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Conflict in the Koreas

Conflict in the Koreas : Analysis
An effigy of North Korea's leader Kim Jong-un is on display during a protest a day after the country conducted its third nuclear test.

Will North Korea's provocative nuclear test backfire?

Pyongyang infuriated the U.S. and United Nations, and humiliated its only friend and supporter, China

Conflict in the Koreas : World
The website of North Korea's state news agency on February 12, 2013

What the North Korean news agency's website looked like after the Hermit Kingdom's nuke test

The state-run media outlet has yet to update its site, offering a glimpse of the world before the Hermit Kingdom shifted the geopolitical calculus

Conflict in the Koreas : Analysis
South Korean protesters attend an anti-North Korea rally following Tuesday's nuclear test.

North Korea's nuclear test: How worried should we be?

World leaders roundly condemn Pyongyang after the Hermit Kingdom conducts its third nuclear test

Conflict in the Koreas : Best Video
New York City

Destroy New York: North Korea's creepy new propaganda video

The Kim dynasty just posted a low-budget video showing what it wants people to believe its nukes can do — to the dulcet strains of "We Are the World"

Conflict in the Koreas : The List
A satellite view of the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, Pyongyang, North Korea.

4 must-sees on Google's new map of North Korea

Google Maps releases a crowdsourced view of the Hermit Kingdom that fills in what used to be a nation of white space

Conflict in the Koreas : Instant Guide
Glyn Davies, U.S. envoy for the North Korean nuclear dispute, said Friday that the communist country's rhetoric was deeply troubling.

How far is North Korea from being able to hit the U.S. with a nuke?

Pyongyang unleashes fresh threats against Washington and South Korea over toughening U.N. sanctions. Should we be worried?

Conflict in the Koreas : Instant Guide
"Just a young guy trying to make the world a better place :) (Not related to the other Dushku)" - @JimmyDushku

Jimmy Dushku: The 25-year-old who is North Korea's one true Twitter friend

Mother Jones takes a look at a globetrotting young investor who's the only American — and the only human being — Pyongyang follows

Conflict in the Koreas : The List
South Koreans protest at an anti-North Korea rally following the North's launch of long-range missile on Dec. 12.

North Korea's rocket launch: 3 consequences

Pyongyang defies threats of new sanctions and says it has successfully sent a satellite into orbit. What now?

Conflict in the Koreas : Instant Guide
North Korean leader Kim Jon-Un waves while visiting a military facility on Aug. 19: The young man appears to be breaking from his father's ways with modest economic reforms.

Is North Korea finally embracing capitalist reforms?

The Hermit Kingdom is reportedly taking tentative steps to at least ease the central government's stranglehold over the economy

Conflict in the Koreas : Fact Sheet
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (right) with the Korean People's Army Ri Yong-ho during a military parade February 2, 2012: The powerful military chief has been removed from duty.

North Korea's startling military shake-up: What it means

Pyongyang pushes aside an "ailing" general who'd been considered Kim Jong Un's mentor. Is the general really sick, or is this a purge to firm up Kim's grip on power?

Conflict in the Koreas : Burning Question
Kim Jong Un's celebration of American cultural icons suggests that he recognizes he can't keep his Hermit Kingdom isolated forever, especially in the digital age.

What's behind Kim Jong Un's Disney-inspired stage extravaganza?

The North Korean despot endorses a bizarre concert featuring Mickey Mouse, Rocky Balboa, and other U.S. pop icons — sparking a guessing game about his motives

Conflict in the Koreas : Essay
Shin In Geun is the only known person to have ever escaped from a North Korean labor camp.

Inside North Korea's gulag

Twisted by hunger and cruelty, Shin In Geun betrayed his mother, and then watched her hang

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
Joe Biden is touting President Obama's foreign policy accomplishments on the campaign trail, but a nuclear crisis in North Korea could still damage Obama's foreign policy cred.

Crisis in North Korea: 'Obama's Jimmy Carter moment'?

The Obama and Romney campaigns are squaring off over foreign policy just as an increasingly belligerent North Korea reportedly prepares for a nuclear test

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
A military parade held in Pyongyang on April 15: The North has threatened to retaliate against South Korea's allegedly slanderous words with "unprecedented peculiar means."

North Korea's latest threats: Mere bluster or a real danger?

Pyongyang warns that it's readying a "peculiar" strike against South Korea, and, as usual, it's unclear whether the browbeating is serious or just hot air

Conflict in the Koreas : The List
North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un waves during a military parade held in Pyongyang to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the North's founder Kim Il-Sung.

Kim Jong Un's surprise speech: 6 talking points

North Korea had a big weekend: A failed rocket launch, a possible new missile, and an unexpected introduction to the young new leader. Here's what it all means

Conflict in the Koreas : Analysis
In preparation for North Korea's planned rocket launch, Japan's Dense Ministry in Tokyo has deployed a land-based system of interceptor missiles.

North Korea's mysterious satellite launch: 3 theories

The hermit kingdom swears that it will launch a satellite into space any day now. Is this just a precursor to a nuclear test?

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