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Arizona's Immigration Law

Arizona's Immigration Law : Opinion Brief
President Obama's campaign may face back-to-back setbacks when the Supreme Court decides on ObamaCare and Arizona's immigration law this June.

Arizona's immigration law: A Supreme Court disaster for Obama?

The high court appears ready to uphold parts of a controversial law that the president opposes, which could be a major setback for his re-election campaign

Arizona's Immigration Law : Instant Guide
Protesters opposed to Arizona's controversial Immigration law hold hands during a vigil held at the state Capitol ahead of the Supreme Court's hearing this week.

Will the Supreme Court overturn Arizona's tough immigration law?

The high court is back in the national spotlight, taking on an illegal immigration case that will likely be just as divisive as the fight over ObamaCare

Arizona's Immigration Law : Burning Question
Immigration will be front and center during President Obama's re-election campaign, with the Supreme Court set to rule on Arizona's controversial crackdown by June 2012.

The Supreme Court takes on Arizona's immigration law: Bad for Obama?

Team Obama was hoping the high court would put the controversial issue on the back burner as the 2012 election heats up. No dice

Arizona's Immigration Law : Best Video
If ABC's show "Primetime: What Would You Do?" is any measure, at least some Arizona residents frown on racial profiling.

Do Arizonans secretly oppose the state's immigration law?

A hidden-camera TV show reveals ordinary citizens taking a stand against racial profiling. What does this say about Arizonans' immigration beliefs?

Arizona's Immigration Law : Opinion Brief
Joe Arapio.

Did Mexican drug lords really put a bounty on Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

Arizona's "toughest sheriff" says Mexican drug cartels are offering $1 million for his murder. Is this a PR-stunt or proof that his hard-line tactics work?

Arizona's Immigration Law : Forecast
Which state will take on the immigration debate next?

Immigration: Which state is the next Arizona?

While Arizona is fighting to enact all parts of its controversial immigration law, several other states are looking at similar measures...

Arizona's Immigration Law : Best Column
Arizona conservatives sing the national anthem at a rally against illegal immigration in Phoenix, Arizona.

What happened to Arizona's tolerance?

Arizona's leaders once sympathized with illegal immigrants, say Anna Gorman and Nicholas Riccardi in the Los Angeles Times. A lot has changed in the last six years

Arizona's Immigration Law : Opinion Brief
A barbed wire fence marks the border of the United States and Mexico near Sasabe, Arizona.

Arizona's immigration law: Is it dead?

A judge blocks controversial parts of Arizona's immigration crackdown a day before they were to take effect — but some commentators say the fight has just begun

Arizona's Immigration Law : Opinion Brief
Some say Arizona's controversial immigration law is already working.

Is Arizona's immigration law already a success?

Illegal immigrants are reportedly rushing to get out of Arizona before the state's tough new law takes effect. Proof of concept, say supporters

Arizona's Immigration Law : Opinion Brief
Jason "J.T." Ready.

Neo-Nazis at the Mexican border

As if Arizona's new immigration law weren't controversial enough, heavily armed white supremacists have decided to help "secure the border"

Arizona's Immigration Law : Opinion Brief
Barack Obama.

Is Obama's Arizona suit 'toxic' for Dems?

Some Democratic governors think the White House's battle over Arizona's immigration law will cripple the party in this fall's midterm elections

Arizona's Immigration Law : Opinion Brief
Eric Holder.

Feds vs. AZ: Is a second lawsuit coming?

Attorney General Eric Holder says the federal government might file a second lawsuit to block Arizona's tough immigration law. Would that be overkill?

Arizona's Immigration Law : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Was the U.S. government right to sue Arizona?

Arizona vs. Obama: Who's in the right?

The federal government's lawsuit against Arizona's immigration law has passions high on all sides. Was suing the state the best way to handle the controversial law?

Arizona's Immigration Law : Opinion Brief
Should the legality of Arizona's immigration law be decided in a federal court?

Is suing Arizona the right call?

The Justice Department's lawsuit has stirred up already strong feelings about Arizona's immigration law. Was there a better way?

Arizona's Immigration Law : The Bullpen
Will Wilkinson

Will Wilkinson: Arizona's latest immigration idea makes sense

It's xenophobic and unconstitutional, but Arizona's effort to deny citizenship to the American-born children of illegal immigrants is actually a good idea — for immigrants and natives.

Arizona's Immigration Law : Opinion Brief
Obama told the nation yesterday that he wanted a nationwide immigration bill. Is that possible?

Obama vs. Arizona's 'ill-conceived' immigration law

The president wants immigration reform, and says Arizona has taken a step in the wrong direction. Is the state's new law really "ill-conceived" and "unenforceable"?

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