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Google's World : Analysis
Google+ received rave reviews for the way it grouped friends and contacts into circles, but initial enthusiasm for the Facebook rival is waning, according to new data.

Is Google+ dying already?

New data suggests interest in the new social network is plummeting — just three months after its impressively popular launch

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google has launched a stripped-down flight search site that could someday pose a threat to established travel sites like Kayak.

Will Google Travel topple

As the search giant enters the travel-planning biz, a no-frills takeoff may belie its plans to dominate the niche

Google's World : The List
A 2010 Zagat ad: In its first real step toward content creation, Google has purchased the popular urban restaurant-ratings guide.

Google's 'fascinating' Zagat buy: 4 theories

The search giant stuns the tech world by acquiring the restaurant-ratings mainstay. What exactly is Google planning?

Google's World : Forecast
A Motorola Xoom tablet featuring the Google Android Honeycomb operating system: Google has acquired Motorola which could mean fewer glitches with tablets and phones.

Google's $12.5-billion Motorola buy: 7 predictions

The search giant has rocked the tech world with a huge deal to acquire the mobile-phone hardware manufacturer. Should Apple be scared?

Google's World : Instant Guide
High hopes for Google TV have withered as negotiations with TV networks over streamed content broke down.

Google TV's 'embarrassing' sales

Last quarter, returns of Logitech's Google TV box outpaced sales of the device. What's going on?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google+ benefited from an initial surge of users, but new data shows visitors are spending less and less time on the social networking site.

The Google+ traffic slump: Is the honeymoon over?

The internet search giant's social network slips backward after an initial boom

Google's World : Best Column
If Google+ wants to succeed, it needs to appoint a single leader to make all of the social networking site's key decisions, says MySpace founder Tom Anderson.

A MySpace founder's advice for Google+

Tom Anderson offers his two cents on how the booming social network can avoid the pitfalls that ruined his erstwhile social-media juggernaut

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The social networking site Google+ disabled the accounts of many of its new users for employing pseudonyms instead of their real names.

Should Google+ ban fake names?

The quickly-growing social network has been lambasted for booting users who sign up under pseudonyms

Google's World : Fact Sheet
A large poster comprised of many individual employee photos adorns a wall at Google HQ: The company's new social networking site is reportedly in the market for celebrity users.

The 'obviously smart' Google+ 'celebrity acquisition plan'

Watch out, Twitter. The new social network is looking to get Hollywood on its side

Google's World : Best Column
Google's U.K. headquarters in London: In a new book, Douglas Edwards, Google's first "brand manager," reveals some juicy tidbits about the company's early years.

Inside the secret world of Google

In The Wall Street Journal, former Google brand manager Douglas Edwards dishes on the search giant's unpredictable early years

Google's World : Burning Question
Researchers argue in the journal Science that internet users remember how to find information, instead of just remembering the information itself.

Has Google made us lose our minds?

The internet's promise of finding any answer within seconds is revolutionizing the way we remember things — for both better and worse

Google's World : The List
Google+ encourages users to organize their friends into "Circles," which allows targeted sharing to ensure your colleagues don't catch a glimpse of photos you only want your closest pals to see.

Why Google+ has taken off: 5 theories

In less than three weeks, the new social network has reportedly won over a whopping 10 million users. Here's how it is seducing America

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google's iriver Story HD e-reader has been faulted for its seemingly discolored plastic case and flashy gold buttons.

Can the Google e-reader compete with the Kindle?

The iriver Story HD will be the first e-reader to give users direct access to Google's 3 million free books. Too bad it's so ugly

Google's World : Irony Alert
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg joined Google's new social media project with gusto, and already has the most followers of anyone on the site: 29,543, at last count.

Irony alert: Facebook founder is most popular user on Google+

Google+ is a potential challenger to Facebook's dominance. Too bad the Google network's most popular user is Mark Zuckerberg — the boss of its biggest rival

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google+, the search engine giant's latest social-media play, lets users divvy up friends into "Circles" for targeted sharing.

Can Google+ compete with Facebook?

Google's past attempts to topple Mark Zuckerberg and Co. have flopped, but with its new social networking product, it may finally have a worthy weapon

Google's World : By the numbers
Google hit a milestone in May, when it attracted more than 1 billion unique visitors to its websites, even if it lags behind Facebook and Microsoft in another key metric.

Google's record-breaking traffic: By the numbers

Google becomes the first company to welcome 1 billion unique visitors to its websites in a single month — but Facebook has plenty to cheer about, too

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