War on Terror

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani is one of a group of Republicans who could theoretically be tried for supporting a group on the U.S. government's terror list.

Are U.S. anti-terrorism laws too broad?

A Georgetown law professor says big-name Republicans may have broken the law by talking nice about an Iranian opposition group on the U.S. list of foreign terror organizations

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Rep. Peter King (R-NY), who's instigating the proposed hearings, says he has been called a bigot.

Should Congress investigate the radicalization of American Muslims?

A leading House Republican, Peter King, wants to determine whether there's a rising number of terrorist sympathizers in our midst

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Swedish police patrol the Drottninggatan shopping street in Central Stockholm, near the site where an Iraqi-born Swedish citizen lost his life in an alleged suicide bomb incident.

Stockholm bombing: Why was Sweden targeted?

The Scandinavian country is rattled by its first suicide bombing. What have the Swedes done to provoke Islamic terrorists?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Mohamed Osman Mohamud was reportedly a "willing, even eager" participant in the bomb plot.

Was the Portland bomb plot entrapment?

Alleged jihadist Mohamed Osman Mohamud's failed bomb plot was largely guided by the FBI. Does that make him any less guilty?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Ahmed Khalfan Ghailani, in a photo released in 2004, is the first former Guantanamo detainee to face federal prosecution in court.

The Ghailani verdict: Trying terrorists in civilian court vs. military

The mixed verdict for the first former Guantanamo detainee prosecuted in a federal court reignites the debate over how to try accused terrorists

War on Terror : In-depth briefing
Gen. Pervez Musharraf, who controlled the ISI, was forced to step down as Pakistan's president in 2008.

Pakistan's double agents

Pakistan’s intelligence service, the ISI, works with both the U.S. and the Taliban. Whose side is it really on?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
The U.K. court cases for the 16 former Guantanamo Bay detainees could have cost the government between $48 and $81 million over a five-year period.

Is it wrong to pay off former Guantanamo terrorism suspects?

The U.K. faces a backlash after deciding to settle a lawsuit filed by former detainees who accuse British agents of being complicit in their torture

War on Terror : Best Column
Faisal Shahzad, in a video made prior to his bungled Times Square bombing attempt.

Why America's luck against Al Qaeda is about to run out

The jihadists have been on losing streak recently, says Thomas Friedman in The New York Times. But don't expect that to continue

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
Yemeni soldiers stand guard outside a Yemen UPS office after two packages containing bombs addressed to Chicago synagogues were intercepted.

Yemen: The fastest growing terror threat?

A foiled mail bomb plot serves as a sobering reminder that the U.S. is not just at war with Iraq and Afghanistan

War on Terror : Sunday Talk Show Briefing
How serious of a threat is Yemen?

Yemen's bomb plot

Is al Qaeda behind the attempted bombing aboard a U.S.-bound plane, and are more to come?

War on Terror : The List
The October issue of 'Inspire' magazine features motivation for al-Qaeda members including tips on how and when to attack American restaurants.

Al Qaeda magazine's October issue: The scariest and dumbest stuff

Tips on taking out pedestrians with pickup trucks? D.C. lunchtime attacks? Here are 5 notable items from Inspire, al Qaeda's English-language propaganda rag

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
The State Dept.'s terror warning didn't specify any European countries or cities.

Europe terror warning: Time to cancel your travel plans?

The State Department tells Americans to be wary of al Qaeda plots in Europe. Terrifying — or just vague?

War on Terror : Best Column
Much of a threat, really?

America's overreaction to 9/11

We made some dangerous national compromises to fight al Qaeda, says Fareed Zakaria at Newsweek. But the group just isn't that big a threat

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meets with Abubakr al-Qirbi, the Foreign Minister of Yemen.

Time to bomb Yemen?

The Obama administration is set to escalate military strikes against Yemen — home to an increasingly threatening al Qaeda spin-off group. Smart move?

War on Terror : Opinion Brief
The stealth operations began during George W. Bush's presidency and have expanded under Obama.

Obama's 'secret' war on terrorism

Will using drones to take out al Qaeda suspects in more than a dozen countries help keep America safe?

War on Terror : Fact Sheet
Researchers presented subjects with mock terrorism scenarios before measuring their brain waves.

Can mind-reading prevent terrorist attacks?

A new brain-wave monitoring technique could help U.S. authorities unlock the secret plans of suspected terrorists

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