George Rekers Scandal

George Rekers Scandal : Best Column
George Rekers, a prominent anti-homosexuality advocate, wrote this book in January 1982.

Why 'anti-gay' Christians keep getting outed

George Rekers is only the latest "Christian anti-gay leader" caught in a gay-sex scandal, observes Michelle Goldberg in The Daily Beast. That's hardly a coincidence

George Rekers Scandal : Opinion Brief
Stephen Colbert speaks out against Rekers.

Rekers rentboy scandal: The fallout continues

Stephen Colbert puzzles out the mysteries of George Rekers—the Christian anti-gay activist caught renting a male prostitute. Watch a clip

George Rekers Scandal : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest Tweets about the 'George Rekers scandal'

Unfiltered, real-time opinion from the world at large

George Rekers Scandal : Artifact
George Rekers fires back.

George Rekers' denial

What the conservative anti-gay crusader had to say about allegations that he'd hired a male prostitute

George Rekers Scandal : Opinion Brief
George Rekers.

George Rekers' 'rent boy' escort scandal

The "gay cure" crusader — and Family Research Council co-founder — is caught renting a gay escort for a European vacation. Is there an innocent explanation?

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