War on Terror

War on Terror : Fact Sheet
With Osama bin Laden dead, the FBI will need to bring another criminal into its Ten Most Wanted list, a process that could take weeks.

Replacing bin Laden on the FBI's Most Wanted list

Now that Public Enemy No. 1 is crossed off the list, how will the feds pick a next fugitive to add?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Members of the suspected terrorist organization Jamaat-ud-Dawa weep during a funeral prayer for Osama bin Laden: Some say al Qaeda has merely suffered a temporary setback with the death of its leader.

The 'uncertain' future of al Qaeda

Now that Osama bin Laden is gone, will his terrorist network break apart — or lash out in revenge?

War on Terror : The List
Detainees participate in early morning prayers at Guantanamo Bay: At least 150 innocent people have been held at Guantanamo over the years, according to new WikiLeaks documents.

The secret Gitmo documents: 6 takeaways

A bankrupt Osama bin Laden temporarily handed off control of al Qaeda in 2001, and some of his followers reportedly used impotence drugs to keep their focus on terrorism

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Gen. David Petraeus, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, is reportedly in the running to become the head of the CIA.

Should Gen. David Petraeus run the CIA?

The highly respected military leader could become the nation's spy chief, reports NPR. Does the move make sense?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Accused September 11 plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, pictured in 2003, will face a military trial in Guantanamo Bay rather than the civilian trial that Obama wanted.

Holder's U-turn: Why isn't a 9/11 mastermind facing civilian trial?

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will face a military trial at Guantanamo Bay rather than a civilian trial in Manhattan. Did the attorney general really have no other choice?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Christmas Day bombing suspect Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab (in a January 2011 sketch) was read his Miranda rights shortly after being taken into custody in 2009: Now, the Obama administration is changing its policy on Miranda rights for terror suspects.

Is Obama's rollback of Miranda rights unconstitutional?

President Obama approves new rules allowing federal agents to interrogate terror suspects without reading them their rights

War on Terror : Fact Sheet
Pakistani protesters stand next to a banner bearing an image of CIA contractor Raymond Davis, who was brought up on murder charges after shooting Pakistani civilians in January.

The CIA killer who paid 'blood money' to escape Pakistan

After shooting two Pakistanis, a jailed American gives their families $2.3 million for his freedom. But the diplomatic damage lingers

War on Terror : Instant Guide
The cover of Al-Shamikha, the Al Qaeda women's magazine that combines beauty advice for single women with instructions on how to wage electronic jihad.

'Jihad Cosmo': An al Qaeda women's magazine

"The Majestic Woman," the terrorist group's new lady mag, mixes beauty and bombings. But is it for real?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) gives emotional testimony about a 23-year-old 9/11 first responder, who was Muslim American, killed trying to save others.

A Muslim Dem's tearful testimony at the Islamic 'radicalization' hearing

Democrat Rep. Keith Ellison chokes up remembering a 9/11 first responder who was smeared because of his Muslim faith

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) reportedly lent support to the Irish Republican Army in 1982, which has some questioning his current anti-terror campaign.

Muslim interrogator Peter King's past IRA support: Does it matter?

The Republican investigating the radicalization of American Muslims was once a backer of Irish terrorists

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Obama signed an executive order Monday to establish a system to hold dangerous suspects in Guantanamo indefinitely, despite his vow to close the prison.

Gitmo trials resume: Is Obama admitting he was wrong?

The president lifts a two-year freeze on military trials for terror suspects detained at Guantanamo Bay, with a few tweaks to the Bush system he's long criticized

War on Terror : Forecast
Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) says his controversial hearings are critical to keeping America safe.

The GOP's Muslim 'radicalization' hearings: 4 possible effects

A New York Republican begins his controversial House Homeland Security Committee hearings on radical Islam this week. What are the likely consequences?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
A young Pashtun boy shows his fake explosive vest to a "guard" before their suicide bomb game culminates in a dusty blast.

Playing dead: The 'horrifying' suicide bomber schoolyard game

A video shows Pashtun children lightheartedly acting out a terrorism attack. Are they becoming too inured to violence, or is this harmless mimicry?

War on Terror : Best Column
A new counterterrorism strategy in London recruits fundamentalist Muslims to persuade alienated young Muslim men not to follow a violent path.

How Islamic fundamentalists can help fight terrorism

The British government is employing a promising — and controversial — new counterterrorism strategy, writes Tina Rosenberg in Foreign Policy

War on Terror : Fact Sheet
Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has denied operating any secret torture jails, despite reports from former detainees saying otherwise.

Iraq's secret torture prison

Human Rights Watch says Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has not fulfilled his promise to stop abuses against terrorism suspects, a charge his government denies. A guide to the accusations

War on Terror : The List
Passengers gather in Domodedovo International Airport in the aftermath of the bombing; experts say security will likely be beefed up in airport arrival areas worldwide.

What the Moscow bombings mean for airport security

In the wake of Monday's deadly bombing at Russia's Domodedovo airport, commentators are debating the repercussions for other travelers around the world

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