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Could Aaron Rodgers lead the Packers to Super Bowl XLVIII?

Who's favored to win the Super Bowl in 2014?

The Broncos, Falcons, Giants, Redskins, and Texans are not on the short-list

The NFL : The List
The delicate performance of the pas jeté.

Football as ballet: 11 surprisingly graceful images from the Super Bowl

Who knew the National Football League was such an untapped resource for ballet recruits?

The NFL : Sports
Beyonce might not have a Super Bowl successor next February...

Next year's Super Bowl might not have a halftime show

It's cold in New Jersey — maybe too cold for a live musical performance

The NFL : Best Video
Doritos "Fashionista Daddy" commercial takes the cake for most unimaginative ad.

WATCH: The 10 best and 5 worst Super Bowl commercials

From Amy Poehler hilariously chatting up a Best Buy employee to PSY confoundingly dancing with pistachio nuts — your comprehensive guide to Sunday's big ads

The NFL : Sports
How much do you want to bet these hard-partying Ravens fans wish they didn't have to work today?

Why the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a national holiday

Millions of Americans are hungover today. Why don't we spare them the indignity of calling in "sick" and all just take a day to recover?

The NFL : The List
49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick during the strange Super Bowl blackout.

The Super Bowl power outage: 5 conspiracy theories

Who blacked-out half the lights in the Superdome on Sunday evening? 49ers fans? Voodoo priests? A Harbaugh brother?

The NFL : The List
Kelly Rowland, Beyonce and Michelle Williams perform during the Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show. 

Relive Super Bowl 47 in 70 tweets

Didn't watch the big game? Want to recapture the drama? Here's the Ravens-49ers grudge match in fewer than 9,800 characters

The NFL : Analysis
Colin Kaepernick and Tom Brady: Career twins?

The eerie similarities between Colin Kaepernick and Tom Brady

Both dazzlingly good quarterbacks took the NFL by storm when the starters in front of them went down the injury. And that's just the beginning

The NFL : Best Video
Wide receiver Jacoby Jones #12 of the Baltimore Ravens returns a 105-yard kick-off return for a touchdown against the Oakland Raiders.

WATCH: Super Bowl ads, from the best cameos to the most sexist spots

Buzz about these highly scrutinized commercials has begun. Get a preview of what's to come on Sunday in between the football action

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Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher and Hines Ward high-five after their sixth-seeded team beat the Seattle Seahawks in the 2006 Super Bowl.

Why low seeds thrive in the NFL playoffs

Blame (or credit!) a decade-old rule change

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John Elway participates in a home run derby in 1998.

Colin Kaepernick and 7 other QBs drafted by baseball teams

Once upon a time, John Elway, Dan Marino, and Tom Brady were MLB prospects

The NFL : Instant Guide
"The holy grail": That's how one doctor describes a new technique to diagnose neurodegenerative disease in football players.

The NFL's concussion epidemic: Finally, a major breakthrough?

UCLA researchers say they can now use PET scans to identify brain damage in players while they're still alive

The NFL : Analysis
Rob Gronkowski, the NFL's best tight end, is out for the rest of the postseason with a broken arm.

Why the Patriots don't need Rob Gronkowski

Even without the league's best tight end, the Patriots still have the league's most terrifying offense

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On Monday, Alabama quarterback A.J. McCarron got shoved by center Barrett Jones.

WATCH: 7 times athletes fought their teammates

A.J. McCarron, you're not alone

The NFL : Analysis
Buffalo Bills linebacker Bryan Scott (center) celebrates an interception during a Dec. 30 home game.

The Bills milked Buffalo for everything — and they'll do it again

Taxpayers are paying hundreds of millions of dollars to keep the Bills in Buffalo. And within the decade, they'll probably have to pony up again

The NFL : Sports
Last year the Indianapolis Colts had two wins and 14 losses. Under rookie Andrew Luck's leadership this year, they're 9-5 and almost certainly playoff-bound.

Why more NFL teams should start rookie QBs

Andrew Luck, Robert Griffin III, and Russell Wilson are on the verge of making playoff history

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