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Some of the biggest web companies, including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and eBay, have formally launched a new lobbying group, the Internet Association.

Google and Facebook's new lobbying group: A force for good?

The two companies join an All-Star team of tech giants to throw their collective weight around in D.C. — which could be a boon for internet freedom

Google's World : Forecast
Google co-founder Sergey Brin and fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg, both wearing Google's new computerized glasses, appear together at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 9.

Can supermodels make Google glasses cool?

The tech giant teams up with revered designer Diane von Furstenberg to try and take the geek out of geek-chic

Google's World : Fact Sheet
Google will reportedly pay $23 million for the Frommer's brand of travel guides, a small acquisition that may point to a larger push into the travel business.

Does Google want to plan your vacations?

The search giant's purchase of Frommer's travel guide has people guessing about Google's future plans. Google Travel, anyone?

Google's World : Controversy
Thanks to a loophole, Google-owned YouTube won't be included in the search giant's new search overhaul that will bury piracy sites within its results.

Google's controversial plan to fight piracy — except on YouTube

The tech giant wants to curb the sharing of illegal content online by burying infringing sites in its search rankings, but leaving piracy-riddled YouTube alone

Google's World : Burning Question
Soon, googling "flowers" could turn up related emails culled from your gmail account, as Google attempts to personalize the search function.

Should Google include your own Gmails in search results?

In a dubious bid to make it easier for you to find the info you need, Google Search will soon mix relevant emails you've written or received in with your results

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google has improved its digital wallet by aligning it with all major credit cards and upping the security features so customers can disable Google Wallet if they lose their phone.

Will Google Wallet take off now that it works with all credit cards?

Starting this week, many Android owners can use their smartphones to pay via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover — while leaving the plastic at home

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The search giant will roll out Google Fiber, which will have an amazingly high speed of 1,000 megabytes per second — three times faster than Verizon FiOS.

Google Fiber: Can the search giant conquer the cable TV business?

Google officially enters the broadband market with superfast connection speeds, next-generation hardware, cable TV subscriptions, and competitive prices

Google's World : Forecast
Google represents at the 2010 San Francisco Pride parade: The tech giant is taking its gay rights campaign worldwide with "Legalize Love" pushes in Singapore and Poland.

Can Google get foreign countries to embrace gay rights?

The internet giant is launching a global "Legalize Love" campaign for gay rights, but skeptics wonder if Singapore and Poland are really the best places to start

Google's World : Analysis
Google's first tablet, the Nexus 7, is one of the cheapest on the market, and critics say it still feels high-end despite the bargain price.

Google's Nexus 7 tablet: A better deal than the Kindle Fire?

The tablet wars heat up as the search giant leaps into the hardware business with an impressive machine that costs just $200

Google's World : Forecast
A Google employee wears a pair of Google Glass specs during the company's Developers Conference on June 27: The high-tech glasses are expected to hit the market in 2014.

Google Glass: Will normal people really wear computerized specs?

The search giant wants us all to start walking around with a little computer strapped to our faces. It remains to be seen whether consumers will comply

Google's World : The List
Google's Hugo Barra talks about the company's new Android operating system, Jelly Bean, which comes equipped with a Siri-like voice command helper.

4 things you should know about Android 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google unveils big improvements for the next iteration of its mobile OS, highlighted by robust new voice commands that outduel Apple's Siri

Google's World : The List
An attendee of Google's Developers Conference uses the new Nexus 7 tablet, which is expected to retail for $199.

Google's 'first-class' Nexus 7 tablet: 4 takeaways

Come mid-July, consumers will be able to buy the $200 gadget that runs on the powerful new operating system Jelly Bean, raising the bar for Android slabs

Google's World : Burning Question
Stamford computer scientist and lead Google researcher Andrew Y. Ng poses with a computer that learned to identify images of cats all by itself.

Did Google just give birth to artificial intelligence?

The search giant unveils a frighteningly smart computer capable of teaching itself how to identify objects. The first thing it trains itself to look for? Cats

Google's World : Instant Guide
The Endangered Languages website provides maps — like this one of Western Europe and northern Africa — that show the number of endangered languages around the world.

Google's next mission: Save dying languages

Obscure tongues like Arogonese and Navajo are just a few generations away from disappearing. Enter Google, which aims to preserve them digitally

Google's World : Fact Sheet
A 3D map of San Francisco: By year's end, Google plans to create 3D maps of the communities of hundreds of millions of people.

Google's new 3D maps: 4 talking points

Google Maps will boast buzzy new features: Offline access and stunning 3D renderings of cityscapes. But is Apple about to boot it from your iPhone?

Google's World : Analysis
The updated Chromebooks get an assist from new Google services such as Google Drive, which serves as the browser-only laptops' main file system.

Google's 'polished' new Chromebooks: 4 key improvements

The search giant introduces two new machines to its line of ultra-minimal computers, and critics like what they're seeing

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