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Financial Reform Fight

Financial Reform Fight : The List
Merchants will get a break on debit card transaction fees, thanks to the financial reform law, but as a result, customers may have to say goodbye to their rewards.

The debit card fight: 5 things you need to know

America's new financial reform law will soon change the way large banks process debit card transactions. As a result, you may see an end to some perks

Financial Reform Fight : Best Column
"Sky-high" salaries attract some of the best and the brightest to Wall Street, which may just be a waste of talent, says John Cassidy in The New Yorker.

Do we really need Wall Street?

Wall Street bankers draw huge salaries for... what, exactly? Writing in The New Yorker, John Cassidy wonders if we'd miss them if they retired en masse?

Financial Reform Fight : Opinion Brief
Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren came up with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. Should she head it up?

Elizabeth Warren: Too 'controversial' for Washington?

The crusading Harvard Law professor is one of Obama's three candidates to run the new U.S. consumer watchdog agency. But is the Senate demanding a blander pick?

Financial Reform Fight : Winners and Losers
Barack Obama

Obama's financial reform: Winners and losers

After weeks in limbo, the Dodd-Frank Bill has finally passed Congress. Who stands to benefit from the banking reforms — and who will lose out?

Financial Reform Fight : Opinion Brief
Pundits wonder what Brown's goals are.

Scott Brown: Tea Party traitor or shrewd powerbroker?

The GOP senator says he'll provide the key vote to pass the Democrats' financial reform bill. The Tea Partiers who voted him into office aren't pleased

Financial Reform Fight : Opinion Brief
Obama and House Minority Leader John Boehner have been squaring off over financial reform.

Obama vs. Boehner

With the financial reform bill in jeopardy, the president and the House minority leader are accusing each other of being "out of touch"

Financial Reform Fight : Opinion Brief
What's behind Brown's pro-Wall Street stand?

Scott Brown's finance bill power play

Brown's swing vote was pivotal in getting a sweeping financial overhaul bill to the finish line. Why's he stopping it from finishing the race?

Financial Reform Fight : Opinion Brief
Wall Street.

Will the finance bill tame Wall Street?

The Senate's sweeping financial overhaul bill is now on its way to becoming law. But how effective it will be is an open question

Financial Reform Fight : Instant Guide
Protesters outside the Chicago Federal Reserve.

Why audit the Fed?

The Federal Reserve handed out more than $2 trillion in secret bailout loans during the global financial crisis. Congress is now demanding to know where the money went

Financial Reform Fight : Opinion Brief
Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R - KY)

Why the GOP blocked financial reform

A new poll suggests the public are overwhelmingly in favor of stricter regulations on Wall Street banks. So why are the Republicans still fighting against it?

Financial Reform Fight : Opinion Brief
How will the GOP react to Wall Street reform?

Financial reform's endgame: 3 theories

The Democrats' financial reform bill will soon face a key vote in the Senate. Here are three ways it could go

Financial Reform Fight : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
What can be done about "too big to fail"?

Wall Street: Debating 'too big to fail'

The Senate apparently agrees that we urgently need to end "too big to fail" banks. But not everyone agrees on what makes a bank "too big"

Financial Reform Fight : Opinion Brief
Obama takes a stand against Wall Street practices.

Was Obama too soft on Wall Street?

The President delivered a speech on financial services reform to a roomful of Wall Street bankers in New York. Why didn't he go on the attack?

Financial Reform Fight : Opinion Brief
Wall Street.

Wall Street reform: A change of heart from the GOP?

As Obama makes a final push for reforming banks, key members of the GOP are quieting their criticism of the plan. Why the shift?

Financial Reform Fight : Flashback
Obama's plan for financial reform is surprisingly tough on Wall Street.

Financial reform: 5 things you need to know

Do your eyes glaze over when you hear the phrase "financial reform"? Here's a crib sheet

Financial Reform Fight : The Bullpen
David Frum

David Frum: Will campaign cash influence financial reform?

The connection between campaign contributions and public policy is more subtle than most cynics acknowledge. But as the Senate considers reform of the financial system, the opportunities -- and motives -- for abuse are mounting.

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