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Europe's Economic Crisis

Europe's Economic Crisis : Analysis
Silvio Berlusconi: The once and future prime minister?

The return of Silvio Berlusconi: Is the euro in trouble again?

Mr. "Bunga Bunga" is back

Europe's Economic Crisis : Opinion Brief
An anti-austerity protest in Madrid on Sept. 28: Across Spain, tens of thousands of people have demonstrated, often clashing with police.

Can Spain survive tough new austerity measures?

Spain is proceeding with painful spending cuts and tax hikes that could deepen the country's economic woes — but may be necessary to score loans from Europe

Europe's Economic Crisis : Fact Sheet
Nostalgic Germans appreciate the fact that deutsche marks feature specifically German imagery, such as the Brothers Grimm (not shown).

Why are Germans still using the deutsche mark?

Officially, Europe's economic powerhouse uses the euro. But there are still billions upon billions of deutsche marks being traded all around Germany

Europe's Economic Crisis : Instant Guide
Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, announced that his bank was slashing interest rates from 1 percent to 0.75 percent, the lowest level in the ECB's 14-year history.

Global rate cuts: Are central banks bracing for economic calamity?

Europe and China slash interest rates, and Britain says it will essentially print money — raising fears that the world's top bankers are entering "panic mode"

Europe's Economic Crisis : Opinion Brief
European leaders agreed to a $622 billion bailout last week, with the caveat from Germany that some kind of central regulatory authority be established.

The latest euro rescue plan: Crisis averted?

European leaders achieve a major breakthrough in tackling the continent's debt crisis, but as always, longterm concerns linger

Europe's Economic Crisis : Forecast
The euro symbol is reflected in a puddle in front of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany: Eurozone leaders meet in Brussels Thursday to decide the monetary system's fate.

This week's EU summit: The last chance to save the euro?

With Spain's borrowing costs skyrocketing and Cyprus begging for billions in aid, Europe's leaders find themselves with their backs against the wall

Europe's Economic Crisis : Opinion Brief
Newly appointed Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras attends the first cabinet meeting of the country's new government, which is expected to ask Europe to ease up on harsh austerity demands.

Should Germany reward Greece for forming a government?

Greek voters elect to remain in the eurozone — despite the economic pain the country has suffered — prompting calls for the EU to cut Greece some slack

Europe's Economic Crisis : Opinion Brief
European Union Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso implied this week that America's financial excesses contaminated the EU's economy.

Did the U.S. cause the European debt crisis?

A top European leader implies that American banks are responsible for the euro's current woes, reflecting deep divisions among the world's leading economies

Europe's Economic Crisis : Forecast
Greek's New Democracy party, headed by Antonis Samaras, is expected to try and renegotiate the terms of its bailout with Germany.

Greece averts disaster: What's next for the eurozone?

Voters in Greece give markets a brief reprieve from their daily diet of panic, but the European debt crisis isn't even close to being over

Europe's Economic Crisis : The List
New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras waves to his supporters last Friday: His pro-austerity party narrowly won Greece's election Sunday.

Greece's pro-austerity election results: 4 takeaways

Greek voters narrowly back an establishment party that pledges to adhere to EU demands and keep Greece as part of Europe's single currency. What happens next?

Europe's Economic Crisis : Burning Question
Spain's Finance Minister Cristobol Montoro reacts during a session of parliament Wednesday: The struggling country reached a new low this week when interest costs on Spanish bonds hit seven percent.

Spain's skyrocketing borrowing costs: 4 burning questions

Has the debt-saddled country reached the point of no return? Can Europe even afford another bailout? Read on...

Europe's Economic Crisis : Opinion Brief
Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti leads a country whose economy, the third-largest in Europe, is burdened by the continent's second-highest debt-to-GDP ratio.

The euro crisis: Is Italy the next domino to fall?

With a $125 billion bank bailout for Spain doing little to calm jittery nerves, new fears surface over the debt-burdened economy in Mario Monti's Italy

Europe's Economic Crisis : Opinion Brief
A woman protests Spain's bank bailout, which may only be a Band-Aid for the continent's fourth-largest economy.

Spain's bank bailout: Just kicking the crisis down the road?

Europe agrees to provide Spain's crippled banks with $125 billion in aid, averting a collapse of the euro currency bloc — for now

Europe's Economic Crisis : Analysis
President Obama and the Group of Eight grapple with the eurozone crisis at Camp David: A breakup of the euro could undermine both the U.S. recovery and Obama's reelection chances.

Is the U.S. insulated from the European debt crisis?

Conventional wisdom says a breakup of the euro would devastate the U.S. economy. But, arguably, America could weather the storm

Europe's Economic Crisis : Opinion Brief
Business magnate George Soros continues to sound the alarm over the eurozone crisis, saying the result will be an EU entirely dependent upon Germany.

Will the euro crisis lead to a 'German empire'?

Billionaire investor George Soros says it's in Germany's economic interest to keep the euro — but it might come at a steep cost to everyone else

Europe's Economic Crisis : Opinion Brief
A Banco Santander branch in Madrid: It might cost nearly 500 billion euros to rescue Spain, nearly wiping out Europe's new 700 billion euro bailout fund.

Should Europe bail out Spain's banks?

Spain has eclipsed Greece as the epicenter of the continent's financial crisis, and its beleaguered banking sector is weighing down the global economy

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