The NFL : Analysis
They may not look all that different, but Nike's new NFL uniforms boast high-tech fabric with extra thigh protection.

Nike's new NFL uniforms: Revolutionary or yawn-worthy?

The sportswear giant unveils its take on football gear for the 2012 season. But some fans are griping that the much-hyped line is the same old, same old

The NFL : Fact Sheet
Will Tim Tebow, who's joining the New York Jets, continue to play quarterback or will he be reborn as a tailback?

The Jets snag Tim Tebow: 5 reasons football fans are baffled

After winning the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, the Denver Broncos ship the newly redundant Tebow to the Big Apple. But what does New York want with him?

The NFL : The List
Peyton Manning is close to signing with the Denver Broncos, which could easily make the team a Super Bowl contender.

Peyton Manning chooses the Denver Broncos: 5 talking points

The future Hall of Famer is reportedly in final negotiations for a five-year contract in the Mile High City. What about poor Tim Tebow?

The NFL : The List
The Indianapolis Colts are giving up on Peyton Manning, gambling on a rookie QB instead of sticking with the injury-plagued, four-time MVP.

Where Peyton Manning will play next: 5 likely contenders

The four-time MVP is parting ways with the Indianapolis Colts. Will he wind up in Miami, New York, or somewhere else?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams allegedly orchestrated a bounty scheme that paid players $1,000 for injuring an opponent so badly that he had to be carted off the field.

The NFL's 'pay for pain' scandal: The fallout

On four NFL teams, defensive players were reportedly paid cash bonuses for deliberately injuring their opponents. How harsh should the punishment be?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Randy Moss, who caught an NFL-record 23 touchdown passes for the New England Patriots in 2007, wants to return to the league after sitting out last season.

Can Randy Moss make an NFL comeback?

The former star receiver resigned from the league after an atrocious 2010 season. Now, he wants to mount a triumphant return

The NFL : Opinion Brief
With two Super Bowl titles under his belt, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning is arguably a better clutch player than his legendary big brother Peyton.

Eli Manning: A better QB than big brother Peyton?

After leading the New York Giants to a second Super Bowl victory in four years, Eli now beats Peyton in a key statistic: Championships

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Tom Brady chats with wife Gisele Bundchen after losing to the New York Giants in Sunday's Super Bowl: The supermodel was caught on video criticizing Brady's teammates for dropping passes.

Gisele's Super Bowl 'rant': Is she a 'sore loser'?

Mrs. Tom Brady lambasts her superstar husband's butter-fingered teammates in the aftermath of the Patriots' epic Super Bowl loss to the Giants

The NFL : Best Video
Canines were prominent in this year's Super Bowl ads, but for many critics, Skechers' Mr. Quiggly proved to be top dog.

The 6 best Super Bowl commercials: A video roundup

Did your friends talk over all the good commercials during Sunday's big game? Catch up on the top ads that have fans and critics buzzing

The NFL : Forecast
Who has the edge to win the Vince Lombardi Trophy? The New England Patriots may have revenge on their minds, but the Giants have momentum, say pundits.

Pundits predict: Who will win the Super Bowl?

As the Patriots and Giants gear up for a rematch of 2008's dramatic championship, sportswriters place their bets for Sunday's contest

The NFL : Instant Guide
Glam Rocker Gary Glitter, pictured in his heyday: In 2006, the former pop star was convicted of child molestation, leading the NFL to ban his anthemic hit, "Rock and Roll Part II," from being played at games.

The child molesting glam rocker who almost profited from the Super Bowl

The Patriots were allegedly planning to pay sex offender Gary Glitter royalties every time they scored a touchdown and played his song. Then a backlash erupted...

The NFL : The List
In one Super Bowl commercial Jerry Seinfeld tries to woo the first Acura NSX from another customer with a series of ridiculous offers.

The 5 buzziest Super Bowl commercials (so far)

After Honda's Ferris Bueller-inspired commercial found viral goodwill, a slew of companies preview their ads online several days before Sunday's big game

The NFL : Slideshow
8 most controversial Super Bowl halftime shows

8 controversial Super Bowl halftime shows

As the button-pushing Madonna preps for this year's big game, a look back at the many scandals and surprises of past halftime shows

The NFL : By the numbers
A Super Bowl spread: Americans will eat approximately 1.25 billion chicken wings during Sunday's big game.

America's Super Bowl feast: By the numbers

Link up all the chicken wings that Americans will consume on Sunday, and the poultry chain would circle the Earth — twice

The NFL : Petty Controversy
President Obama (incorrectly) picked the New England Patriots over the New York Giants in the 2008 Super Bowl, but won't offer a forecast for this Sunday's rematch.

Petty controversy: Obama refuses to make a Super Bowl pick!

The president bums out sports fans by shirking his duties as prognosticator-in-chief for this year's Giants-Patriots showdown

The NFL : Analysis
In the 2008 Super Bowl, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady saw his perfect season spoiled by New York Giants QB Eli Manning: On Feb. 5, they'll get a rematch.

Patriots vs. Giants: The 'perfect' Super Bowl rematch?

Tom Brady is itching for revenge four years after Eli Manning beat him in a dramatic championship game. Here, 4 reasons to tune in for the rematch

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