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China Rising : Fact Sheet
China's Tiangong space station will reportedly look a lot like NASA's International Space Station (pictured).

China's 'heavenly palace' space station

With the U.S. scaling back NASA's efforts, is China's plan to build its own ambitious space station just one more sign of the Asian nation's ascendancy?

China Rising : Opinion Brief
In an attempt to quiet growing protests, the Chinese government arrested artist Ai Weiwei, though the country may be worse off now that it's gained the world's attention.

Will China regret arresting Ai Weiwei?

The Chinese government has been widely condemned for its detention of the noted artist on suspicion of "economic crimes"

China Rising : Opinion Brief
A Bob Dylan fan on opening night of the artist's first-ever China concert: Despite a lifetime of activism, Dylan kept quiet about the communist country's recent crackdown.

Bob Dylan's 'hypocritical' China concert

The legendary folk singer visits Beijing, and critics slam his failure to speak out against Chinese human rights abuses

China Rising : Opinion Brief
Renowned Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei has reportedly been apprehended by the government, along with 50 others, in a state crackdown aimed at quelling unrest.

China stamps out the Jasmine Revolution: A return to 1989?

Officials detain a prominent Chinese artist and activist, drawing comparisons to the brutal aftermath of the Tiananmen Square protests

China Rising : Opinion Brief
Would Patrick Swayze (shown here taking on Soviet invaders in 1984's "Red Dawn") have been as motivated if the villains were North Koreans?

'Red Dawn' remake: Is Hollywood 'kowtowing' to China?

MGM casts the Chinese as villains in a new version of the 1980s classic — then digitally changes them to North Koreans. Why is the studio running scared?

China Rising : Controversy
A busy street corner in Hong Kong: Thanks to a culturally reinforced preference for male offspring, China's under-20 population includes 32 million more males than females.

China's looming man-surplus

The controversial practice of infant sex selection in parts of Asia will leave many countries saddled with a huge glut of men. Here's why that's a potentially dangerous problem

China Rising : Best Column
Chinese President Hu Jintao's government has limited news coverage of the recent Democratic uprisings pre-emptively halting this revolutionary fever.

Why China isn't (quite) ready to revolt

Chinese leaders fret about a Middle East-style revolt in their country, says Francis Fukayama in The Wall Street Journal. But for now, there's little cause for concern

China Rising : Slideshow

Boom and bust

The (literal) rise of China

China Rising : Fact Sheet
Beautiful Chinese women are reportedly being enlisted as spies --àseducing French executives so that they can be blackmailed for information.

Beware China's 'honeytrap' spies

According to intelligence agencies, China is enlisting beautiful women for corporate espionage in the West. How does the dreaded "honeytrap" method work?

China Rising : Instant Guide
Shenzhen (pictured), home to 8.6 million, would be just one of the nine cities that China's planned megacity will encompass.

China's planned megacity: Pop. 42 million

What will it take for China to combine nine existing cities into the world's biggest metropolitan area — besides $300 billion?

China Rising : Opinion Brief
Bloggers attempts to analyze the impact of the four-day summit between the "21st century's two superpowers."

Was Obama's China summit a success?

Colin Powell says that the talks between the president and Hu Jintao went well. What was accomplished, and will the summit have lasting effects?

China Rising : Opinion Brief
A video created by the Chinese government, now being shown in Times Square, features prominent Chinese talent including basketball star Yao Ming.

China invades Times Square: Can a PR offensive woo Americans?

China has launched a massive "diplomacy campaign" coinciding with President Hu Jintao's Washington visit. But commentators aren't sure the big publicity push will work

China Rising : Opinion Brief
Chinese President Hu Jintao said China is "willing to learn" from other countries in terms of improving its human rights record.

Can Obama force China to improve its human-rights record?

Obama urged Chinese leader Hu Jintao to make progress on human rights — but should the president be throwing his weight around to effect real change?

China Rising : Forecast
Obama plays host: Chinese President Hu Jintao will be treated to two dinners, a State Department lunch, and several joint appearances while visiting the capital.

Obama's China agenda: A forecast

What's on the president's "to do" list for this week's summit with China's leader, Hu Jintao, and what is he likely to achieve?

China Rising : Instant Guide
The Chinese J-20 appears to be bigger and heavier than the U.S. military's stealth fighter, the F-22 Raptor.

China's 'showroom model' stealth fighter jet

Leaked photos of China's radar-evading J-20 have hit the internet, sparking debate about China's rising military might

China Rising : By the numbers
A bottle of imported wine in a Shanghai wine bar costs $152 on average.

China's extravagant drinking habit: By the numbers

Well-heeled Chinese consumers are acquiring a taste for pricey whiskies and wines. And in a country where a PBR costs $44, the numbers quickly add up...

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