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China Rising : Best Video
Auspiciously red, the Rolls-Royce's Dragon Phantom had no trouble selling out in China, despite its $1.2 million asking price.

The $1.2 million Rolls-Royce that's selling out in China

Need more evidence that China has its blinker on to pass us? Beijing and Shanghai now buy more Rolls-Royces than Beverly Hills and London

China Rising : Opinion Brief
It only took construction workers 360 hours to erect this 30-story building in China, not counting the time it took to build the foundation and prefabricated parts.

China's 'amazing' construction of a 30-story building in 360 hours

A Chinese construction company just built a super-sturdy, super-efficient hotel — and it did so super cheaply and super fast. Is this the future of skyscrapers?

China Rising : Instant Guide
The Chinese are flocking to Hollywood blockbusters like "Harry Potter" and "Avatar" instead of homegrown documentaries about Confucius.

China vs. Harry Potter

Chinese leaders want to crank out more cultural fare to counter the influence of foreign films. But can Beijing really force-feed its citizens officially sanctioned art?

China Rising : Instant Guide
This photo of eight Chinese siblings in matching onesies and hats has triggered controversy and an investigation: The country initiated its one-child policy in 1978.

China's mysterious, 'bewildering' Octomom

In a country where couples are prohibited from having more than one child, an unnamed woman with eight babies is causing quite a stir

China Rising : Burning Question
A laborer pauses as he works at a shoe factory in China: The cheap cost of Chinese labor may be a thing of the past.

Is China to blame for pricier Christmas gifts?

U.S. dollars aren't going as far this year, as the rising cost of labor in China hits home

China Rising : Opinion Brief
President Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announce their plan to base at least 250 U.S. Marines Down Under, and China is reportedly less than pleased.

U.S. troops in Australia: 'Playing hardball with China'

President Obama renews America's focus on the Asia-Pacific region by promising to send hundreds of Marines Down Under. How will China react?

China Rising : Controversy
Caged dogs on a truck on the outskirts of Beijing: After an online uproar, government officials canceled a dog-eating festival planned for Oct. 18 in Jinhua City, China.

The end of China's 600-year-old dog-eating carnival

As dog ownership increases in China, many view the annual dog-eating festival as cruel and unusual

China Rising : Opinion Brief
A Chinese theme park converts the popular mobile game "Angry Birds" into a real-life slingshot experience, stuffed birds and all.

China's counterfeit Angry Birds theme park

Chinese entrepreneurs take copyright-infringing to a new level by building a real-life version of the wildly popular mobile game

China Rising : Best Column
Chinese soldiers on a warship in November 2010: The communist country's "relentless" military buildup should not be taken lightly, says Aaron L. Friedberg in The New York Times.

The danger of China's 'relentless military buildup'

While America spends time and money on Iraq and Afghanistan, China is working to kick the U.S. out of Asia, says Aaron Friedberg in The New York Times

China Rising : Instant Guide
A spokesman for the China Defense Ministry announces the country's first aircraft carrier, which some commentators see as a symbol of China's unnerving military ambitions.

China's first aircraft carrier: An instant guide

Is China's new aircraft carrier simply a training facility — or a military threat?

China Rising : Opinion Brief
A Chinese investor studies stock information Monday: China scolded the U.S. after its recent credit downgrade.

China's 'caustic' warning about America's 'debt addiction'

Beijing, which holds a fortune in U.S. Treasury bonds and dollars, demands that Washington get its finances straight. Should we be worried?

China Rising : Analysis
Excavators dig through wreckage from last Saturday's fatal high-speed train crash: Chinese officials have been too focused on growth at any cost, says Peter Stein in The Wall Street Journal.

Why China needs a recession

China's growth-at-any-cost strategy has led to an unnaturally perky economy, says Peter Stein in The Wall Street Journal. But the consequences could be dire

China Rising : Flashback
Yao Ming announces his retirement during a press conference in Shanghai on Wednesday: The NBA star missed the entire 2009-2010 season due to a stress fracture in his foot, and played only 5 games last season.

Yao Ming's retirement: Why hasn't China produced a new NBA star?

Apparently, a massive talent pool, huge interest in basketball, and an intense state-run athletics program aren't enough

China Rising : Opinion Brief
A Chinese warship (front) and Japanese vessel sail near southern Japan: Chinese ships have reportedly harassed neighboring countries during recent patrols.

Is China provoking an Asian war?

Beijing is trying to push its neighbors out of the oil-rich South China Sea, and one think-tank warns that the tensions could soon boil over

China Rising : Opinion Brief
Dissident Chinese artist Ai Weiwei waves from his studio after unexpectedly being released on bail Wednesday.

What Ai Weiwei's release means: 3 theories

China shocked the world by freeing the renowned activist after nearly three months in detention. What happened?

China Rising : Opinion Brief
Economist Nouriel Roubini says China's incredible growth rate could soon hit a wall.

Could China's economy really collapse?

The famously gloomy economist Nouriel Roubini says China is due for a hard fall. But the real worst-case scenario may be that Beijing's boom goes on... and on

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