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Conflict in the Koreas

Conflict in the Koreas : Fact Sheet
The Obama Administration says it has lost confidence that the North Korean government will follow through on its promise to halt weapons programs in exchange for aid.

Will the U.S. regret suspending food aid to North Korea?

After the North Korean government broke a promise to halt long-range missile launches, Washington is stiffing the rogue nation's hungry masses

Conflict in the Koreas : The List
President Obama will travel to the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea next week, in an apparent attempt to show solidarity with the South as the North threatens war.

Obama's upcoming visit to Korea's DMZ: 3 talking points

The president will make an appearance at one of "the most dangerous places on Earth" — just as North Korea escalates its aggressive rhetoric

Conflict in the Koreas : Fact Sheet
Sin In Geun's unimaginable life in a North Korean death camp and escape to freedom at the age of 23 are detailed in Blaine Harden's new book.

One man's 'astonishing' escape from a North Korean death camp

Shin In Geun was born in prison, but in his 20s, he finally escaped. His story is one that hundreds of thousands of other detainees can't tell

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
Kim Jong Un's North Korean regime has agreed to stop nuclear tests in exchange for hundreds of thousands of metric tons of food from the U.S.

North Korea: Nuclear rogue no more?

Pyongyang promises to rein in its nuclear program if the U.S. sends food, offering a faint hope that Kim Jong Un will lead his nation in a peaceful new direction

Conflict in the Koreas : Burning Question
North Korea's new leader, Kim Jong Un, leads the funeral procession for his late father in Pyongyang.

Kim Jong Il's funeral procession: A 'show of stability'?

A meticulously choreographed motorcade in honor of the late dictator presents his youngest son, Kim Jong Un, as North Korea's new leader

Conflict in the Koreas : Instant Guide
The body of Kim Jong Il lies in state at the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in Pyongyang: A top South Korean spy doesn't think the Dear Leader's death was really spurred by too much hard work.

How did Kim Jong Il really die?

Reports that North Korea's "Dear Leader" suffered a heart attack while working may be fabricated, a South Korean spy alleges

Conflict in the Koreas : Forecast
South Korean President Kim Dae-jung and Kim Jong Il meet in 2000: The death of Kim Jong Il may provide a rare opportunity for the two Koreas, divided since 1945, to inch toward reunification.

Will Kim Jong Il's death make Korean reunification possible?

Now that North Korea's belligerent "Dear Leader" is gone, South Koreans are reconsidering the distant dream of a united peninsula

Conflict in the Koreas : Best Video
Margaret Cho plays Kim Jong Il on "30 Rock": The late despot has long been a favorite target for U.S. comics.

Kim Jong Il in pop culture: A video roundup

From Team America: World Police to 30 Rock, the late North Korean dictator has long proved ripe for parody

Conflict in the Koreas : Slideshow
Kim Jung Il

The 'utterly ruthless' Kim Jong Il: A visual history

A look back at the brutal North Korean leader's 69 years — from his strange, violent childhood to his time as a curiously-styled, nuclear-powered dictator 

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
Judging from footage released by North Korean state media, citizens are devastated by the death of Kim Jong Il, though many commentators believe the over-the-top grief was coerced by the regime.

North Koreans' 'unnerving' grief over Kim Jong Il's death

The secretive communist nation releases footage showing ordinary people sobbing uncontrollably in the streets. Are the tears real?

Conflict in the Koreas : Burning Question
Kim Jong Un, the third son of the late Kim Jong Il, was tapped as his father's heir apparent after his older half brother embarrassed the family with a botched trip to Tokyo Disneyland in 2001.

Can Kim Jong Un really rule North Korea?

Kim Jong Il's "Great Successor" is an enigma. But what we do know of the volatile, NBA-loving twenty-something isn't promising

Conflict in the Koreas : The List
Beyond his excessive and eccentric style, Kim Jong Il's rule may be most remembered for his nuclear recklessness and the famine he has inflicted on his citizens.

5 things the world hated most about Kim Jong Il

North Korea's "Dear Leader" dies at the age of 69, and will likely be remembered as an egotistical despot who was enigmatic, colorful, and cruel

Conflict in the Koreas : Forecast
Pyongyang residents mourn the death of Kim Jong Il: North Korea's supreme leader died this weekend, sparking concern over who will ultimately take control of the secretive communist state.

Kim Jong Il's death: What's next for North Korea?

The secretive communist nation's erratic "Dear Leader" is gone, and it's far from clear whether his handpicked successor is strong enough to lead

Conflict in the Koreas : Instant Guide
An undated North Korean poster encourages agricultural production: The secretive Asian nation is reportedly facing one of its most lethal food shortages in years.

North Korea's looming famine

The secretive rogue nation is reportedly facing its deadliest food shortage in years. Why can't Pyongyang feed its people?

Conflict in the Koreas : Wit
Don't these North Korean girls look happy? During a recent state-managed tour, reporters witnessed leisure activities in the self-proclaimed second-happiest place on Earth.

North Korea: The second 'happiest place on earth'?

So says a happiness index compiled by experts in... North Korea. China comes out on top of the list. America? Dead last. Cue the black humor

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
Though North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il recently threw himself a relatively lavish birthday party, his country is forced to beg for food aid.

Should the world let North Korea starve?

North Korea is begging foreign governments for food. But should we really give aid to a dangerous, nuclear-armed rogue state?

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