Avatar : Opinion Brief
A Na'vi from "Avatar"

The 'bizarre' 'Avatar'-themed wedding

Chinese officials are selling Na'vi-themed weddings in the beautiful forests that inspired the film "Avatar." So why are some critics blue?

Avatar : Instant Guide
Avatars will take to the deep sea for the anticipated sequel.

The 'Avatar' sequels: An instant guide

James Cameron is taking his cameras underwater for two sequels to his sci-fi juggernaut, and filming could start as early as next year

Avatar : Opinion Brief
A screenshot from the Avatar XXX porn film.

The 'Avatar' porn 'parody': 3D's next frontier?

Critics question whether Hustler's upcoming "Avatar"-themed 3D adult film will satisfy anyone

Avatar : Opinion Brief
The Na'vi aliens of Avatar - "totally racist"?

Why 'Avatar' lost: 5 theories

Is Avatar too anti-American? Too computer-generated? Inside the biggest Oscars' upset in years

Avatar : World Reactions
James Cameron may not find as many fans in China.

Why 'Avatar' makes China anxious

Avatar : Opinion Brief
Could "Avatar" spur depression?

'Avatar' depression syndrome?

People are reporting 'suicidal' feelings after seeing 'Avatar' because they miss the beauty of its hyper-realistic world

Avatar : Opinion Brief
What do Conservatives have against "Avatar"?

Conservatives vs. 'Avatar'

Why do right-wingers hate the most popular movie in years?

Avatar : The List
"Avatar": A blue-tinted rehash of "Pocahontas"?

Top 4 'Avatar'-'Pocahontas' mash-up videos

Is "Avatar" just a thinly disguised remake of Disney's "Pocahontas"? Yes, say grassroots critics — and they've created videos to prove it

Avatar : Opinion Brief
Is "Avatar" racist?

Avatar's 'ugly' message

The $500 million epic is setting the box office alight — but does it traffic in racist stereotypes?

Avatar : Opinion Brief
"Avatar" premiered - what are critics saying?

'Avatar' world premiere: First reviews

The blockbuster is out in some locations. What are critics saying?

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