The NFL : Opinion Brief
Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson is laid out by Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson in Sunday's game. Both players suffered concussions.

Is the NFL right to ban 'devastating' hits?

Amid rising alarm over brain injuries, the league will start suspending players who deal out bone-crunching shots — even legal ones. Does that make sense?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
So far, Wrangler is standing by its controversial pitchman, Brett Favre.

Should Wrangler drop Brett Favre?

With the quarterback embroiled in a sexting scandal, some commentators predict that his jeans endorsement deal will come apart at the seams

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre answers questions from the media during a press conference October 7. Favre is under fire for allegedly sending racy photos via text message.

Brett Favre's sexting scandal

The NFL wants to know whether the legendary quarterback harassed women on the job. Will this finally force him out of football?

The NFL : The List
New research suggests concussions are commonplace in football at all levels -- and can have lifelong effects

5 ways to make football safer

Concussions and brain injuries are a disturbingly common part of the game. How can we change that?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Following his release from federal prison, Vick joined the Philadelphia Eagles.

Should we forgive Michael Vick?

Sixteen months after being released from prison for dogfighting, quarterback Michael Vick is lighting up the NFL and winning over new fans in Philadelphia. Is it time to move on?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Should Favre call it quits?

Is Brett Favre finally retiring?

Rumors are flying that the Minnesota Vikings quarterback is throwing in the towel after 19 years. Well, is he?

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Is New York too cold to host the Super Bowl?

A New York Super Bowl: Bad play?

New York will be hosting the first Super Bowl held outside in a northerly climate in February, 2014 — whether fans warm up to the idea or not

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Superbowl ads are a vital part of the game.

Super Bowl ads: Better off banned?

Why gay dating site ManCrunch may be the biggest winner on Super Bowl Sunday — even though CBS won't be running its ad

The NFL : The List
Is it time for the Redskins to get a new name?

19 non-racist names for the Washington Redskins

Some say the controversy-plagued football team could use a new, more PC name

The NFL : Opinion Brief
Is it time to get rid of the NFL?

Ban the NFL?

With new evidence that football causes brain injuries, Congress is asking tough questions

The NFL : In-depth briefing
Football injuries: Players have more to lose than a game

Football's wounded gladiators

A new study found that concussions put NFL players at far greater risk of permanent brain damage. Don’t players care?

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