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Locals walk in front of Unit 61398, a secretive Chinese military unit on the outskirts of Shanghai on Feb. 19.

Cyber-war: Just how dangerous are China's military hackers?

A new report puts the blame for a rash of cyber-attacks on critical U.S. infrastructure at the feet of a shadowy unit of China's army

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People surf the internet at a cyber cafe in Chongqing Municipality, China.

China tightens internet restrictions: What does it mean for web users?

A new rule that requires internet users to give their real names to service providers, has many concerned about an even tighter crackdown on free speech

China Rising : First Reactions
Kim Jong Un, accompanied by his wife Ri So Ju on July 25, shows off that "boyish charm" that made him The Onion's "Sexiest Man Alive" 2012.

Kim Jong Un wins 'Sexiest Man Alive': How The Onion tricked a Chinese newspaper

The North Korean dictator wins the satirical paper's dubious distinction... but not everyone was in on the joke

China Rising : World
Chinese President Hu Jintao (right) and his successor, Vice President Xi Jinping, walk together after the first meeting of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party on Nov. 8.

Everything you need to know about China's new leaders

Beijing is initiating a once-in-a-decade transfer of power to a new generation of top officials. But will anything really change?

China Rising : In-depth briefing
A Taiwanese fishing boat comes close to the disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea on Sept. 25.

The world's silliest territorial dispute

Why are China and Japan threatening to go to war over a few uninhabited islands in the East China Sea?

China Rising : Analysis
Workers walk past several police vehicles (left) near the entrance of the Foxconn Tech-Industry Park in Taiyuan, China, which was closed Sept. 24 after a brawl involving more than 2,000 employees.

What the Foxconn riot tells us about China

More than 2,000 angry workers take to the streets, and 5,000 police officers are needed to put the riot down. Is a growing wave of labor unrest a sign that China is in trouble?

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Unidentified members of a Japanese nationalist group demonstrate on a disputed island in the East China Sea.

Why China and Japan are feuding over tiny islands

Tensions escalate as nationalists from the rival Asian powers stake claims to a remote island chain. What are both sides after?

China Rising : In-depth briefing
The Chinese media is demonizing Gu Kailia as a grasping, power-hungry woman who had a British businessman murdered out of greed.

The murder case roiling China

Bo Xilai was a rising political star until his wife, Gu Kailai, was charged with murder. Here, a guide to the complex, controversial case

China Rising : Instant Guide
A boy eyes a poster for a DreamWorks movie: The animation studio will create a Kung Fu Panda-themed section within its forthcoming Shanghai-based entertainment district.

Can DreamWorks make a Broadway theater district in Shanghai?

The animated film studio that created Shrek and Kung Fu Panda has big plans to make its mark in China, which has the world's second biggest cinema audience

China Rising : Opinion Brief
A worker at a car parts plant in Shenyang, China: Europe's debt crisis has hurt China's exports by kneecapping one of the most reliable markets for Chinese goods.

Has the dreaded China crash finally arrived?

China's leaders are warning that the country, a reliable engine for the global economy in recent years, is facing "huge downward pressure"

China Rising : Opinion Brief
Protesters burn an illustration of Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying as the devil during massive demonstrations Sunday calling for Leung's resignation.

Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests: A threat to China's one-party rule?

The people of Hong Kong gave a raucous and not-so-friendly welcome to their new leader at his inauguration. Will the fervor spread to the mainland?

China Rising : Fact Sheet
Shareholders and heads of Dalian Wanda Group and AMC meet to announce the Chinese conglomerate's acquisition of the American theater chain.

Why a Chinese company is buying AMC movie theaters

With the addition of AMC's 5,000 screens, Dalian Wanda Group is now the world's largest theater operator. But was this really a smart acquisition?

China Rising : The List
China could "easily kickstart growth" by enacting a fiscal stimulus plan, but the government is concerned that a flood of money would cause prices to spike.

5 reasons China's economy is slowing down

After years of furious growth, the world's second-largest economy is losing steam, and the falloff will likely have negative repercussions for the rest of the world

China Rising : Burning Question
Chen Guangcheng, a blind activist who exposed abuses under China's one-child policy, hopes to move to the United States with his family.

The Chen Guangcheng exile deal: Happy ending or disaster?

After a tense showdown between the U.S. and China, a blind activist waits to see whether Beijing will honor an agreement to let him study in the U.S.

China Rising : Opinion Brief
Chen Guangcheng, in the wheelchair, meets his wife Yuan Weijing, right, and two young children at a hospital in Beijing on May 2. Although Chen willingly left the U.S. embassy, he now says he would like to leave China altogether.

The Chen Guangcheng deal: Who won?

The blind activist leaves the U.S. Embassy after Chinese officials assure his safety, but the agreement to return Chen to his normal life seems to be unraveling

China Rising : Analysis
Protesters wearing sunglasses in support of blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng demonstrate outside the Chinese liaison office in Hong Kong.

Showdown in Beijing: Is the U.S. wrong to shelter a Chinese dissident?

American diplomats are reportedly hiding Chen Guangcheng, a blind activist who escaped house arrest — a move that some worry will harm U.S.-China ties

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