Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Rumor has it that the next iteration of the iPhone will see its screen grow from 3.5 inches to 4.6 inches.

Does the iPhone 5 really need a bigger screen?

Apple is reportedly cooking up a new version of its ubiquitous smartphone with a 4.6-inch screen — on par with Samsung's buzzy Galaxy handsets

Apple's iPhone : By the numbers
Apple's devices are assembled by workers who are typically only 18 years of age.

What it takes to make an iPhone: By the numbers

Apple's glamorous gadgets are assembled by an army of 1.2 million underpaid, overworked Chinese employees. Here, a glimpse at their grueling factory lives

Apple's iPhone : Irony Alert
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak tells The Daily Beast that Android's voice commands and operating system are easier to use than the iPhone's.

Irony alert: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak 'sings Android's praises'

In a seemingly heretical act, Apple's other Steve confesses his admiration for the enemy

Apple's iPhone : Instant Guide
Nissan wants to one-up your protective iPhone case with a high tech version that repairs its own minor cuts and bruises.

The 'magic' iPhone case that repairs itself

Nissan is going after accident-prone smartphone users with a new self-healing phone case

Apple's iPhone : The List
Steve Jobs, speaking at a publishing conference in 1997, stands in front of a giant poster of Pablo Picasso, featured in Apple's landmark "Think Different" campaign.

How Apple really came to 'Think Different': 5 takeaways

In Forbes, Rob Siltanen, one of men who worked on the Apple's landmark 1997 ad campaign, details how it all came to be

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Letting Apple fans search for information with speech, the iPhone's voice-activated assistant, Siri, may give Google some new competition.

Is the iPhone's Siri a threat to Google? 

Some say Apple's vocal virtual assistant — a big step forward in voice-recognition technology — could threaten Google's stranglehold on search

Apple's iPhone : Controversy
iPhone 4 users won't have access to Apple's new Siri technology, even though that's possible, because the exclusive iPhone 4S feature boosts demand for the latest phone, say critics.

Why Apple isn't offering Siri for older iPhones: 3 theories

Hackers found that Siri — Apple's new voice-controlled personal assistant — works on the old iPhone 4, which doesn't mean it'll be available

Apple's iPhone : Analysis
Apple's iPhone operating system iOS 5, presented by software VP Scott Forstall in June, may officially usher in the post-PC era.

Apple's iOS 5: Revolutionizing computing?

The new operating system for iPhones and iPads may dramatically change our lives — or at least make digital life less annoying

Apple's iPhone : Burning Question
Meet Siri, the iPhone 4S's voice-controlled assistant that some techies are calling a major game-changer.

The iPhone 4S: Is Siri a 'life changer'?

Reviewers are dazzled by Apple's new voice-controlled virtual assistant

Apple's iPhone : The List
Though the tech press dismissed the iPhone 4S, customers are rushing to buy the new Apple gadget, perhaps thanks to its camera upgrade and the addition of Sprint as a carrier.

How the iPhone 4S went from disappointment to smash: 5 theories

Apple's new smartphone initially elicited a ho-hum reaction, but now customers can't wait to get their hands on it. What happened?

Apple's iPhone : By the numbers
Despite the tech world's collective disappointment with the iPhone 4S (presented here by Apple's Phil Schiller), more that 1 million pre-orders for the device were placed in a single day.

The record-setting iPhone 4S sellout: By the numbers

Apple fans race to get their hands on the new smartphone — even after many critics greeted it with disappointment

Apple's iPhone : Winners and Losers
Apple was largely greeted with a disappointed sigh after unveiling its iPhone 4S on Tuesday, but that doesn't mean the tech giant won't benefit from its new product.

Apple unveils the iPhone 4S: Winners and losers

It may not be the long-coveted iPhone 5, but for many interested parties, Apple's newest gadget is still a big step forward

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Instead of the iPhone 5 debut many people had hoped for, Apple Senior Vice President Phil Schiller unveiled an iPhone 4S on Tuesday, and disappointed many Apple fans in the process.

Apple's 'disappointing' iPhone 4S announcement

The tech giant bums out many of its devoted fans Tuesday by unveiling a souped-up iPhone 4 instead of a brand new iPhone 5

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Sprint CEO Dan Hesse has reportedly agreed to buy 30.5 million iPhones over the next four years, in a pricey deal that's meant to woo customers back to the nation's No. 3 cell carrier.

Sprint's 'staggering' $20 billion bet on the iPhone

Apple unveils its latest gadget on Tuesday amid reports that Sprint will buy 30.5 million iPhones over the next four years — whether it sells them or not

Apple's iPhone : Forecast
Apple's media invitation confirms the event's date and the product in question, but the rest is still subject to speculation.

Apple's big 'Let's talk iPhone' event: 4 predictions

CEO Tim Cooke is set to unveil the hotly anticipated next-generation iPhone on October 4. What can we expect?

Apple's iPhone : Best Video
Conan O'Brien and his team create a spoof Apple commercial in which the company's "Torture Division" swears revenge against the thief of a missing iPhone 5 prototype.

Conan O'Brien's 'hilarious' iPhone 5 sketch

An iPhone walks out of a tequila bar... and provides perfect fodder for a spoof on O'Brien's late-night talk show

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