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China Rising

China Rising : Analysis
Last year, DreamWorks Animation smashed China's box office records with "Kung Fu Panda 2," which earned some $100 million, and now other top Hollywood studios want in on the action.

Is Hollywood bribing the Chinese government?

U.S. authorities are investigating Tinseltown's biggest studios, as the battle to screen more American movies in the world's most populous nation heats up

China Rising : Controversy
A Tibetan exile reads a note written by Jamphel Yeshi, a fellow exile who set himself on fire Monday in protest of Chinese President Hu Jintao's visit to India.

Tibet's 'horrific' wave of self-immolations: An instant guide

The dramatic — and often fatal — form of protest has become an increasingly common way to call attention to China's policies in ethnic Tibetan regions

China Rising : Burning Question
While both the U.S. and China engage in massive government spending, China's funds tend to go toward infrastructure projects like high-speed rail, while America's go to entitlement programs.

Is China better at capitalism than America?

Conventional wisdom holds that Uncle Sam's free-market model is the best in the world. But China's growing clout is causing economists to think twice

China Rising : Opinion Brief
A Chinese worker handles the production of to-be-exported yarn: China has relied heavily on cheap exports to build its economy, the growth of which is expected to slow to 7.5 percent this year.

Is China's 'inevitable' slowdown good for the global economy?

The world's second-largest economy is cooling off after years of torrid growth — and Chinese consumers and U.S. manufacturers alike may be cheering the news

China Rising : Fact Sheet
An excavator loads a truck with rare earth in Lianyungang city: Thanks to lax regulations, it's significantly cheaper to mine rare earths in China than it is in the U.S.

Obama vs. China: The battle over 'rare earths'

The U.S. accuses the world's most populous nation of hoarding precious metals that are vital to the creation of high-tech products, from iPhones to missiles

China Rising : Forecast
Chinese workers in a shoe factory: China is moving beyond manufacturing cheap exports, such as shoes and clothes, and on to higher value work.

Is the era of a 'cheap China' coming to an end?

China has long been known as a teeming source of inexpensive labor, but many businesses say that's no longer true

China Rising : Analysis
Chinese paramilitary policemen exercise during a training session in Wuxi city: The government is boosting military spending by 11.2 percent this year.

China's ballooning military budget: Should America worry?

The world's most populous nation boosts its defense spending, raising concerns that it's building the 'biggest, baddest' army in Asia

China Rising : Burning Question
A bustling Hong Kong street: China, the world's second-largest economy, is being urged by the West to overhaul its financial and business practices.

Is China heading toward an economic crisis?

A new World Bank report warns that China must drastically overhaul the way it does business — or risk financial catastrophe

China Rising : The Bullpen
Daniel Larison

Daniel Larison: The problem with political bloviating on China

U.S. presidential candidates love to harp on the world's most populous nation. But once they're in office, they quickly start singing a different tune

China Rising : Instant Guide
Chinese gamers at an internet cafe: Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) says Chinese hackers are illegally stealing business secrets from American firms.

Hacked: How China is stealing America's business secrets

Sen. John Kerry is fed up with China's penchant for looting technology from U.S. businesses — up to $400 billion worth of data each year. When will it stop?

China Rising : The Bullpen
Yunte Huang

Yunte Huang: Why Republicans should lay off China

Pete Hoekstra sparked a media firestorm with his racist "yellowgirl" ad. Sadly, he's hardly the only Republican trafficking in xenophobic Beijing-bashing

China Rising : Instant Guide
Xi Jinping, born into affluence but forced into years of harsh labor when his father ran afoul of Chairman Mao, has since worked his way up in the Communist Party, and is slated to assume China's presidency next year.

Xi Jinping: The 'mystery man' in line to lead China

America is getting an introduction this week to the Chinese vice president, who is being groomed as the booming nation's next leader. A guide to Beijing's future boss

China Rising : In-depth briefing
Residents rally in southern China: The country's economic boom has made the gap between the haves and the have-nots all the more obvious.

China's economic growing pains

The world's most populous nation is finding that its economic prosperity comes with a price: Inequality, social division, and political unrest

China Rising : Instant Guide
Chinese nurses take care of newborns Monday: Chinese parents are eager to have children during the Year of the Dragon, the most auspicious zodiac sign in Chinese culture.

China's 'Year of the Dragon' baby boom: A guide

The Chinese new year just began this week, but the rush to have babies under the culture's luckiest zodiac sign has been underway for months

China Rising : Opinion Brief
A worker at Ford's electric car plant in Michigan: Many U.S. businesses have moved their manufacturing operations to China, stoking worries that American hegemony is a thing of the past.

Is China really on the verge of surpassing the U.S.?

Many businessmen believe American hegemony is doomed by China's muscular manufacturing sector. Not so fast, critics say

China Rising : Instant Guide
An assembly line in Shenzhen: China has created an "unparalleled system for taking something from idea to reality faster and easier than any place on the planet," says Sarah Lacy at PandoDaily.

Why Apple builds iPhones (and everything else) in China

President Obama reportedly once asked Steve Jobs what it would take to make iPhones in the U.S. Jobs' response wasn't encouraging...

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