The NFL : Best Video
According to some critics, Steven Tyler's National Anthem performance Sunday could have easily been performed by diseased alley cats.

Did Steven Tyler 'butcher' the National Anthem?

The Aerosmith legend's screechy, pitchy rendition of the song before Sunday's AFC Championship is being branded one of the worst ever

The NFL : Fact Sheet
With a single, controversial tweet, actor Rob Lowe may have reported the biggest NFL scoop in years.

Did Rob Lowe really leak Peyton Manning's retirement?

The Parks and Recreation star claims to hear from his "people" that the NFL star is quitting, igniting a media firestorm and a panicked hunt for the truth

The NFL : By the numbers
This Volkswagen Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial went on to garner 48 million views on YouTube and earn an estimated $100 million in publicity, justifying its multimillion-dollar price tag.

The rising cost of Super Bowl commercials: By the numbers

Dozens of companies have shelled out a record $3.5 million each for 30-second ad spots during the upcoming big game. Is that actually a bargain?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees celebrates after throwing a nine-yard touchdown pass and breaking the single-season passing record formerly held by Dan Marino.

Drew Brees' new NFL passing record: A 'classless' move?

The New Orleans Saints quarterback broke Dan Marino's record for the most passing yards in a season — but not without stirring up controversy

The NFL : Instant Guide
Forget TV: On Feb. 5, 2012, for the first time ever, football fans will be able to watch a livestream of the Super Bowl on their computers.

Streaming the Super Bowl: The future of football?

The NFL announces that NBC's broadcast of February's big game will be complemented by a livestream on the web

The NFL : Analysis
From his miraculous wins to his evangelical faith, Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is an anomaly in the NFL, and a source of constant consternation for football purists.

4 ways of looking at Tim Tebow

The Denver Broncos' unlikely star keeps leading his team to win after win, trumpeting his Christian faith along the way. What should we make of his piety?

The NFL : Essay
As part of the NFL's crackdown on dangerous hits, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison was fined $75,000 for an October 2010 hit on a Cleveland Browns wide receiver.

The NFL's human sacrifice

Despite rising concern about brain damage, says Paul Solotaroff, linebacker James Harrison hits hard and high

The NFL : By the numbers
Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning had started 227 consecutive games before being sidelined with a neck injury this week.

The end of Peyton Manning's consecutive game streak: By the numbers

Sidelined by neck surgery, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback won't start this week's season opener — the first game he's missed since 1998

The NFL : Opinion Brief
The San Francisco 49ers mascot revs up the crowd during Saturday's game against the Oakland Raiders: After fan violence at the game, the 49ers pulled out of future preseason matchups with their Bay Area rivals.

49ers vs. Raiders: Should fan violence cancel the annual game?

The traditional summer exhibition between the two Bay Area squads is discontinued following shootings at this year's gridiron battle

The NFL : Forecast
Los Angeles hasn't had a football team in 16 years, but now a planned $1.2 billion stadium could change that.

Los Angeles' $1.2 billion stadium deal: Is football returning to L.A.?

After 16 years, La La Land may finally be ready for some football. All it needs now is a team

The NFL : Winners and Losers
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers celebrates a touchdown pass: NFL players may celebrate even more as the league's four-month lockout comes to an end.

The NFL's labor deal: Winners and losers

Football's players and owners come to terms on a 10-year collective bargaining agreement that saves the imperiled 2011 season

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Former New York Giant Plaxico Burress leaves a New York state prison Monday, after a 20-month stint for carrying a loaded gun in a Manhattan nightclub.

Does ex-convict Plaxico Burress have a future in the NFL?

The former star wide receiver is looking for work, after 20 months in the slammer. His agent insists Burress is a "top free agent," but will any teams agree?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis, pictured during a 2010 game, says if the NFL lockout short-circuits the season, fans may indulge in criminal behavior.

Will an NFL lockout really cause a crime wave?

All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis tells ESPN that a work stoppage will devastate fans... and even encourage them to commit crimes

The NFL : Opinion Brief
"Madden NFL 12" has worked in a concussion teaching tool, whereby virtual players who are hit violently during a play will be forced to sit out the rest of the game.

Can an NFL video game teach kids about concussions?

In the latest version of "Madden NFL," football players who take one violent hit too many will be benched... just like in real life

The NFL : Opinion Brief
DeMaurice Smith, director of the now-decertified NFL players union, speaks to reporters after negotiations broke down over the weekend, leaving the 2011 season in jeopardy.

NFL lockout: Who's to blame for 'football Armageddon'?

Contract talks are kaput. The 2011 season is in jeopardy. Is this the players' fault, or the owners'?

The NFL : Instant Guide
NFL owners, including Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, battle with the players union over the league's $9 billion annual revenue. Next year's season hangs in the balance.

The looming NFL lockout: What you need to know

As a collective-bargaining deadline draws closer, fans worry that their beloved sport is on the brink of a season-threatening work stoppage

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