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Google's World : Instant Guide
Google's revised results page includes a column on the right that puts your search for, say, physicist Marie Curie, in context with additional data points.

Google's overhaul: A more human-like search?

The search giant is rolling out sweeping new changes with its Knowledge Graph, which aims to deliver more intelligent answers to your queries

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google Drive is a virtual storage space where you can stash images, videos, and documents and access them on multiple devices.

Google Drive: A slick Dropbox killer?

The search giant throws its hat into the cloud storage-services ring, giving users 5 gigs of free space and providing an integrated experience with other Google apps

Google's World : Instant Guide
According to a new study, many women experiencing embarrassing medical symptoms prefer Dr. Google to an actual flesh-and-blood doctor.

Dangerous trend alert: Self-diagnosing illnesses with Google

According to a worrying new study, one in four women misdiagnoses herself by plugging her symptoms into a search engine

Google's World : Instant Guide
Google will use its Android software, which powers other devices like the Motorola Xoom, in its very own tablet that will likely debut in July.

The official Google tablet: 4 things we know

The search giant's in-house Android device will likely be free of issues that plague non-Google Android tablets, but will it be more like the iPad or the Kindle Fire?

Google's World : Best Video
Google's futuristic wraparound specs promise to put information right in front of your eyes. All you need to do is ask.

Project Glass: Google's 'terribly cool' augmented-reality glasses

Imagine having directions and calendar reminders beamed directly in front of your eyeballs. Google's Star Trek-inspired frames promise to do just that

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Steve Mahan, who is 95 percent blind, gets behind the wheel of one of Google's experimental self-driving cars.

The 'awesome' self-piloted cars that allow the blind to drive

Google's self-driving car takes a man lacking 95 percent of his vision out for a spin. Is this the future of transportation?

Google's World : Instant Guide
Google is set to debut its own Dropbox-like online storage system called Google Drive, offering users 1 GB of free "cloud" space.

Google Drive: A guide to the search giant's free storage service

The debut of the long-awaited challenger to Dropbox, the leading "cloud" provider, might be a few weeks away. But will people actually use Google's new storage system?

Google's World : Burning Question
Thanks to a new patent, one day, Google may be able to take the background noise during your seaside phone call and serve up ads for nearby beach rentals.

Google's eavesdropping technology: Going too far to sell ads?

The search giant snags a patent that might let Larry Page and Co. listen in on your future phone calls

Google's World : Analysis
Thanks to Google's push into "semantic search," a "Lake Tahoe" query might soon return information on the city's temperature, altitude, and population, not just the map and visitor bureau links that currently show up at the top of the search results.

Google's 'dramatic' search overhaul: How it affects you

The world's dominant search engine is going to try to actually answer your questions, not just serve you pages upon pages of blue links

Google's World : Instant Guide
Using Google Earth, Saroo Brierley identified the Indian town he grew up in, though he inadvertently left it behind when he was only 5.

The man who used Google Earth to find his long-lost family

Saroo Brierley was only 5 when a train zoomed him hundreds of miles from home. It took 25 years and a technological revolution for him to get back

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google Play sells all of the company's downloadable music, movies, books, and apps in a way comparable to Apple's iTunes.

Will 'Google Play' topple iTunes?

The company is uniting its e-books, music, movie rentals, and Android apps under a new, easy-to-use storefront. Should Apple keep its eye on the rearview?

Google's World : Analysis
Two Android smartphones: Google is reportedly launching a voice-activated assistant to take on Apple's Siri.

Google's secret voice-assistant project: A Siri killer?

Later this year, Android smartphones will reportedly start boasting a robotic assistant that can talk its way through Gmail and Google Maps

Google's World : By the numbers
The typical Google+ user spends just three minutes per month on the supposedly up-and-coming site. Even the in-decline MySpace boasts higher user engagement.

The Google+ 'ghost town': Social networking by the numbers

No one is spending much time on the search giant's new digital playground. Has Google+ officially failed?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
To get back on users' good side, Google will install a "Do not track" feature in its Chrome browser.

Google's 'Do not track' button: Will it protect online privacy?

The search king says it's serious about insuring its users' privacy, but doubts persist

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Thanks to a code provided by Google, Safari users on iPhones and desktops were tracked by third-party advertisers.

Google spies on iPhone users: Should the feds clamp down?

The search giant deployed a special code to bypass Apple's privacy settings — and track millions of users' surfing habits

Google's World : Instant Guide
Google's Honeycomb Android mobile operating system: The tech giant may be producing an Android-operated home entertainment system.

Google's 'mysterious' experiment in home entertainment systems

The internet search giant is setting its crosshairs on your living room. Would an Android-powered home catch on? 

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