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Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google's "Art Project" lets users examine masterpieces in world-renowned museums ââ¬â like Amsterdam's Van Gogh Museum (pictured) ââ¬âàmore intimately than real life allows.

Google Art Project vs. visiting actual museums

Tired of buying tickets and battling crowds to look at paintings? You're in luck. Google is letting users "visit" the world's greatest art museums without leaving home

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google co-founder Larry Page, 37, will be returning to the role of chief executive, a position he'd formerly held until 2001.

Shakeup at Google: Is Larry Page ready to be CEO?

At 37, the search giant's co-founder is replacing Eric Schmidt as CEO. Has he matured enough to steer such a giant ship?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google has already partnered up with Sony, but other television manufacturers, including Toshiba, were set to introduce their versions of Google TV next month.

Can Google TV be saved?

After a barrage of criticism, Google has delayed new versions of its service that merges internet and television. Is the product destined to be a total flop?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The "Bed Intruder" song, most-watched video of the year, was a product of Next New Networks.

Why does YouTube want to make its own videos?

Will the online-video giant transform itself into a content creator?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google Latitude may only be helpful to those who are "really into being watched," says one blogger.

Does the world need Google Latitude?

A new iPhone app lets users track their friends' every movement. Critics find it troubling — and pointless

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Bye-bye hard drive? Google's Chrome OS will put everything in the cloud.

Will Google's Chrome OS kill the hard drive?

Google just unveiled its new "cloud-friendly" operating system. Is this the beginning of the end for traditional computers?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google claims to have developed an algorithmic solution that exposes online merchants with "extremely poor user experience" records.

Google's DecorMyEyes scandal: Problem solved?

The search engine giant quickly responded to reports of a thuggish online retailer who gamed its system. Will its "algorithmic solution" work?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google Editions will let consumers use tablets, smartphones or personal computers to access a Google library account of online books.

Can Google win the e-book battle?

With Google Editions, the internet search giant hopes to shake up the digital publishing industry. But is it any match for Amazon and Apple?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The EU is looking into whether or not Google favors its own services in search results.

Could the antitrust probe be Google's tipping point?

European regulators are investigating whether the company manipulates search results to boost its own services over those of its rivals

Google's World : Opinion Brief
As represented by Google, DecorMyEyes appears to be a harmless online merchant.

The 'DecorMyEyes' scandal: Is Google responsible?

An eyewear e-commerce site has found a Google loophole: The more it provokes its customers to complain online, the higher it ranks in Google searches

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Google CEO Eric Schmidt introduced Google TV in May as the first platform to combine web technology and television.

Will media giants doom Google TV to failure?

With old-guard television powers blocking its every move, will the tech titan be forced out of the boob-tube business?

Google's World : Opinion Brief plays up prominent fashionistas, like Carey Mulligan, for style and shopping inspiration.

Google's A fashion 'game-changer'?

With a website that custom-searches clothing that suits a woman's style, Google is getting into the rag trade. Will fashion ever be the same?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Employees walk down the hallway of the company's Chelsea Market office in New York City. Google has recently opened offices in Pittsburgh and Hong Kong.

Google's big employee payday: 4 theories

Recession be damned, Google is giving every employee $1,000 and a 10 percent raise for Christmas this year. What's behind this generosity?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
The Blekko search engine uses the "slash tag" to help narrow searches and sort out spam.

Blekko: An 'intriguing' new search engine

Today marks the launch of Blekko, which promises cleaner, less spammy, more focused results than Google. Does it deliver?

Google's World : Opinion Brief
Bye-bye hard drive? Google's Chrome OS will put everything in the cloud.

Google's 'evil' tax dodge

How does Google's elaborate scheme to avoid paying taxes stack up against its famously do-gooder motto?

Google's World : Instant Guide
Google's new robot cars can sense anything near them and mimic the decisions a human driver would make.

Google's robot cars

The search giant is developing cars that drive themselves. Should we be impressed — or concerned?

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