War on Terror

War on Terror : Fact Sheet
A mosque in Astoria, Queens: Undercover NYPD officers called "mosque crawlers" are reportedly spying on muslim communities, even if no crimes are suspected.

The NYPD's 'astounding' domestic spying program

The AP reports that New York City police, with the help of the CIA, skirt domestic surveillance laws to snoop on Americans in minority neighborhoods

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta (right), with Army General David Petraeus during a visit to Afghanistan: Panetta is saying that the original cell of al Qaeda terrorists has been largely extinguished.

Is al Qaeda collapsing?

Counterterrorism officials say the original al Qaeda core behind the 9/11 attacks is nearly kaput. Does that mean the terrorism threat is fading?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Anders Behring Breivik (left), the man accused of a killing spree in Oslo, leaves the courthouse Monday: Breivik cited the tough-on-Islam writing of Robert Spencer 64 times in his lengthy, anti-Muslim manifesto.

Did anti-Muslim U.S. bloggers inspire the Oslo massacre?

A Norwegian who allegedly murdered nearly 100 people cited several American writers in his lengthy anti-Muslim, anti-immigration manifesto

War on Terror : Instant Guide
Anders Behring Breivik was reportedly angry about the rise of multiculturalism in Norway, which led to Friday's deadly double attacks in Oslo.

The Oslo massacre: Norway's anti-Muslim terrorist attack

The perpetrator of Oslo's twin massacres isn't an Islamist, as many suspected, but a homegrown extremist looking to strike a blow against Islam

War on Terror : Best Column
The 17-story building housing Norwegian Prime Minister Per Stoltenberg's office was the site of an apparent terrorist bombing on Friday.

Oslo bombing: Is al Qaeda to blame?

Norway was the target of a deadly bombing and mass shooting Friday, in what appears to be a coordinated terrorist attack, says Ray Moseley in Al Arabiya

War on Terror : Forecast
A policeman stands guard at the site of an explosion in the Zaveri Bazaar in Mumbai: Some believe the attacks that killed at least 17 people Wednesday may be the result of homegrown terrorists.

The Mumbai attacks: 4 predictions

Three blasts ripped through India's largest city on Wednesday, killing at least 17 people. How will this bloodshed affect South Asia's fragile stability?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
The outcry over the TSA's body scanning devices may be nothing compared to the sort of screening it would need to spot surgically implanted bombs.

Exploding implants: The next terror threat?

The Obama administration warns that terrorists might try to sew explosives inside suicide bombers to get through airport checkpoints

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Osama bin Laden sits with Ayman al-Zawahiri in Afghanistan in 2001: The Egyptian terrorist has been chosen to succeed bin Laden as al Qaeda's leader.

Bin Laden's successor: Is Zawahiri 'irrelevant'?

The irascible Ayman al-Zawahiri may have trouble stepping out of bin Laden's shadow, especially with his terrorist network on the ropes

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Yemeni soldiers stand guard: The Arabian Peninsula nation is reportedly a hot bed of al Qaeda suspects, and the CIA, on President Obama's orders, may resume Predator drone strikes in the area.

Are CIA drone strikes in Yemen illegal?

The U.S. is reportedly ramping up drone attacks against al Qaeda suspects in Yemen. Is this a logical extension of the war on terror, or a dangerous violation of the law?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Lead global terrorist and "high value target" Ilyas Kashmiri, pictured in 2001, was likely killed Friday by a drone attack in Pakistan.

Ilyas Kashmiri's (likely) death: A bigger deal than bin Laden's?

U.S. officials are nearly sure a drone strike killed one of Pakistan's most-wanted jihadists. Just how badly would this cripple terrorists?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Osama bin Laden: An audio clip purported to have been recorded by the former al Qaeda leader attempts to claim credit for the Arab Spring.

The 'sad' posthumous Osama bin Laden tape

Has a newly released recording helped al Qaeda claim credit for the Arab Spring — or just made the terror group look pathetic?

War on Terror : Controversy
Egyptian Saif al-Adel, who is wanted by the FBI on charges of criminal conspiracy to kill Americans, is reportedly Osama bin Laden's temporary replacement.

Bin Laden's 'successor': Who is Saif al-Adel?

Al Qaeda has reportedly named an Egyptian terrorist as its "caretaker" replacement for Osama bin Laden

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
U.S. Army members stand guard at Penn Station in New York City: Lawmakers are considering new rail security measures after evidence suggests al Qaeda wants to attack U.S. trains.

Does Amtrak need a 'no-ride list'?

Evidence emerges of al Qaeda's desire to attack U.S. trains — reigniting a debate over rail-travel safety

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Paramilitary forces investigate the site of a suicide bomb blast in Charsadda, Pakistan on Friday: The Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility for the deadly attack.

Pakistan's deadly suicide bombings: 'Revenge' for bin Laden?

The Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility for a pair of suicide bombings Friday that killed at least 80. Are these attacks really connected to bin Laden's death?

War on Terror : The List
President Obama and Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari in 2009: Congress is considering cutting U.S. aid to Pakistan, after it was revealed that Osama bin Laden had been hiding there for years.

4 signs of the unraveling U.S.-Pakistan relationship

In the wake of America's slaying of bin Laden on Pakistani soil, each country fails to suppress its frustration with the other

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Attendees at a pro-America rally in New Delhi after Osama bin Laden's death call for an end to terrorism: Meanwhile, House Republicans want to expand the War on Terror beyond 9/11 perpetrators.

Is it time to expand the war on terror?

Now that the U.S. has nailed Osama bin Laden, some Republicans want to broaden and extend America's war resolution against terrorists

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