awfully good to live up to all the hype

Apple's iPhone : The List
An invitation for Apple's Sept. 12 press event in San Francisco features a large 12 (presumably the date) and a shadowed 5 (iPhone 5?).

Apple's cryptic iPhone 5 event invitation: 4 talking points

The next iteration of the game-changing handset will finally be unveiled next week. And compulsive Apple fans are already parsing the event invite for hidden meaning

Apple's iPhone : The List
The next iPhone will reportedly have a larger screen, a better battery, and the ability to use your handset as a credit card.

Apple's next iPhone: 7 rumored features [Updated]

Redesigned headphones, a 4-inch screen, and credit card-like capabilities are just a few of the goodies reportedly boasted by the tech giant's next handset

Apple's iPhone : Instant Guide
A consistently rejected iPhone app charts the location of American drone strikes — which, in Apple's eyes, classifies as "excessively objectionable or crude content."

Is Apple wrong to ban an app that tracks U.S. drone strikes?

Drones+ is meant to raise awareness about attacks abroad. The App Store's review team keeps rejecting it

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
The new iPhone will likely look similar to its predecessors, but reported enhancements in speed and battery life may be reason enough to upgrade.

Will the next iPhone be a letdown?

The latest iteration of Apple's flagship handset will likely be unveiled next month, but already the smartphone seems behind the curve in terms of what it may offer

Apple's iPhone : The List
New iPhone software upgrades will nix the YouTube app, part of Apple's ongoing purge of all things Google.

3 reasons the iPhone is ditching YouTube

When iOS 6 comes out in September, eager YouTubers will no longer see the built-in video app on their Apple devices. What's behind the divorce?

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
In the next iPhones and iPads, the dock connector (the rectangular hole at the bottom of the device into which users plug accessories and power cords) will reportedly be smaller than its predecessors.

Shrinking the iPhone's dock connector: One of Apple's worst ideas?

New reports suggest that the company is switching from a 30-pin to a 19-pin setup — rendering iPhone users' current accessories frustratingly obsolete

Apple's iPhone : Best Video
A prototype of the Yellow Jacket stun gun in action: The iPhone case doubles as a 650,000-volt weapon.

The iPhone case that doubles as a stun gun

A Louisiana man traumatized by a frightening home break-in channels his energy into developing a defensive weapon that will always be in your pocket

Apple's iPhone : Analysis
Despite having a high upfront cost ($500), the prepaid iPhone 4S through Cricket could save users hundreds upon hundreds of dollars over two years.

Cricket's contract-free $400 iPhone: Worth the switch?

Apple's must-have handset is finally available without a contract — and for just $55 a month. Of course, there is a not-so-small one-time fee...

Apple's iPhone : Burning Question
Almost eight months after Siri's debut on the iPhone 4S, Apple CEO Tim Cook is still promising improved versions of the faulty voice assistant.

Is Siri a failure?

The chirpy assistant reacts sluggishly, stumbles with voice-recognition, and often lacks the right answers. Time for Apple to fess up?

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Retaining the iPhone's 3.5-inch screen year after year means less work for developers, and a less-buggy experience for users.

The rumored 4-inch iPhone screen: Is bigger better?

The Wall Street Journal and Reuters report that Apple is preparing to debut a larger handset come fall. Say it ain't so, bemoan some nostalgic techies

Apple's iPhone : Best Video
The JoeyBra's marsupial-like pouch can hold an iPhone (plus a credit card, keys, and cash). You just have to be willing to fish it out.

An iPhone pocket... in your bra?

For women who hate carrying a purse on a night out, or find pants oppressive, two college juniors might just have the solution

Apple's iPhone : Instant Guide
An iPhone app that scans your face and tells you how ugly you are raked in $80,000 the day after it was featured on Howard Stern's radio show.

The Ugly Meter: The iPhone app that rates your attractiveness

The app is an unlikely bestseller, and parents worry that its superficial focus will damage self-esteem and aggravate bullying

Apple's iPhone : Controversy
Critics are describing "Girls Around Me," an app that briefs users on nearby women's social networking info, as both creepy and dangerous.

'Girls Around Me': The controversial pickup-artist app

The new tool gives users social networking data about women who are nearby, and it's drawing the ire of privacy critics. But is it breaking any rules?

Apple's iPhone : Fact Sheet
Steve Jobs didn't like the name Siri, which means "beautiful woman who leads you to victory" in Norwegian, but he couldn't think of anything better.

How Apple's Siri got her name

Curious about the etymological origins of the iPhone 4S virtual assistant's handle? Look to Norway

Apple's iPhone : Best Column
In the future, virtual assistants like the iPhone's Siri may be able to learn about you cumulatively, providing increasingly customized advice.

After Siri: The ground-breaking future of virtual assistants

For many iPhone owners, Siri is revolutionary. But according to Norman Winarsky and Bill Mark at TechCrunch, we haven't seen anything yet

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