Apple's iPhone : Instant Guide
After an Apple iPhone 5 prototype reportedly went missing last week, the San Francisco Police Department gave the tech giant an odd assist in trying to track it down.

Apple's 'sketchy' hunt for a lost iPhone 5

The San Francisco police take heat for trying to help the tech giant track down a secret iPhone prototype that an employee reportedly lost at a tequila bar

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Was a prototype of the iPhone 5 (shown here in a computer-generated illustration) left in a San Francisco bar by a drunken, irresponsible Apple employee... or by a PR expert?

Did Apple really lose an iPhone 5 in a tequila bar?

An Apple employee reportedly leaves a valuable prototype in a bar, though skeptics suspect it's all just a cheap publicity ploy

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
A customer considers an iPhone purchase: Sprint is reportedly next in line to distribute the coveted (but increasingly less exclusive) smartphone.

Will the iPhone do Sprint any good?

The nation's third largest carrier will reportedly offer Apple's beloved smartphone this fall, potentially attracting new customers — and new problems

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
The tech world has been feverishly speculating for months about Apple's next iPhone, and some say it's time to give the rumor mill a rest.

Enough with the iPhone 5 rumors already?

For all that's been said about the next generation of Apple products, very, very little is actually known

Apple's iPhone : Forecast
New reports suggest that the iPhone 5 may forgo the traditional rectangular shape, and be twice as fast as its predecessor.

iPhone 5: The 8 latest rumors

In-the-know techies now say Apple's newest gadget could arrive as soon as August — with a radical new "teardrop" design  

Apple's iPhone : Winners and Losers
Apple has unlocked the iPhone 4 so that customers can own the popular smartphone without being tied to a particular carrier. But it's not all good news.

Apple unlocks the iPhone 4: Winners and losers

At long last, the tech giant is offering an untethered iPhone to U.S. customers — though the price is high, and the benefits are questionable

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
For indecisive parents-to-be, the "Kick to Pick" iPhone app naming responsibility in the hands, and kicking feet, of the unborn baby.

Kick to Pick: The app that lets babies name themselves

For parents torn between "Jaden" and "Caden," this iPhone app is a stress-reducing miracle. Others deride it as pathetic

Apple's iPhone : The List
The iPhone 5 may not come out for months, but that hasn't stopped the rumor mill from churning out new iPhone 5 speculation.

The iPhone 5: The latest rumors

A new round of speculative buzz says the next iPhone might have a curved glass display and better international coverage

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
This mockup of the forthcoming iPhone 5 imagines a larger screen, and a device that would be even thinner than its predecessors.

The 'ultra sexy' new iPhone 5 mockup

A tech journalist imagines what the next iPhone could look like. Apple junkies are drooling already

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Many smartphone owners are shuddering over revelations that their Apple and Google phones keep databases of where they've been and when.

The iPhone location-tracking controversy: How nervous should you be?

Some say smartphones that track users' locations pose an Orwellian danger to privacy

Apple's iPhone : Burning Question
iPhones and iPads reportedly keep a running log of where you go, and when, raising a number of privacy concerns.

Is your iPhone spying on you?

Two software hackers claim your iPhone is keeping a running tab of where you go, and when

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Customers eager to move onto the next generation of the iPhone may have to wait until Christmas.

iPhone 5: Not coming soon

New iPhones are typically unveiled in early summer, but reported delays make that very unlikely this year. How long must fans wait?

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Out of the four U.S. wireless companies tracked in a recent study of dropped-call rates, AT&T came in last place, with 4.8 percent.

The iPhone 4's dropped calls: AT&T's fault after all?

Verizon iPhone customers report far fewer dropped calls than their AT&T counterparts. So was AT&T to blame for Apple's "Antennagate" last year?

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
The latest iPhone app to help save you from yourself is "Last Night Never Happened," which deletes all your regrettable late-night tweets and Facebook posts.

'Last Night Never Happened': An app that deletes mortifying tweets

Say goodbye to the morning-after shame that comes from drunk-tweeting your ex. A new iPhone app promises to erase all your social media goofs

Apple's iPhone : Flashback
Verizon customers may have just gotten their hands on the iPhone 4, but techies are already trading rumors about the upcoming iPhone 5.

iPhone 5: A guide to the early rumors

An aluminium case. A bigger screen. The ability to use your phone like a credit card. Here's what insiders are saying about Apple's next-generation phone

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
After less than a month, the Verizon iPhone is facing lackluster sales, bad publicity and strong Android competition.

Is Verizon's iPhone a 'dud'?

The much-hyped smartphone's sales are disappointing, and now Consumer Reports won't even endorse it

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