Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
A screengrab from the Steve Jobs CGI.

Steve Jobs as Darth Vader: A CGI takedown

The Taiwanese animators who amused the world with a creative dramatization of Tiger Woods' car crash are now telling the tale of Apple's iPhone 4 saga

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
The iPhone 4.

Apple's 'Antennagate': Are free iPhone 4 cases an adequate fix?

Hoping to silence complaints about reception issues, Apple CEO Steve Jobs has offered free cases to all iPhone 4 customers. Problem solved?

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Is the iPhone 4 Apple's "Vista"?

Is the iPhone 4 'Apple's Vista'?

In an oddly ballsy move, Microsoft executive Kevin Turner says Apple's latest cell phone could fail — like his own company's Windows Vista

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
A customer examines the new iPhone.

Consumer Reports' iPhone 4 snub

In its review, the respected product guide says it "can't recommend" Apple's problem-plagued new phone — fueling demands for a recall

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
The iPhone 4.

Is the iPhone a 'monopoly'?

A judge has OKed a class-action lawsuit against Apple and AT&T on behalf of everyone who's ever bought an iPhone. Should Steve Jobs be worried?

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Apple has released a software fix that it says will fix structural malfunctions.

Apple's 'suspicious' iPhone 4 fix

Apple says it was "stunned" to find that its phones have incorrectly displayed signal strength for years. Some commentators have their doubts

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Will the iPhone soon be available for Verizon customers?

A Verizon iPhone?

Rumors of a Verizon iPhone have been around as long as the device itself. But soon, it could become a market-changing reality

Apple's iPhone : Reader Poll

What's your opinion on an iPhone 4 recall?

Take our reader poll: The newly-released iPhone 4 has a number of technical bugs. Should Apple recall it?

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Should Jobs recall the iPhone 4?

iPhone 4: A recall?

As dismayed iPhone 4 customers report reception issues, some critics are lobbying for a recall of Apple's latest effort. Are the issues really that serious?

Apple's iPhone : The List
Some Apple enthusiasts waited for hours for a chance to purchase the new iPhone.

iPhone 4: Imperfect, after all

Newly reported bugs — signal issues, cracked screens and weird yellow spots — are tainting the release of Apple's reverently reviewed cell phone

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
One of the first customers to score an iPhone 4 emerges from the Fifth Avenue Apple Store in New York today.

iPhone 4: Best cell phone ever?

If the reams of ecstatic reviews are to be believed, Apple has achieved something special with the iPhone 4. Is there another side to the story?

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
An Apple customer checks out the newly-released iPhone 4.

Is Apple finally ditching AT&T?

Apple iPhone users have long bemoaned poor service by exclusive carrier AT&T. If recent reports are true, they may soon have another choice

Apple's iPhone : Instant Guide
Apple sold more than 600,000 iPhone 4 units in the first day of sales, a new record.

AT&T's iPhone 4 'disaster': What happened?

In the latest embarrassment for AT&T, errors, long lines and privacy breaches marred its pre-order launch of Apple's newest iPhone

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
A customer examines the new iPhone.

iPhone 4: Worth the wait?

Apple's thinner, faster, video chat-enabled smartphone has the Internet abuzz. But did it live up to the hype?

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
An iPhone.

Apple's new iPhone 4G: Live first reactions

Steve Jobs is expected to unveil the latest iteration of Apple's blockbuster smartphone today at a developers' conference. Here, live breaking opinion

Apple's iPhone : Opinion Brief
Was Apple's brand really damaged by the iPhone 4G leak?

iPhone 4G leak: Did Apple really lose 'huge'?

Some critics scoff at Apple's claims that the premature unveiling of their next-generation iPhone by a gadget blog damaged current sales "immensely"

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