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China's global production has risen from five percent to 14 percent in just under 40 years.

How the next 40 years are the most important ever

The West has had it pretty good for the past 200 years, says Ian Morris in the Christian Science Monitor. Now it's time to prepare for the unstoppable rise of the East

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China was represented only by students from the Shanghai region, which may have skewed the rankings.

The education race: China's stunning test scores

China's debut in the international standardized test program offered a surprise: Its students are ranked No. 1 (sort of). Just how bad is this for America?

China Rising : Opinion Brief
A new report suggests that China is capable of exploiting "hijacked" data from U.S. military and other sources.

Did China 'hijack' the internet?

China says no. A U.S. security panel says yes it did — and with possible malicious intent. Who's telling the truth?

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Shanghai residents who violate the proposed one-dog law will be fined $150.

China's one-dog policy

The booming metropolis of Shanghai is the latest Chinese city to look at extending the nation's one-child policy to dogs. How would it work?

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A Chinese engineer walks between the racks of the Tianhe-1A supercomputer, which is purportedly 1.4 times faster than its nearest rival.

How powerful is China's supercomputer?

Chinese researchers have developed a super-fast machine that blows away its American competition

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China's "ghost town" was built for 300,000 people, but houses only 28,000.

The ghost city of China

The Chinese government has spent millions developing "the Chinese version of Dubai" outside the existing city of Ordos. One problem — nobody lives there

China Rising : Opinion Brief
The International Monetary Fund warns that a "global currency war" against China may be in the offing.

Should America launch a currency war against China?

A global trade showdown may be brewing, and pundits debate whether America should be taking the fight to China

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A construction worker climbs a scaffolding at the Shiliupu port in Shanghai, China.

The cracks in China's engine

Powered by rip-roaring growth, China just surpassed Japan as the world's No. 2 economy. But are strains starting to show?

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Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao, seen here at the United Nations General Assembly meeting, says Japan should bear full responsibility for the dispute.

Behind the China-Japan feud

It was ostensibly about a captured fishing-boat captain. But the conflict between the Asian economic giants went far beyond that

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The vehicles stuck in the jam move through the line at an average of 2 miles per day.

China's 'nightmarish' 60-mile traffic jam

In Beijing, a major freeway has been jammed up for 10 days. How did that happen — and what are the stranded drivers doing to stay sane?

China Rising : Opinion Brief
China has raised the value of the yuan by 0.42 percent against the US dollar.

China's currency concession: Will it help the U.S.?

At long last, China is allowing the yuan to trade more flexibly against the dollar. Does this mean good things for America's economy?

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Foxconn, China's largest employer, will boost employee wages.

The end of cheap Chinese labor?

Some of China's largest manufacturers are boosting their workers' pay by 100 percent. What does this mean for the world's third largest economy — and how could it affect the U.S.?

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What's behind the recent rash of attacks on Chinese schoolchildren?

China's child attack spree

Dozens of Chinese children and toddlers have been killed or injured in a series of shocking mass attacks. What's going on?

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Why won't the yuan rise in value?

The China currency crisis: What every American should know

Why the U.S. wants China to let its currency rise in value, and why Beijing has been reluctant to do it

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China faces a shortage of women.

China's looming woman shortage: 5 possible consequences

After years of gender-based abortions, China is facing a huge surplus of young men. Will that mean more crime, more homosexuality — or even a war to weed out weaker males?

China Rising : Fact Sheet
China's Shandong province, where the bodies of 21 babies were discovered.

China's 21 dead babies: What happened?

The grisly discovery of bags of dead babies on the banks of a Chinese river raises many questions. Here's what known about the puzzling tragedy

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