The NFL : Controversy
Former Chicago Bears player Dave Duerson purposefully shot himself in the chest so his brain could be examined for the effects of a lifetime of tackling injuries.

Dave Duerson and the NFL concussion crisis

A former player's dramatic suicide again raises the spectre of the link between brain damage and football

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers celebrates a Super Bowl win Sunday -- as a labor dispute looms between NFL players and owners.

Super Bowl XLV: The last NFL game until 2012?

The Green Bay Packers won the big game, but with a nasty labor dispute looming, will it be the last NFL contest for the foreseeable future?

The NFL : The List
Chrysler scored an enviable amount of Super Bowl ad buzz with its "This is the Motor City" spot starring Detroit rapper Eminem.

5 Super Bowl ads everyone is talking about

From a Chrysler hit to a Groupon misfire, these commercials proved their power to trigger discussion — even after the game was over

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Which was worse, ask critics: Christina Aguilera's mangled National Anthem or the Black Eyed Peas halftime performance?

Christina Aguilera's Super Bowl national-anthem fumble

The aggressively soulful singer messed up the lyrics to "The Star-Spangled Banner." Epic blunder or no big deal?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
The Black Eye Peas' party-anthem repertoire seemed to make them a perfect fit for the Super Bowl half-time show, but some critics say the band fell flat.

The Black Eyed Peas: Worst halftime show ever?

The hip-hop-dance-pop fusion foursome gave a "surprisingly stale" halftime show at last night's Super Bowl, leaving many viewers aghast. Where was the love?

The NFL : The List
In the Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial, a mini Darth Vader finds he has the power to turn the car on (sort of).

5 don't-miss Super Bowl ads

What to look for in the commercial breaks during this Sunday's NFL championship game

The NFL : Opinion Brief
The game between Pittsburgh and Green Bay has spurred a battle of beats and rhymes between Steelers fan Wiz Khalifa (left) and Packers fan Lil Wayne (right).

The Super Bowl song faceoff: Lil' Wayne vs. Wiz Khalifa

"Black and Yellow" or "Green and Yellow"? Never mind the Packers-Steelers game on Sunday — which team's rap anthem comes out on top?

The NFL : Fact Sheet
Dallas was hit with a freak winter storm this week, canceling pre-game events and forcing game-day revelers indoors.

Child prostitution busts and 4 other Super Bowl controversies

In the run-up to the Super Bowl, here's what people are talking about (other than the game, of course)

The NFL : Instant Guide
A new study suggests that a particularly tense game can leave fans more vulnerable to cardiac arrest.

Can rooting for the losing Super Bowl team kill you?

A new study suggests that a painful loss on Super Bowl Sunday may be (very) bad for your health

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Chicago-area car salesman John Stone said he wore the tie to honor his grandmother, who was a fan of the Green Bay Packers, and had no intention of offending Chicago Bears supporters.

The Green Bay Packers tie that cost a Chicago man his job

A car dealer was fired for proudly supporting the wrong football team. Was his dismissal justified?

The NFL : Best Column
Seattle tight end John Carlson was carted off the field Sunday after catching a pass, going airborne and hitting the sidelines with his helmet.

Violence in football: 'Animalistic' but necessary

The NFL is trying to shy away from its vicious nature, writes Buzz Bissinger in The Daily Beast. But unbridled brutality is precisely what makes the game so riveting

The NFL : Opinion Brief
The fan-created Doritos ad did not make it to the final round of a Super Bowl commercial contest.

Is the Doritos Super Bowl ad blasphemous?

A spot created for on online contest gently skewers Catholicism—and is causing a stir even though it will never air on TV

The NFL : Opinion Brief
The three-time MVP was fined $50,000 just days before what could be the final game of his career.

Was the NFL tough enough with Brett Favre?

The star quarterback was slapped with a $50,000 fine, but no suspension, for his role in a sexting scandal. Did he get off too easy?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
"So many people who serve time never get a fair chance," Obama reportedly said in a phone conversation with Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie.

Obama's Michael Vick call: Fumble?

President Obama thanked the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles for giving the ex-con quarterback a second chance. Should he have?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Michael Vick in action against the Washington Redskins

Is Michael Vick the NFL's best player?

Vick, who has seemingly transcended his troubled past, has commentators asking whether his breathtaking play is enough to earn him an MVP award

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Without devastating hits, can it still be football?

NFL's concussions ruling: The backlash

The NFL is cracking down on violent hits. But will the league's attempt to protect players rob the game of its aggressive allure?

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