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Conflict in the Koreas

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
South Korean marines patrol Yeonpyeong Island after the country fired shells into waters claimed by both Koreas.

Should South Korea stick to its guns?

South Korea flexed its military muscles, despite dire retaliatory threats from Pyongyang. Who stands to lose in this high-stakes poker game?

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
Obama faced "embarrassing setbacks" last month in South Korea when he failed to strike a trade agreement.

The U.S.-South Korea free trade agreement: A good deal?

President Obama has said the proposed "win-win" arrangement would support 70,000 jobs and increase American exports. Will Congress agree?

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
South Korean and American military forces began war games exercises on Sunday as tension between the two Koreas escalate.

Can China stop a Korean war?

Several leading U.S. lawmakers have called on China to restrain the increasingly belligerent North Korea. Can China do more than it has?

Conflict in the Koreas : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
Is China the only country that can prevent a Korean war?

Who can stop a new Korean War?

How do you solve a problem like Korea? Pundits and politicians weigh in on what the U.S. should do, or if China needs to take the lead

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
Smoke rises from Yoenpyeong Island after North Korea fired dozens of artillery shells onto the South Korean island.

Can we stop another Korean War?

What is Kim Jong Il trying to achieve with his attack on South Korea — and how should the U.S. respond?

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
The nuclear development suggests the "Dear Leader" and the North Korean regime-in-flux still has a taste for dangerous politics.

North Korea's atomic reveal: What now?

The rogue state unveiled its surprisingly sophisticated nuclear facilities to a scientist. How should the U.S. react?

Conflict in the Koreas : Instant Guide
Kim Jong Il: Ready to anoint his successor?

North Korea's next dictator?

Kim Jong Il has "rearranged the future leadership of North Korea" by promoting his youngest son to a high-ranking military post. What does this mean for the ultra-repressive regime?

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
Kim Jong-Il.

Will Kim Jong Il ever back down?

The sinking of a South Korea naval ship in March has prompted the U.S. to announce stringent new sanctions on North Korea. Is that punishment enough? 

Conflict in the Koreas : Fact Sheet
Kim Jong-Il.

Kim Jong-Il's nepotistic shakeup: What it means

North Korea's "Dear Leader" promoted his brother-in-law to ensure his 27-year-old son is heir apparent. What's going on in Pyongyang?

Conflict in the Koreas : Best Column
Crazy like a fox?

Kim Jong Il's madman act

The attack on a South Korean warship made North Korea's leader look dangerously unhinged. Maybe that's just what he wanted, says Slate's Fred Kaplan

Conflict in the Koreas : Opinion Brief
South Koreans protest the North Korean missile attack.

4 strategies to avert a new Korean War

Kim Jong Il is telling his troops to prepare for battle as tensions escalate over the sinking of a South Korean warship. What now?

Conflict in the Koreas : Twitter Take
Twitter image

The latest Tweets on 'North Korea'

Unfiltered, real-time commentary from the world at large

Conflict in the Koreas : Forecast
Suth Korean Navy admiral Park Jung-Soo speaks in front of the wreckage of the Cheonan.

Are we heading for a second Korean War?

South Korea accuses North Korea of sinking a battleship, and Pyongyang is threatening "all-out war." Are we on the brink of a major blowup?

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