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Google's World : Opinion Brief
To honor Gay Pride Month, Google built a rainbow into its search engine, but some gay-rights advocates say it's not enough.

Is Google hiding its gay pride?

The search giant gives a nod to Gay Pride Month by adding a rainbow to related search results — but doesn't give gays the full Doodle treatment

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The Google Chromebook is a stripped-down laptop with no hard drive that relies entirely on an online connection.

Is the Google Chromebook a failed experiment?

The Samsung Series 5, the first of Google's new cloud-based laptops, is finally hitting the market. But it may not be worth the wait... or the price tag

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Microsoft's Bing now incorporates Facebook data in its search results, offering what it calls "conversation search" that enables friends to share recommendations and information.

Can Microsoft and Facebook topple Google together?

Microsoft and Facebook are teaming up to try and crush Google in the potentially lucrative social search market

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Android tablet and smartphone users can consider thousands of movies for rental through Google's online service.

Google's 'promising' new movie and music services

In its race for dominance with Apple and Amazon, the tech titan ups the stakes by announcing cloud-based streaming for Android

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Larry Page has barely settled into his new job as Google's CEO, and the company's shares have already hit a six-month low.

Wall Street vs. Google

The search giant reports profits that fall short of analysts' expectations, and new CEO Larry Page can barely be bothered to explain himself to investors

Google's World : Fact Sheet
A rendering of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System to be built in California's Mojave Desert, partially funded by $168 million from Google.

Google and the world's largest solar power plant

The web giant invests $168 million in a clean energy plant in California. Why is the tech behemoth making such an aggressive bet on solar?

Google's World : Instant Guide
A Google a Day is a daily trivia question tricky enough to require savvy and persistent Google searching.

A Google a Day: The trivia game that encourages cheating

It's considered unsportsmanlike to find the answers to quizzes and puzzles using search engines, but that's not the case with a new challenge launched by Google itself

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google is the world's most popular search engine, but the U.S. Federal Trade Commission reportedly wants to launch an antitrust investigation to see if it is too popular for users' good.

The feds' war on Google

Regulators may investigate whether Google is unfairly dominating the competition. Are the complaints legit, or just sour grapes?

Google's World : Forecast
Google co-founder Larry Page returns to his CEO position, and techies predict all sorts of possibilities for the search giant, from failures to breakthroughs.

Google's Larry Page returns as CEO: 5 predictions

The search engine giant's co-founder is back as the company's chief executive. What will that mean for Google?

Google's World : Fact Sheet
Google makes its latest foray into social media with the +1 button, which allows users to recommend sites they find on Google search.

Google's answer to the Facebook 'like' button: +1

The tech powerhouse unveils a new tool that allows users to recommend search results to their friends

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The future of Google Books is in limbo after a judge rejected the company's outside settlement with authors and publishers.

Google Books: Shelved for good?

A judge rejects Google's settlement with authors and publishers. Is this the end of the search giant's plan to digitize all the world's books?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Back in 2000, young Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin wanted Steve Jobs to take the reins of their nascent company.

How would Steve Jobs have run Google?

After new reports that the internet search leader wanted to hire the Apple boss in 2000, commentators indulge in "What if?" scenarios

Google's World : Burning Question
A new study finds Gmail users to be predominately male, young, and liberal.

Gmailers: Skinnier and smartier than Yahoo! users?

A new study shows that Gmail users are more likely to be young, thin, career-minded men, while Yahoo! is more typically home to overweight, older women

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google debuted its self-driving car this weekend in Long Beach, Calif.; the car deftly avoided obstacles on a closed course without hitting anyone or anything.

Google's self-driving cars

The autonomous vehicles zoom around test courses without a single fender bender. Coming to a highway near you?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google's promotional video for One Pass explains that users need only one log-in to buy media content for multiple devices.

Google One Pass vs. Apple

This week, the two tech giants both revealed new payment plans for online readers. Which one is the way of the future?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
J.C. Penney jumped to the top of Google's search rankings using thousands of spam links, according to a New York Times report.

J.C. Penney's 'tawdry' search scam: Google's failure?

The ubiquitous department store managed to bamboozle Google's search rankings for several months. Has Google lost its touch?

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