The 'Glee' Phenomenon

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Burning Question
"Baby Got Back": The goopy, Glee-ified version.

Did Glee rip off Jonathan Coulton's 'Baby Got Back' cover?

The show's saccharine version of Sir Mix-A-Lot's hit sounds awfully familiar. And Coulton is fighting back

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Burning Question
In Glee's fourth season premiere, Rachel has moved on from Ohio's McKinley High and into the Big Apple, forcing the show's writers to navigate a tricky split storyline.

Glee's season premiere: Is the show back on track?

After a third season that repulsed critics and lost millions of viewers, Glee tries to woo back exasperated fans with a cast shake-up and a split storyline

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Timeline
A scene from the 2009 pilot for "Glee": The show's unlikely success led to a string of proposed series centered around singing maids, singing mothers, and other vocal creatures.

The ill-fated search for the next Glee: A timeline

Ever since those final notes of "Don't Stop Believing" in the Glee pilot, rival networks have tried repeatedly to replicate the show's success. Most have failed

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
"Glee" honored Whitney Houston by packing its hour-long episode with renditions of the singer's most iconic songs, including "I Wanna Dance With Somebody."

Did Glee do Whitney Houston's songs justice?

The Fox musical series honored the late music icon by tackling her notoriously hard-to-sing hits, including "How Will I Know" and "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Slideshow
8 Glee controversies: A slideshow

8 Glee controversies: A slideshow

The show's positive portrayal of a transgender character — the latest in a long string of button-pushing plots — is drawing the ire of Bill O'Reilly

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Analysis
The "Glee" Michael Jackson tribute divided critics to an almost unprecedented degree.

Glee's Michael Jackson tribute: 'Unbelievably awful'?

New Directions pays homage to the King of Pop, and critics seize the opportunity to quote one of the episode's many Jackson songs: It was "Bad"

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Characters Blaine and Rachel get busy for the first time with their respective boyfriends in the popular show's controversial sex episode.

Glee's 'touching' sex episode

Two teen couples — one of them gay — lose their virginity on the hit Fox series. Was it as controversial as advance hype led us to believe?

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Heather Morris (center) delivers a "rousing" performance of Beyonce's "Run the World (Girls)" in Tuesday's episode of "Glee," which some critics are touting as the series' best.

'Asian F': Glee's 'best episode ever'?

A poignant, but still hilarious, outing may redeem the show to fans who bemoaned the series' dip in quality last season

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
The third seasons of "Glee" started off with a bang Tuesday night, earning mostly rave reviews.

The 'fantastic' Glee premiere: Is the show back on track?

A witty, energetic, and focused kick-off to season three encourages critics who'd lamented that the hit Fox series had lost its mojo

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
Samuel Larson and Damian McGinty were shocked to find they had both won seven-episode roles on the Fox hit "Glee."

Will The Glee Project winners revive Glee?

As Gleeks fret over the looming departure of their favorite characters, a reality series crowns new singers who will join Glee next season

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Controversy
"Glee: The 3D Concert," a filmed version of the FOX series' live concert tour, features a cameo by a certain Oscar-winning star.

Glee's 'opportunist' 3D concert movie

Is "Don't Stop Believing" on the big screen just a shameless ploy to mine the series' rabid fanbase for some extra cash?

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Instant Guide
At least three main characters on "Glee" will be graduating at the end of next season... but that doesn't mean they'll leave the show.

The frustrating Glee graduation saga

Gleeks are grappling with uncertainty over whether their favorite actors will be written off the show. What are fans supposed to believe?

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
"Glee" creators have decided to graduate some of the hit show's most popular characters, most of whom finished off the last season at their junior year prom.

Glee's 'bold' decision to graduate its stars

The musical comedy's most popular characters will soon don caps and gowns, marching into the real world and off the show. Can Glee survive without them?

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Best Column
Chris Colfer, who plays gay high-school student Kurt on Glee, is arguably the show's most engrossing character.

'Born This Way' on 'Glee': 'Best' episode yet

Tuesday's 90-minute Gaga-themed episode was the show's best ever, thanks to the "genius" of the actor who plays the gay student Kurt, says Matt Zoller Seitz at Salon

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Fact Sheet
Will "The Prickly Spheres" be more convincingly gritty that the "Glee" girls' recent attempt to rock out?

The new rock version of 'Glee'

The CW Network is developing a harder-edged competitor to the massively popular Fox show. Will imitation breed success?

The 'Glee' Phenomenon : Opinion Brief
"Glee" creators have been purposefully vague about the ages of their "teen" characters.

Should the 'Glee' kids graduate?

High school typically lasts just four years... except on television. How will Fox's musical hit deal with a cast that can't stay forever young?

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